For everyone interested in the Pilbara Wits gold story, today is the b…

For everyone interested in the Pilbara Wits gold story, today is the big day. Novo have just gone into trading halt and are releasing their gold exploration results today. This will make or break the whole Pilbara gold rush. Expect stocks like ARV, KAI and DEG to react heavily to these Novo results.

Michael Craig: explains the activity of the last few days 🙂

Nina Brewer: Only just got back into KAI recently, novo Im guessing are in close proximity to them and DEG?

Elaina Brooks: Not the Pilbara gold rush again. Haha.

Phoenix Haynes: there is bulk gold there.

Elaina Brooks: Lets see how the charts respond

Michael Craig: What? ?? You dont believe in it @Elaina Brooks:. Trading Life cannot have any meaning if one doesnt subscribe to such natural occurrence !!!

Nina Brewer: This will be F/A and nearology if Novo is big, bring it on!

Stephen Mcdonald: You mean next Pilbara gold rush

Elaina Brooks: Nearology 🙄😂😂😂Lets see how the charts shape up.

Gunner Thomas: CAI hopefully will run off the back of it , plenty of gold in them hills

Jolene Shaw: Tayne Peter Smith

Rowan Cooper: ARV just sold their novo shares. Surely they would wait if they knew pending results were gonna be good ? Makes me think they knew they might be bad so make quick $ while they can

Remington Castillo: The shares were bought by Kirkland gold who have invested over 100 mil into the Pilbara Wits story already. They were already a major shareholder of Novo.

Nina Brewer: Pre settlement selling to KLA on 14th May for ‘on or before 31st May.. Unless they knew results 2 weeks prior but I cant see that being so..

Rowan Cooper: Considering the jv ?

Rowan Cooper: Maybe share sale goes through today and novo say F U and release good results to stick it to them

Remington Castillo: The results will be for comet well which is 100% owned by Novo and has no ARV involvement

Rowan Cooper: Yea DL definitely knew the grades. very smart move to sell for$5

Brayden Frank: Chris Upton

Remington Castillo: Results released from bulk sampling. 10g/t above the basal contact, and 1.5g/t below it. Likely to see conglomerate gold companies fall on this news.

Carter Hall: Not really it just means everyone else has more gold than NOVO.Its on their tenement so suck eggs NOVO.

Daphne Malone: KAI are lining their pockets again perhaps. 🙂

Wyatt Hanson: Watch PBX in the next couple of days… 🙂

Isabelle Kennedy: Why? They are bauxite?

Wyatt Hanson: Isabelle Kennedy: Ive got a feeling they stumbled across something much more valuable.

Sage Lopez: DRM are strong too

Erick Scott: Kirobel Begashaw this could be the new avz. They reckon theyve got huge conglomerate gold

Kyleigh Buchanan: ARV did well selling their NOVO shares … just in time.Novo SP spewed overnight and ARV have cashed up their warchest!

Kyle Russell: Dave Lenigas is a seriously sharp cookie…

Kyleigh Buchanan: Martin Fisher buy/sell spread for ARV looking sick this morning … market might be taking the conglomerate play as bad news on novo results?

Kyle Russell: That may be the case, but ARV now have the cash in the bank – and they arent only a gold co – they have cobalt, nickel, iron ore… tons of other stuff. Also DL has a 20kt conglomerate bulk sample run with more results due out on the gold soon – plus dont forget that Radio Hill can process a range of ore. 😀

Kyle Russell: ps – When my kids say sick that usually means really good – presume thats not what you meant 😀

Kyleigh Buchanan: Martin Fisher haha , my kids say the same. I mean fully sic as a bad thing in this instance. Ive cancelled my conditional falling sell on ARV for now …

Kyleigh Buchanan: And there goes 18.5 …. ffs

Kyleigh Buchanan: DEG and KAI getting smashed …

Kyle Russell: Woohooo! Thats probably why KAI took off and the ARV in my smsf is looking so happy at +20% in less than 2 weeks…