Just to be clear, asking for a recommendation will get managers and ow…

Just to be clear, asking for a recommendation will get managers and owners to respond. Im okay with it and I dont consider this advertising. Im okay with news about reopening or moving of an establishment as well. Lets all try and get along. Slamming of someones post or comment will not be allowed nor ever was.

Presley James: Agreed however, as a prospective patron, I think it would only be fair to know if someone responds to an inquirery, if that person is an owner.

Israel Rose: Or general manager

Annabelle Massey: Asking for recommendations is not what the scope of this website is about.

Annabelle Massey: But I understand the reasoning

Presley James: Yes however many people look at reviews and use them to make a decision where they might be going. I guess thats what I was trying to get at.

Annabelle Massey: The group was started to post reviews. By the actual diner after dining out. It has grown a lot from its beginning. Asking for a recommendation is not a review.

Presley James: Agreed

Leona Moran: I like to read the recommendations as it helps me find new restaurants to try. I read them carefully and can tell a patron from a owner

Hattie Mcbride: We have used reviews many times to try a new restaurant and we have been so pleased! Love this site!

Alayah Griffith: This site made it possible for my mother to be able to eat out once in the while with her salt restriction. There were a lot of suggestions from both owners and patrons.

Valerie Figueroa: too bad I missed the places-would like to know of any with that service-have to keep my eyes open-

Brady Erickson: Valerie Figueroa:, you can use the search feature on the top of this website page to find that info. Search for salt restriction 🙂 it should pull up relevant posts.


Lorelei Patrick: Thanks Ed for clarifying. I am new and appreciate this site as well. I didnt think I was doing anything wrong. Thanks again!!!

Madeleine Davidson: As long as people are transparent I have no issues with “sponsored” comments or recommendations, but do have a problem with staff/management writing reviews for their place of work, regardless of their transparency of working there.

Annabelle Massey: Agree Nick.

Leo Harris: Transparency is key to the whole notion of this site. Applies to suppliers and vendors as well.

Everleigh Jacobs: So owners can review their business but not a agement/staff? Whats the difference, and why? Owners hire management to manage and run their business….

Madeleine Davidson: Its my understanding that recommendations by owners or staff is fine, in posts where people ask “where can I get ____?” Or “who has great ____?”, but reviews of places by owners or staff is not fine or accepted here. Makes sense to me as Id recommend Manderfields Bakery if possible with no hesitation, but wouldnt feel right or honest in writing a review about it as it may be a little biased!

Everleigh Jacobs: So whats the difference between a review and a recommendation. Of course owners and staff are going to give a good (and biased) recommendation as well…. 🤔

Annabelle Massey: The part you should pay more attention to is the part about slamming other posters.

Madeleine Davidson: Everleigh Jacobs: Reviews are stand-alone posts “went to x place and loved their y food”, recommendations are responses to peoples questions.

Madeleine Davidson: Ed Engelman I always miss the excitement.