Hopefully our experiences will be of use to most! I tend not to paste …

Hopefully our experiences will be of use to most! I tend not to paste bad restaurants because in all honesty I havent too many bad experiences in Lanzarote but if my typing fingers are up to recommend and a give a flavour of our some of our favourites but every thing is a Matter of personal taste! Cheers 🍻

Cooper Wolfe: Weve had one bad experience in Lanzarote and in all fairness I would like to hear about places we should avoid as well as the ones we should go too! Keep up the good work!

Dahlia Gibbs: I agree Cooper Wolfe: we all work too hard to throw good money away, the answer for these restaurants if it is a genuine complaint is to address the issues not fight back with abuse. Unfortunately there are places that think it is ok to rip off tourists and give shoddy value for money, they seem to have a dont care attitude so they need to be highlighted and avoided. If there is a genuine fault they will usually not even put the bad meal out there I know from when I ran a restaurant it can happen, but rather than give a bad meal I would ask the chef to tell me and then I would explain if there was a problem while they cooked fresh. I would never knowingly give a bad meal but I know some do with a shrugged shoulder attitude and those are the ones that need addressing.

Dallas Dean: i will give my fair assessment of any review i do, be it good bad or indifferent , it is important no slanging or abusive reviews are posted, but one that reflect fairly the reviewers experience

Dahlia Gibbs: my sentiments exactly Dallas Dean: and anyone abusing someone or attacking someones based on an opinion will be removed forthwith.

Cooper Wolfe: I missed the post I think where there was abuse given back so Im not 100% sure what has happened. But I cant see why a restaurant would do you for slander if the food that they serve is not up to scratch that we have to pay for with our hard earn money. We pay for a service we want to receive it. And I for one will not pay for food that is not up to scratch.

Dahlia Gibbs: I missed it too but had my wrists slapped like a naughty school girl for approving it in the first place. This rubbish about suing for slander is a joke do you know how long it takes for things to go to court here, plus the restaurant would have to pro…See more

Cooper Wolfe: I wondered that too about Trip Advisor 🤔 and in fairness most bad reviews just say service and food crap. And its each to their own taste too. The place I gave a bad review to other people enjoyed it. So they are not going to lose custom for a few bad …See more

Dahlia Gibbs: I had a review once accusing me of being alcoholic of walking round the restaurant with a glass of wine in one hand and food in the other spilling things all over the customers and abusing them, it was sooo bad it was a joke and really unbelievable it was left by an ex member of staffs friend and I could not get it removed for love nor money. In the end the friend took it down and apologised to me.

Cooper Wolfe: Jaysus now thats uncalled for! Genuine bad reviews only not a grudge review, thats just pathetic!

Ainsley Dean: Think i saw that review lol personally i have had two really bad meals in lanza since 1990 and a bad experience in a bar one place we gave a second chance and was wonderful and now a fav one got sarcastic reply on ta so lots of other bars to go to so wont go there again and the other restaurant wouldnt ever bother again oh how how wish el caracol at costa luz was still about had brill meals there for years

Ainsley Dean: Another thing i have always taken reviews on trip advisor with a pinch of salt you can be truthful like i have and get sarcastic replies or post BS i personally know of one review about a complex in pdc that was one star slated the place the resort etc etc but they were in next apartment laughed about it but they booked their next holiday the day after at reception of same complex