We tried Cheddars Scratch Kitchen tonight. Well organized. Clean, frie…

We tried Cheddars Scratch Kitchen tonight. Well organized. Clean, friendly help. Food was plentiful with a reasonable price. Now the bad part. We each ordered soup, we got two of them, and mine came out about 10 minutes later. So I started eating my sides. Several of our sides were lukewarm, including the loaded baked potato. We told the waitress, and she said they would remake them. The new ones came out, and were also lukewarm. When whipped butter doesnt melt, you know its not hot. We decided just to not say anything the second time. The broccoli casserole was good, also not hot. When we asked for to go boxes to bring home the leftovers, as they were brought to the table, the waitress dropped the boxes on the floor, then was going to hand them to us. I asked for new ones. First rule of food service, if it touches the floor, its thrown out. On the plus side, the soups were good. All in all a negative experience. We will not go back.

Tanner Gross: They just opened…cut them some slack.

Mallory Thomas: almost every post on here about cheddars has been negative…. so far I havent seen any positive ones…. Ive been wanting to try them out but now I wonder

Tanner Gross: Ive been there four times since it has opened and I have nothing negative to say about my experiences.

Iker Cooper: trust her opinion….

Max Maldonado: I have been there once, the first week they opened. I had a good experience, not great, but my food was good. We ate at the Bar, we were taken care of and our bartender was friendly. Like a lit of places, they are struggling with staff issues, good …See more

Malaysia Warren: Max Maldonado: i agree.. new places need to work out kinks

George Harrison: Its been open for almost two months now. Isnt that enough time to have the kicks worked out?

Malaysia Warren: George Harrison: it should be but restaurant turnover seems to be pretty high.. and staff. Is not that easy to come by.. training issues.. and staff sometimes complicate the issue. But in two more months they should be golden…

Madison Watkins: Yes lets cut them some slack for not heating food properly. Wtf!

Malaysia Warren: Madison Watkins: i agree. I havenet ate there. But.. i sm goibg to try them i about a month

Jayda Richards: Raelynn, how much slack do you need to give them, I have reading post after posts of customers who went there for the last month and a half, neighbors included who ate there 3 times and will not go back, same thing, food came out either cold or luke wa…See more

Jayda Richards: And that is only from this site, how many people have eaten there that are not in here, I am sure it out weighs this number!

Max Maldonado: It is as simple as this: dont go there is you dont want to go. Reviews are about what a person experienced. I had a good experience, some did not. Nobody will make you go there if that is your decision. I believe in giving a place a second chance…See more

Cristian Vasquez: Jayda Richards: the parking lot is very seldom full-or even busy-its time to wake up-now-while they still can-

Jayda Richards: Well Carol, I have eaten there 4 times and my first 2 where good an hot, the 3rd was warm and had to be warmed up, went back a 4th time, and it was cold. I ALWAYS GIVE PLACES 2ND SHOTS. AND NOW I am done until they fix that problem!

Jayda Richards: You have a nice time and when you go again! If you read back about a month, month and a half, you can read others who have complained about undercooked food and cold soup, why should I go back a 5th time if they cannot fix a simple problem like serving hot food/soup. And twice in a row, in comes back the same as it was the first time

Eloise Mendoza: Cristian Vasquez: I disagree with this post; every time I drive by its packed and thats why Im not stopping in(Ill wait until the newness wears off)! In fact we went to red lobster this last Wednesday which normally theyre lot is stuffed full but was maybe 10 cars so we went there but cheddars lot was PACKED

Lukas Park: Max Maldonado:, arent the reviews here to help people decide if they want to try a place? We fell into the hype of trying the new place. Did not have a good experience. I am being bashed for an honest review. I wasnt mean, just truthful

Josephine Nichols: Nothing wrong with your review Laura

Max Maldonado: Lukas Park: my comment was more aimed at some of the other comments here, of course you had the experience you had and should talk about it. 😊

Lukas Park: They have been open a month and they are a chain. You would expect them to have a protocol

Tanner Gross: True, true they should have granted you better service but maybe it was an off night.

Mckenzie Brown: Sounds like theyve had a lot of “off nights”

Tanner Gross: Not any night that I go there.

Camden Walton: Every new place has kinks to work out.

Malaysia Warren: Agreed

Kyla Lucas: the same repeated kinks for 2 months on the cold food issue is door closing calubur. Dozens of people have been complaining about this since the day they opened. I agree, new places struggle, but this is a corporate chain and theyre standards and proc…See more

Sydney Schmidt: Its also a holiday weekend and if they were busy give them a break.

Lukas Park: They were not busy when we were there. There was a 15 minute wait, yet lots of open tables.

Sydney Schmidt: well if they only open a month ago , Im sure the employees dont know the ins and out. I only been at my job a month and still learning new stuff everyday.

Alexander Price: Lukas Park: if you see open tables and the restaurant is on a wait it means they do not have enough servers to cover the open tables. Rest assured, they were indeed busy.

Mikayla Daniels: Its a holiday weekend means good management would be even more prepared for the influx of people ! Give me a break

Javier George::


Cristian Munoz: They are not even open their actual hours yet because they have a limited staff. If they had more employees to schedule I think they would but they cant even be open for lunch

Alexander Price: Cristian Munoz: we ate there for lunch on Friday, theyre open. Side note, all of our food was served hot and was delicious! Some minor mistakes by the server but you could tell he was still learning so Im more than willing to cut him some slack.

Mikayla Daniels: Really then why does the web site say they are open from 11 am to 10 pm ? My goodness you would think we are telling someone they have an ugly baby here ! Think about this for a second, how hard is it to make a baked potatoe and serve it at least war…See more

Alexander Price: Mikayla Daniels: they are open starting at 11am. I just mentioned that. No worries, its all good! 👍🏻

Cristian Munoz: Alexander Price: thank you. I was told wrong.

Alexander Price: Cristian Munoz: no worries, I think it was only recently they started the lunch service, initially they were only open 4-close

Aviana Huff: i work in the kitchen at a restaurant. there is no excuse for lukewarm food.. i would be embarrassed if i sent out lukewarm food

Javier George: Agree!! (Waitress)

Mackenzie Alvarez: Sounds like a hidden buffet line

Alexander Price::


Mikayla Daniels: How can you send out lukewarm microwaved food of all things? I mean for heavens sake, its on a baked freaking potatoe !

Carson Tucker: *potato*

Cristian Vasquez: their food isnt suppose to be microwave-but each item made from scratch-

Lukas Park: Cristian Vasquez:, the potato was a little warm on the outside, inside was not even warm enough to melt the whipped butter or sour cream. The brocolli casserole, While tasty, was lukewarm at best.

Cristian Vasquez: Eloise Mendoza:-lot may have been full-but read on this posting-lukewarm food isnt gonna take it-

Clara Lloyd: People need to stop saying that oh theyre new give them a break crap!!! Theyve been open long enough to know how to serve food!!!

Mark Morris: Oh boy, heres the typical comments of giving someone a hard time for having a negative review. My GOD people. Just let a review be a review. Pretty sure people can have a bad experience at a restaurant. FFS….

Esmeralda Mack: I totally agree. Well said.

Javier George: No excuses for cold food! Not “its a holiday” or “they were busy”!!!! Its a restaurant! Hot food is a basic requirement and the server is lastly responsible for ensuring the plate is serve able!

Malaysia Warren: It is hard for a server to know if the food is hot though.. unless we stick our hand in it.. we can see steam on most items.. but even if we dont…. we assume the food is hot if the kitchen prepares it and has it on the tray

Javier George: Im a waitress have been for 17 years no it is not hard to know!

Javier George: Dylan Morin

Mikayla Daniels: We arent trying to be mean. Yikes

Tanner Delgado: I do not understand the glowing reviews posted about this restaurant since it opened. I found the food to be mediocre at best. Once was enough for me – there are far better places in the area to spend my money (in my humble opinion).

Ariella Brewer: Completely agree ^^^

Rosemary Welch: We went on Mothers Day- and our experience was very good. That being said there were support staff from Ohio to help get them on track. I was amazed at how well they handled Mothers Day and sad to hear of these failures. ( agree I would not take dropped boxes). Give them the 3 strike rule. Lets hope they get it together and it was an off night

Max Maldonado: To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of chain restaurants, or corporate restaurants, if you will. But the thing they (usually) have going for them is consistency. If you visit one here, the one you visit in Arizona or Florida or wherever should be the same. So you go to a corporate place like this, and you should always get a high quality, corporate approved experience, ideally. When a restaurant opens, they hire boatloads of people, knowing a lot will leave, for many reasons. So it takes a while to get your base staff in place. So to the person that said 2 months should be plenty of time to have the bugs worked out, well, you would hope so, but they are likely still getting staff in order. Its a big issue in restaurants, high turnover. Particularly in newly opened places. I could go on and on, but seriously, it takes time, even in corporate places. Its a really hard business, I have worked in it my whole adult life, and as hard as it is some days, it can be incredibly rewarding. It is more than food or drink, it is an experience.

Malaysia Warren: I agree

Waylon Tucker: I keep hearing food is lukewarm….question , is it microwaved or sitting there for that long???

Alana Caldwell: Its a chain. Some people are alright settling for mediocre chain food and some people arent. I feel like it will always be a sore spot for this website because people seem to get really offended if you post an honest review of a chain they like or a chain that is new to the area.

Aleena Bowen: Wondering where the managers are in all this if there busy a manager should be expediting and running food or hire these positions sounds to me like they need new managers

Kyla Lucas: This is the millionth review Ive read about cheddars having cold food. Wish wed get more local, independent restaurants instead of these chains that are popular in other states.

Gemma Brooks: Well have to give this place a try! Who orders soup in a restaurant anyway?

Lukas Park: Soup was not our only thing. My hubby ordered the pot pie with soup as a side, my mother in law and I ordered the vegetable plate, which is soup or salad and four sides

Gemma Brooks: Soup and sandwich, now thats a meal.

Rosemary Welch: I do

Mikayla Daniels: Please note also that during the entire time of our meal, even after we sent our food back not one manager came to our table, asked how things were or expressed any concern. The waiter, after serving our food and having to return it, never came back to see if it was satisfactory. We went there after reading reviews on this site to experience it for ourselves well aware that sometimes people have a bad experience. We found out for ourselves. Disappointed would be the best way to sum it all up.

Alana Caldwell: Id write to corporate. This place wont stand a chance if they dont get all hands on deck to fix these issues. Plus, you shouldnt have to pay for cold food, in my opinion.

Mikayla Daniels: We will and I do wish them the best. Im just not willing to drop another $50.00 + on a meal for no reason. To some that might not be a lot but I value my money and I work hard for it.

Lukas Park: I did send an email to corporate.

Alana Caldwell: Lukas Park: thats awesome. I truly believe that is (most times) the only way to get a corporation to wake up before their business takes a total nose dive.

Alana Caldwell: …and when you think about how many groceries $50 can buy you, that just seals the deal!

Lukas Park: In my email, I pointed out the good and the bad, just as I did here

John Griffin: Ate there a couple of weeks ago. Same problem, food barely warm. Sent first plate back and just took the second plate of leftovers home to have them the next day hot!

Lukas Park: Sadie mills, that is what we did

Aubrie Perkins: Weve eaten at Cheddars in a couple other states. The food was hot when we got it. No complaints. Weve eaten at Appleton Cheddars shortly after they opened. The food could have been hotter, but it had good flavor. In my opinion, the Buck starts with Good Management. The Manager should be in the kitchen checking to see the food is hot before being sent to the dining room. The Floor Manager should also be on top of his/her servers to make sure they are getting the food to the dining room in a timely manner. Its Management that needs to get themselves organized..or this Cheddars will not make it! A side note: Great reviews!

Aleena Bowen: I so agree Ive been in mgmt 35 yrs they dont want to hire GM that are 55 were too old but we know how to run a place!! Ive since retired and just prep etc and boy I could tell ya some stories makes me want to get back in

Azalea Rowe: Am I missing something here???? If the food is made from scratch abd is in a steam bath and or oven and comes out cold or lukewarm as stated in many reviews, I would be very, very leary to eat here. Id be afraid of getting sick from the food not being at or kept at the right temp.