I need input. Im sending Cheese Boxes this Christmas. Im interested in…

I need input. Im sending Cheese Boxes this Christmas. Im interested in best quality and price. Any thoughts?

Henry Hale: Swiss Colony

Heaven Patton: Lammers or Simons

Michaela Schmidt: I buy local Cheese get the flat rate box at post office and send it out

Logan Schwartz: Michaela Schmidt:, Im too lazy this year.

Macie Wade: Michaela Schmidt:, do you pack the cheese in dry ice or anything like that to keep them cold?

Michaela Schmidt: No I just pack it tight and fit in as much as I can and mail it right away ..usually it is really cold outside unlike now …and my son has never said any problems when he gets the package the flat rate boxes go where you send them pretty fast. I have even sent them to Alaska

Michaela Schmidt: I feel I get more for my money it has no limit on the weight for $15.00


Jasmine Gilbert: My favorite cheese factory is Zittau/Union Star.

Mckenzie Gordon: Love union star, but they only ship one Day per week, I think Tuesday.

Jasmine Gilbert: I like them cuz we use to have a little factory right in the corner where I lived and when they stopped making cheese there they would get cheese in from Union star. So Im partial.

Mckenzie Gordon: Wrong! They ship Mondays to avoid any weekend delays.

Zayden Flowers: Unionstarcheese.com

Gift Boxes

Jasmine Gilbert: Great minds think alike! Lol

Athena Stevens: Union Star. I have personally never been there but I heard Aurthor Bay on KK is good.

Ryleigh Lawson: Simon cheese in Kaukauna

Ryan Higgins: Scrays Cheese in Depere is the best!! I think you need to hurry though for Christmas shipping!

Jasmine Gilbert: And just FYI, Cheese curds can stay room temperature for 2-3 days to get the most out if the squeakiness and then refidgerate after. Microwaving old cheese curds is delicious as well! (Just had to throw this cheese curds tip out there)

Aspen Jimenez: Union Star has great cheese..I was at Lamers and they have best cow boxes

Erin Martin: Simons in Little chute

Aniyah Valdez: Arthur Bay Cheese 🧀; 237 E. Calumet St., Appleton

Sadie Morrison: Simonss Cheese

Mariana Peterson: Simons in little chute

Adam Brock: Dupont cheese is one of the best in Wisconsin. They ship when the curds are freshly made. I shipped to my daughter in Colorado many times. They ship all year except the summer. They have the best colby!

Michaela Schmidt: Where is this Helen never heard of them

Adam Brock: In Marion. I use their website.

Laila Gardner: I agree, Dupont cheese is fantastic… cant go wrong there! Dupont Cheese Inc. in Marion, Wisconsin, is conveniently located right on Highway 110 just 5 miles south of town and 7 miles west of Clintonville. We have been making some of the best tasting, highest quality, cheese found anywhere for the past 48 years. A gift of Wisconsin cheese is always special; its a perfect, easy and delicious. LINK: Dupontcheeseinc.com

Dupont Cheese – Wisconsins Finest Cheese

Derek Coleman: Sargento! Of course😁

Logan Schwartz: Well, they are real cheese people!☺

Charleigh Craig: I use Lamers and my family loves it !!!

Elle Copeland: Best aroud.

Teagan Young: LaClare Family Creamery near Pipe. Their goat cheese has won world cheese championships in Paris. They also have cow cheese.

Ian Peters: We ship each year. Real cheese… Lamers or Simons. They box and ship it for you.

Mikayla Sandoval: I always order from Simons Cheese in Little Chuteand always get compliments. The box or basket presentation is nice compared to other places Ive been to as well.

Haley Lynch: Simons cheese in little Chute

Adam Sparks: What does this have to do with a restaurant review? Confused###

Athena Stevens: Its food…..hes asking for suggestions.

Emely Jordan: Your life must be really boring if you have time to have a problem with someone asking for a food recommendation lol

Adam Sparks: Emely Jordan: no, it isnt. I asked a simple question and you had to be sarcastic! I keep reading the same questions over and over on this page and I personally dont feel they belong. Someone kindly keeps suggesting to use the search engine, but no one listens. I thought this page was to review restaurants after you have eaten there. Guess I was wrong.

Athena Stevens: Kathy I used the search feature and the only cheese question was regarding curds…..Yes, its to review but at the same time how will someone know where to eat a certain food if they dont ask??? Not everyone knows all the local restaurants nor have they eaten at them all.

Logan Schwartz: My question was for the common good.We all win.Its good information.

Danielle Dean: Simons specialty cheese in Little Chute has a great selection of cheese, spreads, sausage, fudge, wine, beer, and many other goodies!

Damien Garrett: Union Star in Zittau

Andrew Lucas: Simons is great. Shipping is fast and efficient.

Jase Nunez: PINE River in Valders/Newton area

Adelaide Glover: Simons Cheese has been our choice for sending cheese gifts for years.

Genevieve Young: Simons or go out to factory in Zittau-best quality-but not fancy

Logan Schwartz: Thanks everyone.I had a great buying experience just now with Dupont Cheese.Very Happy.