Hey guys quick question ….. how long does it take to replace a timin…

Hey guys quick question ….. how long does it take to replace a timing chain and tensioner on a Nissan Maxima 2010 been hearing weird chain like slapping in my engine bay….

Edgar Leyno: Hows the oil level?

Nk RD: Made sure its perfect and soon am going to get another oil change and I never use anything lower than synthetic oil and filer Im gunna change my transmission oil at the same time too…..my car doesnt give out as much power as she use too as well and that clapping chain like sound ok guessing its the timing chain

Edgar Leyno: Changing the timing chain on this will take you a day.

Nk RD: Would have to take it in to a mechanic, am estimating it to be about 600-1000$ job if I supply all the parts myself

Edgar Leyno: By the labor book its 4-6 hours. Try to ask dealer first.

Nk RD: Ill contact them tomorrow and see what they say…. hopefully its not too expensive

Nk RD: Dealer price for labor here is 92.50$ to 129$ /h

Gavin Hawkins: I worked for Nissan for 4 years. These were cake.

Gavin Hawkins: Make sure you replace the secondary timing chains and secondary tensioners. The tensioners commonly get chewed away. Sometimes they can be reused to save money. Also on the rear timing cover check for torn gaskets. Losing oil pressure there is very common. (As pictured, where Im pointing there are 2 long metal pieces that are oil galleys that are secured in place with Philips screws. Good luck and use an impact driver to remove them.) Also replace the water pump and 2 o-rings while you are in there.

Gavin Hawkins: 16.8 hours is minimum for this repair.

Nk RD: Thank you its really appreciated

Gavin Hawkins: You bet

Nk RD: Dealer quoted me 2400$ for it to be done around just for the tensioner and chain to be replaced the fuck loll…. max I would think is 1500

Gavin Hawkins: 16.8 × 122 labor hours =$2049.60 Plus you must consider parts and shop fees.