$CLA … Vol been picking up … good to go!!

$CLA … Vol been picking up … good to go!!

Mila Huff: got a few too many at the moment but i think buying CLA for 20c and sittin on it for a few weeks wouldnt do any harm at the moment

Robert Richardson: Its got legs Mila Huff: im in as of open today

Mila Huff: cross of the 30MA, tick up in OBV. sellers at 20 drying up. the buy side stacked (with lots of fake orders probably but oh well). obvious point for a stop. – are my reasons. News flow soon too hey?

Zoe Gomez: I took a punt at 20c. The various technical indicators suggest its a buy.

Zoe Gomez: I just do what the computer tells me and try not to over think it. Its been working out a lot better than when I was in charge…

Mila Huff: know the feeling!

Brooks Ray: What is that platform can you post CAI in the same format be interested to know what it is suggesting

Zoe Gomez: Brooks Ray:Tradingview.com

Free Stock Charts, Stock Quotes and Trade Ideas

Robert Richardson: 0.20 GONE … you were warned

Zoe Gomez: On a down day too – given its a Friday and Trump is opening his yapper.

Arya Logan: Did you buy some?

Robert Richardson: Sure did

Mila Huff: haha i backed up the truck this morning. feeling positive about this one

Robert Richardson: Haha good work Mila Huff:

Zoe Gomez: There is a lot of buyers lined up…

Robert Richardson: @reuters doing articles on cobalt and CLA … jet engine demand and the need for users to source from producers other than from DRC … Namibia is a good option ! Reuters.com target=_blank>Reuters.com

Jet engines help power cobalt to 10-year highs

Robert Richardson: Reuters.com

Electric vehicles seen driving cobalt crunch by mid-2020s

Kayla Butler: Been in since 3c, rare to see fundamentals this good, lots of ducks lined up very nicely for CLA

Ada Lowe: Same with me, I got excited and sold some in the teens. Ill be hanging onto the rest for some time though!

Kayla Butler: I reluctantly sold about 7% of my holding at 20c because Id already broken my profit taking rules. Am planning to hold most of them for a fair while

Journey Cummings: Probably my only stock that hasnt let me down the last couple of months. Unlike AVZ,NVA, KRC etc it hasnt retraced to half the SP…

Robert Richardson: with Fridays high close and OBV trending, Mondays open will inhale the last solo seller @ 20.5 …. #cobalt

Robert Richardson: 0.23 on solid Vol

Zoe Gomez: Nice queue on the buyers side.

Robert Richardson: 4:1

Robert Richardson: Mind the Gap punters …

Mila Huff: you reckon?

Robert Richardson: Looking flaky on todays SP movement

Mila Huff: we shall see

Robert Richardson: im still confident shell retrace and then move higher over the coming weeks

Mila Huff: im tending to think its going to be a grind. smallish incrimental type price movements. today was just profit taking. it may retrace to 20 but hm im thinking it wont go all the way since that is such a significant support/res line. need more volume in general atm

Robert Richardson: Mila Huff: agreed

Jazmin Wells: Nice cup in place if a handle forms here

Mila Huff: Not 100% famillier with the pattern but yes please

Journey Cummings: Nice volume today!

Mila Huff: Hahahaha yep was amazing

Mila Huff: Big test today. Close above 20 needed imo