This maybe a stupid question, but Ill ask it either way. Would unbalan…

This maybe a stupid question, but Ill ask it either way. Would unbalanced wheels cause the car to shudder (slightly) when driving and get alot worse when breaking? Thanks fur reading guys FYI Its a 2011 A6 2.0tdi c7

Ryan Rogers: Wobble or pulsing when you brake Would more than likely be warped rotors.

Sean Walker: I had a feeling somebody would mention that, I hoped the balance may have been a quick fix. I recently had my pads changed is this likely to make the wobble wireless Yeah?

Ryan Rogers: When you change pads just do rotors at the same time. Cheap and easy. Thats what I do anyway. You dont want your new pads to get grooves from your old rotors. Unless you turn them and not many people do that anymore.

Sean Walker: I only changed them like 200 miles ago so I think Ill be getting new rotors too. I have a feeling you are from the US? Im in the UK, but you know any cheap an reliable sellers?

Ryan Rogers: Yeah Im in the us. Any big online store should be fine. I always use jegs or summit. Other than that I just use any local parts store.

Chris Kirby:!!!!!!


Chris Kirby: But pay close attention to the prices because they are tricky /deceitful sometimes on Amazon, but I have had no issues because I always pay close attention due to my OCD.

Josh Marxen: Ive had good luck with rockauto and I believe they ship to UK

Tiffany Adams: My husband had a vibration in his wheel at high speed. His tires were unbalanced. We figured it out when we replaced them.