any good penny stocks atm for short term?

any good penny stocks atm for short term?

Robert Page: BD1 BRK

Addilyn Maxwell: BRK announcement this morning…

Dayana Little: Addilyn Maxwell: any good news ?should i buy?

Addilyn Maxwell: Dayana Little:

‎Addilyn Maxwell:‎toASX Penny Stock Investors
14 May at 19:30
BRK Announcement. I am holding and I am buying. 🙂

Dayana Little: Addilyn Maxwell: thanks mate!i just read it!i m buying now:)

Dayana Little: Addilyn Maxwell: put order at 0.015 or 0.016?

Addilyn Maxwell: .015

Addilyn Maxwell: .016 😞

Dayana Little: I will wait:) wont buy at .016..i might regret later but still fine:)

Travis Allen: TTT. I have only just started trading so not sure how to tell when to jump out yet but have made almost 30% in just 2 trading days

Marlee Hawkins: You havent made or lost anything until you sell , as far as when to get out you really should have that in mind before you trade , trailing sells are worth looking into at least you can lock in some profit for your next trade

Lola Wood: BRK

Dayana Little: Got at .015 and was expecting some movement, not at all..lets see until friday…

Caden Nichols: Mls

Caden Nichols: Mls just hit 7s. Woot 😍

Dayana Little: Caden Nichols: missed it😁

Caden Nichols: Buyers still stackin not many 7s left

Dayana Little: Are u sure🤔i can take risk 😁

Caden Nichols: Im not any sort of trader u should listen too haha

Dayana Little: Caden Nichols: haha i got at 7s so lets see until friday, i will sell 8s or 9s

Caden Nichols: Good luck it should go 8 tomorrow if it passes 8 it should rocket to 1c

Dayana Little: Caden Nichols: lets see hope it will😀

Caden Nichols: See how we go this is with no news new is due soon

Patrick White: Yep. Uptrending ones.

Addison Jones: TTT 👌

Melanie Cobb: Mcr

Dayana Little: mcr looks little risky at the moment…

Melanie Cobb: Dayana Little: lol

Melanie Cobb: There will be a push through 46c today to 48c

Dayana Little: Melanie Cobb: but will probably go for it:) will be selling at 0.52 or 0.53. I reckon it can go up to max 0.55

Melanie Cobb: Dayana Little: read my suggestions in the other post I put up on Saturday. Either way its going up and weve answered the question the guy asked in this thread

Adalyn Brown: David Daniel Gray

Jack Olson: AML AKM

Danielle Hodges: CLZ , ARS

Nyla Williamson: No, theyre sold out 😂