How many of you guys support Clean Meat a.k.a lab grown meat . Give Yo…

How many of you guys support Clean Meat a.k.a lab grown meat . Give Your Reasons.

Ricardo Briggs: So long as the animal cells theyre grown from is collected ethically and is is cruelty free, I dont see the issue.

Alexander Scott: I never heard of this but surly if they have to collect cells from animals then its just as bad because its “from animals” you also cant ask an animal if its ok to do it so the collecting of cells would be done agents there will not only that but farms would need to be kept to keep theses animals to collect the cells and whats not to say they will be mistreated in the process . Xxx

Ricardo Briggs: Or it could be collected from wild animals occasionally.

Alexander Scott: Its still from an animal tho why grow stuff when we DONT need it the live . I get where your coming from completely but I guess I just have a different opinion thats all xxx

Abraham Mccarthy: Alexander Scott: its the next step. More people are meat eaters in this planet, youll never convince them all to just quit because of your morals. But if you replace meat then youll save millions of animals. In my opinion vegans should be cheering them …See more

Sabrina Ellis: Cant you collect cells from the inside of their cheek? Doesnt sound harmful at all.

Theodore Simmons: I dont agree with it. It was unwillingly taken from an animal. Eating another souls body parts in any way is weird to me. I dont think meat is healthy regardless. But the biggest issue i see is the food industry has a poor track record of selling society truly safe foods. Weve already manipulated aninals and stuff so much. I dont see a reason why this meat wouldnt become super modified and unhealthy.Eating plants is just easier

Alexander Scott: I agree completely xxx

Paris Daniel: they still have to take cell samples from real animals. Meat is still bad for us health-wise, and sorry I have no trust in the big food companies to not say its lab-grown and still kill animals! I mean how will we really know its lab-grown? a label on the package? Um ya thats not enough proof for me when it comes to animals welfare.

Alicia Welch: 👎 No. There is still (ab)use of animals. Never would buy this and hope more people think so when it really comes to the stores…

Finley Reese: No way. Just cant sink my teeth into meat of any kind. Gross.

Levi Chambers: I dont like it but its mass production finally end factory farming than I will stay neutral but I wont consume it

Jayceon Christensen: I dont agree with it for reasons already expressed, however I would prefer it as its the lesser of two evils.

Elaina Robbins: On one hand, I can see the value of using lab grown meat to feed stubborn meat-eaters, in the effort to save animals. That could be a great way to stop the cruelty of the meat industry, whilst dealing with the demand of those people who dont care or think its too hard to cut out meat. However, helping those meat-eaters to cut out all meat, wouldnt only save a lot of animals and bring more thoughtfulness into food consumption, but it would reduce health care costs. Essentially, if lab meat meant people still thought eat meat wasnt a bad idea, then those expenses and efforts should be spent on encouraging more plant-based diets.

Londyn Spencer: Is Beyond Meet one of those? If so I agree that if it is to save the animals… health – wise though the chemical used to flavour it is nasty! A friend of mine work there and said he doesnt get vegans eating all the chemical.

Sawyer Dean: No its not

Malaysia Floyd: Its still unhealthy.

Marley Hicks: Not at all. 0%. No need for meat in the body not for B12 or any other reason (mushrooms contain B12.) Their original plan was to push the public to this lab grown meat but now that veganism has become so popular I doubt thats going to work at all. I predict well see a lot more of these would you eat this type of lab meat questions – its a big no for me.

Maliyah Hoffman: Its a step in the right direction,yes it not perfect but it provides a less harmful option,I prefer a few cell samples to outright murder and tortureWeather its healthy is another matter entirely,people are going to want to eat meat regardless so why not give a better option

Phoenix Cortez: Any vegan who doesnt support it as a source of meat for carnists because it requires an initial cell sample or because they should instead just go vegan (they arent going any time soon), or whatever retarded reason your pseudo-consciousness comes up with, go tell it to the 56 billion farm animals slaughtered each year, suffering their whole lives, and over 100 animal and flora species going extinct each day because of massive deforestation for animal agriculture, go tell them that there is a way to stop it but you oppose it because you are a black and white thinking scum.

Tessa Schultz: I wouldnt eat it but Im in support of it for those meat eaters who literally wont give up meat until something like this exists.

Riley Austin: Nope nope nope not this girl right here

Hope Roberts: Currently I dont feel the initial cells are collected from an ethical source (ie fetal bovine tissue from dead pregnant dairy cows) but if they can figure out how to get a cell line going indefinitely, Id be thrilled. Ive sort of lost my taste for meat personally but who knows. Im more waiting for lab grown dairy and poached eggs than a hamburger or chicken breast. If it reduces non-human animal suffering Im in. Were just not there yet.

Anthony Greer: No.. no.. no.. we are all trying to be healthier .. I dont see how that can be healthy.. especially coming from a lab!!

Hope Roberts: We are not all trying to be healthier.

Anthony Greer: True!

Jolene Leonard: Its still an animal product…so it wouldnt be Vegan….. And it sounds disgusting to me…… The only market they would have would be with Omnis that dont want to kill animals….but I guarantee that both vegans and vegetarians wouldnt eat that Franken-food……

Rowan Frazier:
Meet the Future of Meat

Helen Goodman: I strongly support it. My partner is not vegan because he has very serious health issues (he has trouble absorbing nutrients and doctors orders are to eat ground meat as it is one of the few things that his body can absorb). He would love to be vegan but cant (he was actually vegetarian before he got sick), and this causes him a lot of suffering. This lab-grown meat is an excellent solution for him.

Jesse Pittman: I would never eat it but I completely support it. Itd help the animals and the environment, just not an individuals health. Others health isnt my concern though.

Rowan Frazier:
Yes, This Is Actual Meat, but No Animal Died for It

Madelynn Riley: Wrong

Cody Hale: Yes, great idea. Its another big step to the eventual phasing out of meat entirely.

Liberty Rodriguez: Sounds disgusting to me, but thats my reaction to any fake meats that seem too convincing…Why do we need this? Again, might be a transition food for those addicted to eating animal corpses.Is there a nutritional argument for this as superior?

Michaela Daniel: Nope i think its still exploitation of an animal although if my omni oh wanted that instead of an actual dead animal Id feel bettrt

Kameron Watson: Food has a molecular structure, and when its man-made it is not whole. Our bodies, with our molecular structure meets those Foods expecting it to be a match, and if not, goes right through you with no benefits

Hope Roberts: Lol thats patently false.

Helen Goodman: A molecule is a molecule is a molecule – no matter where you find it or how you distill it. Thats the thing about fundamental atomic structures – they are universal building blocks. Your reasoning is faulty because it misses this scientific fact. Al…See more

Hope Roberts: Exactly, Helen Goodman:, thank you!

MIDDLE NAMES FOR GIRLS THAT SUIT JUST ABOUT ANY STYLE Walton: I think it would be great to feed cats and dogs

Hope Roberts: Absolutely!

Liberty Rodriguez: Now theres an excellent point!

Skylar Barnett: NEVER! I like real food and if I wanted to eat meat I would eat the real thing.

Kayden Weber: I prefer Soylent Green…

Abigail Clayton: I just heard about it yesterday so know nothing about it. As for me I have no desire to eat it.

Madelynn Riley: No way. It is not resl food. They take the cells from pregnant cows fetus. Then they execute the mother cow for her meat. It must be a painful experience for the mom.

Hope Roberts: I think they just cut it from the mothers dead body. Very gross and not vegan but someday I suspect they will be able to get an indefinite cell line. Its just not there yet.

Madelynn Riley: Ashley Lippe target=_blank> target=_blank>
Lab Grown Meat: The Pros and Cons — Steemit

Hope Roberts: Blech. Well either way its not vegan for now but again, I do think an indefinite cell line will be possible some day which will be great for carnivorous animal companions and omnis that refuse to budge.

Trinity Abbott: Not something I would eat, but if meat eaters can get their fix without killing animals, that would be great.

Madelynn Riley: Read this article target=_blank> target=_blank>
Lab Grown Meat: The Pros and Cons — Steemit

Cadence Lewis: I support it. Im vegan because i disagree with animal torture. If no animals are being hurt then I honestly dont see the problem. It may even encourage die hard meat eaters to get their meat from another source. I think some vegans have forgotten the whole point of veganisn. That being said, I wouldnt eat it as ive not eaten meat in 30 yrs and so dont feel i need it

Eva Tate: Sounds repulsive. Reasoning: it sounds repulsive lol.

Madelynn Riley: I agree

Talia Price: I dont think I would eat it but I think we need it since the majority of people arent vegan and it would be a huge improvement for ethical and environmental reasons. It would also be good for pets.

Kevin Wong: Seem like a recipe for disaster

Kameron Mccormick: Kinda a silly question on an everything Vegan page.

Madelynn Riley: So true. It is stilll some kind of Frankenstein monster lab.

Kara Mcgee: I am all for it. It reduces animal suffering, and it will help end factory farming. As for health. The health of other humans doesnt concern me if they are not in my family, because its not my job to police their body. If they want to be unhealthy, then thats on them not me. As long their health doesnt conflict with my life or my families, it is not concern. I am vegan for the environment first and foremost, and as long as lab grown meat reduces animal suffering and is sustainable I will support it

Madelynn Riley: No

Kara Mcgee: Madelynn Riley: I think thats fine. I dont mean to sound callus, but my main goal to make the environment safer and to also minimize animal suffering as much as possible. I understand that meat causes cancer and other terrible sicknesses, but I do what…See more

Madelynn Riley: Kara Mcgee: target=_blank> target=_blank>
Lab Grown Meat: The Pros and Cons — Steemit

Carter Powell: screams cancer to me.

Madelynn Riley: GMO political environment.

Elizabeth Ramsey: Eating meat is wrong. Why simulate it.

Madelynn Riley: Exactly