We have family staying here from out of town. We will have a baby and …

We have family staying here from out of town. We will have a baby and a 16 year old with us. Best restaurants at and under $20 each? No pizza, and needs to be open at 3pm.

Jessica Diaz: Dairyland Brew Pub our Reuben is fantastic and our fresh never frozen half pound burgers are too!! Plus think about having a craft beer from Wisconsin only breweries, we have 22 tap lines.

Keegan Harper: This gal owns the business. FYI.

Keegan Harper: AnnaBelle no lol. Dorri does, I didnt think owners were allowed to advertise their businesses.

Jessica Diaz: Keegan Harper: I m sorry I thought u could. I saw others, bartenders, Managers etc. of their employment so I didnt know. But I can stop, thanks

Jasmine Ramirez: I didnt think that Jessica Diaz: answering a question was advertising her business. Plenty of restaurant owners and managers are on this site and frequently answer questions about their food, hours, and also post special events or menus, etc. Btw, we had THE BEST experience at Dairyland Brewpub for Restaurant Week! Cant wait to take our out-of-town family there at Christmas time!

Keegan Harper: Jan I see it different. This site is for honest opinions. I have ate there twice, wasnt a fan either time.

Jasmine Ramirez: Keegan Harper: sorry you didnt have a good experience. Mine was quite the opposite. But, Im sure if Dorri is breaking some rule, the administrator of the site will let her know.

Jessica Diaz: Thanks again and like I stated before I have no problem with not answering questions. No, Patricia no one has told me before. I too am sorry your experience wasnt that great. I believe it is just normal to be excited and talk about your business an…See more

Jessica Diaz: Keegan Harper: 😩

Jessica Diaz: Just to be clear, asking for a recommendation will get managers and owners to respond. Im okay with it and I dont consider this advertising. Im okay with news about reopening or moving of an establishment as well. Lets all try and get along. Slamm…See more

Malia Moore: I agree with Jessica Diaz:. Ill promote my place if it fits the criteria of a recommendation but Ill also suggest other places if it meets what youre looking for. We dont have a buffet and arent a sports bar but I know places that Ive enjoyed and would suggest. As managers/owners we do try to help each other and the hospitality industry encourages us to help you all too.

Jessica Diaz: Malia Moore: thanks and good luck with the reopening!!!

Jasmine Ramirez: Malia Moore: and what establishment do you own so we can help support you as well?

Jessica Diaz: Dairyland Brew Pub

Jessica Diaz: Jasmine Ramirez: r u open soon? I will stop in!

Malia Moore: I am the store manager at, the soon to reopen, Wilders Bistro. Well be at the former Mojitos/Draft location on south Oneida in Appleton. Looking at mid December. Wed look forward to meeting yall.

Jasmine Ramirez: Jessica Diaz: you mean Malia Moore:, right? 😉

Jessica Diaz: Lol. Yes sorry

Jasmine Ramirez: Jessica Diaz: lol, its ok! Just wanted her to see your response!

Jessica Diaz: So Ok Jan and I will stop in at Wilders!!!

Sylvia Holloway: Skyview Club!! I think they open right around three. Not 100% sure though.

Amiyah Benson: 4:30

Sylvia Holloway: Darn… Definitely check them out for a different occasion though. The food is fantastic!! The broasted chicken is amazing and the Caribbean Shrimp pasta is something I dream about. =)

Amiyah Benson: It might be 4:00, but still too late for what shes asking. And yes, good food! I live less than a mile from there…. 😛

Sylvia Holloway: Lucky!!! Its one of my favorite places to eat. The owners are always so friendly and the staff have always been great to us. My daughter got a kick out of the Halloween decorations in the bathroom this year. =)

Naomi Maldonado: We will have to try that! Thank you 😊

Jillian Becker: Third street diner

Allie Santiago: Good Company is open at that time and good with lower prices.

Alayah Poole: Mad Apple burger and billiards…kid menu and everything is made fresh and hand patties never frozen!! We buy all out meat from Jacobs meat market in Appleton!! Adult and kid friendly!!

Phoenix Lewis: Cozzy Corner or Stone Arch are good. SAP is another good option.

Bradley Cunningham: Marys on Richmond St.

Demi Gutierrez: Cozzy Corner

Demi Gutierrez: Victorias

Camden Russell: If your up for something a little different, I strongly suggest Java warung. Indonesian/Malaysian food but its absolutely fantastic.

Naomi Maldonado: We like different! Weve been here before and really liked it.

Demi Gutierrez: Java Warung

Grayson Carson: Westridge Golf course

Aaron Fernandez: Mi Casa

Ricardo Lawson: Ground Round Neenah

Heaven Frank: Good company!

Nia French: Mohnens in Darboy


Nicole Garner: Mine too.

Erick Flowers: Dairyland Brew Pub has great food! Love going there!

Isabel Ellis: Jessica Diaz:! We will see u soon! We have enjoyed those burgers u speak of, and your appetizers are awesome!