Food related question: Where can you buy local beef and chicken withou…

Food related question: Where can you buy local beef and chicken without the antibiotics and other nasty stuff fed to them? Woodmans has some beef, not much. Thanks!

Marley Bennett: I get my beef at Haens meat packing in Kaukauna. They have some chicken products too.

Simon Spencer: Jacobs Meat Market on Lawe Street in Appleton 733-1031

Leilani Barton: Niemuths

Parker Williamson: Free Market on Wisconsin Ave

Gianna Evans: Becks also

Steven Rodriquez: Haens is so clean

Reagan Herrera: Although I shop at Becks I hesitate to buy the chicken breasts because they cant be that big and that cheap unless something is making them that way. Just my opinion I have no facts to back this up. If anyone knows for sure that they dont use antibiotics or other nasty stuff please let me know. I asked the lady behind the counter about that one time and she just said theyre not organic or anything like that.

Marley Bennett: Thats another thing that makes me so comfortable with Haens Steven Rodriquez:. Its never anything less than spotless.

Christopher Martinez: I love Niemuths, the meat is great and they also have their own smoke house

Daniella Kim: I think there is a vendor at the summer Appletons Farmers market.

Chance Rodgers: Thanks for the info! Is any place relatively reasonably priced? I have MS and am trying to eat clean.