IMU looks hot, but too many for me. (Rules rules rules)

IMU looks hot, but too many for me. (Rules rules rules)

Eleanor Lloyd: Looks like you should be shorting it!

Jordan Howard: really??

Eleanor Lloyd: May get to .04 but will certainly get back to .028!

Hannah Gibson: Why short?

Eleanor Lloyd: Not far away from .028 now!

Kyleigh Saunders: What about AGO I remember you posting saying too many shares. Then the next post I read you saying you were already in.

Eleanor Lloyd: 9 billion? But if your not in AGO do you even trade speccies!

Eleanor Lloyd: Made plenty of money on AGO!

Kyleigh Saunders: Gotta have your bread & butter stocks 🤙🏽

Aubrey Cook: My first stock was ago Put 5k on them then they made me 15k 😂 Parents called it a fluke! And it 100% was 😂😂

Kyleigh Saunders: Haha thats gold. Take them as they come 🙂

Jordan Howard: I also said that AGO was a cash cow, that was the difference

Megan Brewer: Can u not set soi in the parameters just curious

Jordan Howard: Megan Brewer: nope, but its good idea. Thanks

Megan Brewer: No problem rules are awesome and set for a reason but if u are so sure and confident with them seems a waste of time and bad psychology having them still pop up on in face all the time

Jordan Howard: Megan Brewer: , not everyone shares my views (clearly) so its up to everyone to right their onw rules. Theres people here that will trade things like bly with 26 billion on issue. I can find more stocks to trade than you can poke a stick at, so I need to cut back my choices somewhere, SOI, volume traded, value traded are a couple of methods that keep me out of stocks.

Skyla Poole: Didnt this happen ages ago? And you still keep bringing it up…?

Megan Brewer: Frank Watkins I get that and its great to have rules I just find it interesting you keep mentioning stocks that break your “rules” its like you want to live vicariously through other traders in an aspect

Megan Brewer: For me a dont have exact set of rules but criteria that needs to be met for example 10 rules but if 8 are met and I feel its right thats enough not quite that simple some rules have more weight than others sounds complicated but if it was easy we would all be rich

Skyla Poole: Megan Brewer: ….different people have different rules, some of the finds may suit others rules. Tough concept, I know. But go with it.

Megan Brewer: Righto

Jordan Howard: Megan Brewer: I agree with your concept of 8 out of ten is good enough, but two of the ten should probably be written in stone

Megan Brewer: Thats where the more weight than others comes in good answer but that brings me back to the question why not be able to set the parameter especially when Ive read that you created the program to suit what you are looking for

Jordan Howard: Megan Brewer: nope, I just point things out generally, I dont really care what others do, as long as you are profitable, you can even use fundamentals, no skin off my nose

Megan Brewer: If thats one of the ones set in stone what might be the other.

Jordan Howard: Megan Brewer: because 1000 different people will have 1000 different ideas, I just know what works for me

Jordan Howard: obv

Megan Brewer: Ok should of seen that one coming

Jordan Howard: lol good stuff

Max Ferguson: Does the low volume leading to the resistance line make a negative confirmation?

Megan Brewer: No way its almost a positive you need to learn to understand supply and demand with respect to the big fish

Max Ferguson: I thought rising price and rising volume together was ideal?

Megan Brewer: Yes it is ideal most important is that if price is decreasing there is no volume and when not breaks there is volume sorry if I confused you

Max Ferguson: Yeh i get what your saying.

Max Ferguson: Got stopped out of what i thought was a breakout today. Anything obvious i missed in this chart?

Max Ferguson::

Megan Brewer: What was your stop loss?

Max Ferguson: 1.16. Bought on positive obv and price movement on open at 1.19 after punching through the line the day before

Megan Brewer: What are your goals are you trying to day trade, invest swing trade or what its very important

Max Ferguson: Intrinsic value seems to be at the 1.90 to 2.00 range. Looks like the next solid resistance is near that too

Megan Brewer: Wouldnt trade invest whatever unless you are prepared to have a stop at .88

Megan Brewer: Its in a current down trend so day trading or short term trading it just above a round number like $1 is suicide

Megan Brewer: Pm if you want other more favourable trades

Max Ferguson: Breaking downtrend resistance and a horizontal resistance looked a good entry for an undervalued stock. .88 being the recent low?…See more

Megan Brewer: Yes and if it breaks .88 it would signify a downward trend also better off buying less but having a safe stop or somewhere where you know it wont likely bounce back. Clv great stock but you are late the party. Maybe trade on a break of fresh highs with tight stops but move on. Have a look at pow and bru imo

Max Ferguson: Will check them out. Thanks

Megan Brewer: All good hear to help share and learn always