I have a question. Idk if its allowed or not. But do vegans use wooden…

I have a question. Idk if its allowed or not. But do vegans use wooden things? Im asking because I know most if us are into saving the environment n preventing deforestation.

Louis Copeland: Only oxygen and rocks, non-believer >:(

Henry West: A tree is a plant. Wed be in a bad way if we stopped using wood.

Hannah Saunders: Lol. Yes vegans use wood. 😂😂🤣

Maria Dunn: Honestly, WTF are you asking this?

Jaiden Singleton: Because I wanted to know

Maria Dunn: Troll much?

Devin Richards: The environment is a topic of discussion 🙄

Jaiden Singleton: Definitely not trolling

Rebecca Sarah:

Michaela Owen: Some vegans are very conscious of the environment and do their best to prevent deforestation, but wood is definitely something that vegans can use. Its certainly not the worst material for the environment, nor are wood products a large contributor to deforestation (thatd be animal agriculture). I appreciate you expressing concern over the environment, thats great! If youre interested, there are some vegan zero waste pages on facebook that go into a lot more depth about environmental issues than most regular vegan pages.

Anne Glover: Yes though there are always ways to limit new wood usage as well. Buying antique or vintage furniture, second hand books, going digital and paperless where possible etc

Adelyn Williams: If it is a choice between plastic and wood, wood wins hands down. I use toothbrushes made with bamboo handles rather than plastic. Glass and metal always better than wood when possible.

Rylan Lindsey: I like to buy used wooden furniture if I can find what I need used. Reclaim wood is my favorite for projects that dont need to be super super strong. And I dont feel too bad about it when I do buy new wooden items (which is rare anyway) because I re-use things more than most and am vegan.

Valerie Howard: Bamboo is a sustainable wood option.

Justice Cain: Yes we do. Its not an environmental movement but an animal liberation one.It just so happens to be better for the environment to have a plant based diet, but veganism is about more than food. For example, synthetic vegan clothing may we worse for the environment but it is vegan because it avoids slaughter.Though many of us do also care deeply about the environment in addition to being vegan. I dont buy synthetic clothing for example. I wear second hand clothes instead.

Jaiden Singleton: To me veganism is an all around earth welfare thing as well as health and animals. So my question wasnt to say never use wood but more like is wood used in an abusive manner or in a resourceful manner or is it like restricted by some vegans? I jus wanted different opinions honestly because Im a little unsure about what types of furniture to use because Im trying to be completely environmentally friendly n if using wood from trees is adding to the hurt of the planet then I dont want to neccessarily be apart of it

Hannah Saunders: Its a pretty easy google search to find out what materials are environmentally friendly.

Hannah Saunders: Google.com

environmentally friendly wood – Google Search

Jaiden Singleton: Why ask Google when I can directly ask other vegans? Smh

Hannah Saunders: Lol cuz all those vegans are going to do is consult google. 😂😭

Jaiden Singleton: Ashley Lippe i highy doubt that and Google doesnt have all the answers.

Elliana Vaughn: Most of my furniture is 2nd hand, bought from thrift stores or estate sales or even found on the curb for some items like shelves.

Jaiden Singleton: Elliana Vaughn: my husband wants to build our furniture. He wants to use organic wood but I was on the fence because of my concern for the amount of trees that would be cut down

Elliana Vaughn: Jaiden Singleton: wow that is very cool!!!

Daniel Fitzgerald: Yes! Its more sustainable than plastic. I prefer glass and metal just because theyre easier to clean. But bamboo toothbrushes are awesome! And cutting boards. And coconut bowls. 😊

Finn Floyd: I tend to buy fairtrade furniture eg Myakka; it will probably all outlive me 🙂

Jaiden Singleton: What is myakka Exactly?

Finn Floyd: Jaiden Singleton: its a company in Somerset that sells furniture made in India.

Jaiden Singleton: Finn Floyd: oh ok thanks

Finn Floyd: Jaiden Singleton: have you heard of the Good Shopping Guide? Its very good for searching out ethical orgs and companies.

Jaiden Singleton: Finn Floyd: no I habe not but I will look it up

Danna Perez: Lol wood is natural. I use loads on my fire pit every week