I have a question!! I have a 2005 Mitsubishi lancer es and my right pa…

I have a question!! I have a 2005 Mitsubishi lancer es and my right passenger side head light low beam blew then a month later the high side blowed I went last night and bought a new bulb the guy at auto zone put the new bulb in and nothing neither low or high side worked what could be the problem??

Josh Marxen: Hopefully he tried a second bulb as you can get a bad one. But what can sometimes happen is if one side like your low beam blows it can put extra stress and heat when you use other You have to check power at the socket. If you have no power where the bulb plugs in but there is at wires in back the socket went bad. If no power at the back you have a bad wire somewhere

Beth Overstreet Reid: Thanks no he didnt try another bulb. I did use my high side for a few weeks and when it blew I went and bought a new bulb

Josh Marxen: I usually see them blow out the other low side but part quality can be hit and miss so thats the simplest explanation

Beth Overstreet Reid: My low side blew first then a few week later my high side. I have just never had this happen when I buy a new bulb still nothing. But I will check the everything else as well

Josh Marxen: There is no fuse on headlights so it could be a wiring issue but what Ive seen happen there is the power wires for the high and low beam touch or short and its like a camera flash then nothing. Its also possible water has gotten in and corroded the socket. But I would try the bulb you know works because Ive seen where a box of bulbs gets dropped and some work some dont

Beth Overstreet Reid: Ok thank you so much I sure will try that

Beth Overstreet Reid: Thank you for your help it was the power socket the bulb goes in it was all curowded.