Recommendations for stocks 0.005 and below that are worth a punt and w…

Recommendations for stocks 0.005 and below that are worth a punt and why?

Emery Lee: Pch – dyor

Alex Jordan: Took a punt recently!

Lily Wise: Was this on Shark Tank? The concept sounds very familiar.

Taylor Dunn: MOX – potential Greenbushes nearology

Lane Garza: Li? Latest drilling not good eh?

Taylor Dunn: Nope. Was a duster. But they still sit on a decent gold resource….albeit at 0% interest. Hence why I think they will look to lithium. Theyve already applied for tenements of you believe their anns.

Taylor Dunn: The last drill was for gold at western queen

Lane Garza: Taylor Dunn:l Ill have a further look. Nearology to Talison sounds interesting.

Samantha Sims: CLY, cobalt play – because I have $2k in it and want to sell it :pHaha but the politically correct answer is because they will start drilling end of month and has potential to get to over 1c ($50MC)

Taylor Dunn: HGM have all the good cobalt ground in Austria. What else have CLY got?

Lane Garza: Already holding because of DL

Taylor Dunn: DL?

Lane Garza: Travvy theyve got a gold tenement in pilbara. Cobalt and copper in Morocco and Dave Lenigas

Lane Garza: Taylor Dunn:l DL= David lenigas. Google him. Hes popular for drilling in the Gatwick airport during his days in the UK. For me hes a genius

Kyleigh Townsend: Also doing DD on ground in Morroco next to the largest producing Cobalt mine in the world. Well over due for news…

Kyleigh Townsend: Taylor Dunn:l HGM have the historic mine, any hint of a strike zone heading N, S, E or W its in CLY grounds…

Ricardo Tucker: Look at those Performance Rights and the SP now… 😉

Ricardo Tucker:
Clancy Exploration Limited

Ricardo Tucker: I am in both HGM and CLY

Chance May: Im also invested in $HGM and $CLY

Abraham Wolfe: CHP

Lane Garza: Not again. Already lost money on it 😂

Charlee Cook: Why chp if u dont mind me asking

Abraham Wolfe: They are an LIC that invest in penny stocks – so essentially they do all the research / hard work for you.

Dawson Waters: Chp has been good to me! It looks like it could be worth another crack! .006 will be a huge support zone! Sat at this price for a long time before taking off. Pretty sure it got 2.3c.

Charlee Cook: Dawson Waters: Ive been holding chp for a bit now should of sold when she hit 2.3 at that time it was looking really well but now just all down hill

Dawson Waters: What price did you get in at?

Charlee Cook: Dawson Waters: 1.1

Abraham Wolfe: It will be good to see how their crypto investment tracks in the next 6-12 months, considering the data facility is designed to make money with or without mining

Dawson Waters: They have some good investments, but they opted heavily in crypto. If you can ride the waves with that chp might follow!

Abraham Wolfe: Well, I certainly hope so. I am planning on holding for a few years to see how it pans out. I have only a small investment, just over 200K shares.

Scarlett Ballard: Tsn is sitting nice for a growth

Bethany Jordan: How much? Im in at 13c lol its cooked

Noelle Lyons: Do your own research

Lane Garza: Thanks 😂

Liana Potter: This is research numnuts

Liana Potter: Derp derp

Noelle Lyons: If thats research you should refrain from using real money:)

Taylor Dunn: With that mentality, how are we as retailers meant to prosper and match the big players? We should share our research with each other to create a more even playing field. Unless youre a broker? 🤔

Liana Potter: You gain opinions than research from there Noelle Lyons:

Noelle Lyons: If total randoms opinions on Facebook work for you Liana Potter: then that is fantastic. But for me I research the company, its projects, its directors, you find out what the resource estimate is, you compare it to similar companies, you look at ma…See more

Noelle Lyons: Taylor Dunn:l You can literally use google to find everything you need

Noelle Lyons: We dont live in the 1920s anymore say it with me boys high speed internet:)

Noelle Lyons: Liana Potter: I have liked your post because i cant win an argument with stupid

Liana Potter: Good for you mate Im still learning so Im happy to go google off what other people say. Learning more all the time

Taylor Dunn: Noelle Lyons: I do use Google for all my research along with other avenues but you missed my point completely. Im trying to create a level playing field for all us retailers against the brokers. Again, are you a broker or do you work for one because you are starting to sound like one 🤔

Noelle Lyons: I move units on the ASX that is all

Noelle Lyons: Up to you if you want to ask me specific questions. You may message me privately but I do ask you respect that privacy

Madeleine Burgess: Cad,

Lane Garza: Too many soi at 6b

Samantha Carlson: Lane Garza: hope thats not the only reason for dismissing CAD 💩. 😂

Lane Garza: Samantha Carlson: thats just first look. 6b soi

Samantha Carlson: Dont look any further mate . Real dog.

Lane Garza: Samantha Carlson: thanks mate

Xavier Jennings: ADN but it is 0.008.

Lane Garza: I am watching it. I wasnt impressed with the bunyip drilling results but the aluminium deal is good

Lyric Rose: Mls

Heidi Wise: Mls isnt at 005 no more but shes goin places. 🤩

Rafael Howard: MLSOA is

Isaiah Bowers: SMA

Remington Stevens: Msr. Shell with loads of cash

Lane Garza: Nice 9m. Ill have a look thanks

Jayden Powell: +1

Remington Stevens: Did ya get on? Ann out today

Lane Garza: Remington Stevens: cote de lavour. Too bad Im not yet in. Infancy stages of me looking into the recos

Christian Morris: MXC should do another cr soon to fund the large executive salaries, so theyll be around that mark soon selling out the shareholders.

Haylee Robbins: Adam Pond

Rafael Howard: MLSOA – can get at 0.0015 on cross trade. May 19 expiry.

Rafael Howard: Oops May 20

Ryker Mccarthy: LKO has litigation verdict due in the coming weeks. Potential for a massive cash windfall. Has 26b stock on issue but directors taking shares in lieu of payment and some cash in the bank. Plenty of assets. Worth a punt for a grand @ 0.002 I reckon

Talia Holland: Why does the price need to be that low

Lane Garza: The lower the sp the higher the risk the higher the reward.

Lane Garza: Do the math, for example if I had $1k in at .5c, for every .1c up profit is $200. For a $2k, $400. I can even do just $500 depending on the risks involved

Talia Holland: I disagree. With proper research you can minimise risk no matter what the SP and still make good money.

Abraham Wolfe: If I put a grand in BHP and you put a grand in a penny stock, and after 1 year, they grow by 10%, we both have the same money. You realise this?

Talia Holland: Abraham Wolfe: I think our friend is trying throw money into some random stock that is borderline bankrupt and hope for a 1000% gain overnight

Abraham Wolfe: Well, I would equate that to buying a lottery ticket!! However, if the penny stock has good fundamentals, then by all means, buy up and hold LT.

Talia Holland: Haha yer I dont really get why it “needs” to be under a certain price. Good fundamentals with solid growth prospects are a buy at any price

Abraham Wolfe: I think his idea is that the lower the price, the more shares he gets for his $500, which he believes will compound his earnings, but what he fails to realise is that unless it is a solid company with a great product or service, with a real future, it…See more

Talia Holland: Im not familiar with the two examples you put out but I agree with everything you said in principle

Abraham Wolfe: Argo and Australian Foundation Investment – both large Australian LICs – which essentially do the same thing as Berkshire Hathaway, they invest in Aussie companies, and you invest in their fund, by buying shares on the ASX. Both pay about a 4% dividend, and essentially have the same movements as the ASX300

Lane Garza: Well I do have other investments than .5c and below. I have invested in VDHG and ITOT in the US. I am on the hunt for my next WFE. I bought WFE at .6c, Ive already sold half and waiting to sell the other. WFE closed today at 2.6c.

Lane Garza: Re: $500 at $34 you get roughly 15shares. Sp goes up 10% at $37.4, the $500 is now $561. $500 invested at .5c sell at .6c = $600. It cant go up by 10% though coz i trade through commsec it doesnt take 4 decimals.

Talia Holland: Abraham Wolfe: yer I assumed they were a big fund that does diversifies for you etc. Im in WHF for that purpose.

Lane Garza: Abraham Wolfe: nice divvies. only that the SP is only a bit higher than it was 5 yrs ago.

Talia Holland: Jay your maths is wrong. 10% growth on either option is the same. Just because you cant trade the fourth decimal place doesnt mean you get to assume 20% growth as opposed to 10% on the BHP. If your in WFE from rock bottom what is the hurry to sell and find another Hail Mary??

Harmony Mckenzie: SSN, definitely check them out. They are currently in a trading holt.

Lane Garza: Talia Holland: in a hurry to sell to buy another hail mary.

Talia Holland: Lane Garza: good luck

Sasha Black: AMZ. The developments occurring seem to be great. Still at a resistance point of 0.033- 0.034. A break either way would see it spike by upto .004 i reckon (its happened before)

Gwendolyn Obrien: BDI, VPR

Xander Franklin: I wouldnt recommend stocks at that price. Try sub $1 – $5. Better companies atleast with price history and liquidity

Lexi Reeves: This is just a price fallacy, Id recommend taking none of this advice

Leon White: MSR, low Ev, high cash, 2 awesome projects coming online

Alejandro Wagner: LKO

Andres Hanson: HDY could be worth a punt. Bad sentiment right now because the sp dropped hard for no reason, making it prime to do the same in reverse under the right circumstances.

Related Post Rogers: HDY are one of those where the sp could triple or quadruple if the right deal came along for their real estate on jv or farm in. I was in them when they were EYM. I sold out EYMOC for 2x profit – and then it quadrupled before falling back last year… Doh. If Novo or Dave Lenigas came knocking their fortunes could change dramatically imo. (I do not hold HDY right now.)

Kaden Dixon: REL when it comes out of suspension