Anyone explain to meet how come the new Indian in PDC, Chutney Mary ha…

Anyone explain to meet how come the new Indian in PDC, Chutney Mary has only been opened a couple of months and I walk past every night on my way to work and there is never more than 3 or 4 tables occupied but they have gone to number 2 on TripAdvisor with over 70 excellent reviews 45 in one month of which 40 of them are posted by 1st time reviewers and most of the other reviews are from non English or Irish customers by the way all of the other Indian restaurants on the strip have only received an average of 10 reviews in the same period Umm

Carmen Riley: Whenever we walk past it, there is never a smell of curry or spices.

Rose Caldwell: Fraudadvisor sorry TripAdvisor is very easy to leave reviews if youve not visited.

Ariah Gonzales: Exactly

Amber Beck: Very strange indeed, but saying that I did enjoy a meal there in February but didnt write a review.

Georgia Henry: It opened in December

Chloe Strickland: Most of the so-called Indian restaurants in PDC offer food which is as authentically Indian as I am!

Remi Mann: But the same can be said for the many Indian restaurants in the UK . 😂😂😂😂Very little on the menu that you would get in India , Nepal etc

Chloe Strickland: Thankfully, in north Manchester, theres a proper south Indian restaurant which is VERY authentic. I think the UK has moved on somewhat in terms of Indian cuisine but here, its all very much lowest common denominator food 🙁

Maximus Graham: Remi Mann: sorry I disagree. We found that whilst much of the food in India is vegetarian nonetheless there was a lot of similarity in taste to Indian food served here. Mind you living near Derby where we have a large Asian population we are probably spoilt. We have quite a few really excellent Indian restaurants here, but havent found a decent one yet in Lanza.

Chloe Strickland: Trish, I often judge an Indian restaurant by how many Asian-looking faces are customers in the restaurant. THEY know what Indian food should taste like!

Sierra Burns: On my visit to India I never found anything that resembled a British curry. It wasnt as pleasing on the eye but more tasty.

Chloe Strickland: David, I couldnt agree more. The Indian restaurants in LZ seem to be TERRIFIED of trying anything new or are just too damned lazy. As a resident, I do occasionally like to see some new dishes on a menu (which is why I frequent Bistro Árbol in PDC).

Maximus Graham: Sierra Burns: maybe it depends where you go. In north India I ate vegetable jalfrezi many times for lunch – very similar to the jalfrezis we get here! Had a memorable Rogan Josh in Shimla – also v similar to here. I could go on with quite a few other examples but I guess ive made my point.

Sierra Burns: Chloe Strickland: Oh thanks for the recommendation. Will try this place in July.

Chloe Strickland: We made a list of everything we ate. In reality, we mainly went to just stuff our faces. Oh, we saw the Taj Mahal as well – thought it would be rude not to :-p

Chloe Strickland: Sierra Burns: Arbol has daily specials, which you can find out about by liking their page.

Sierra Burns: Im vegetarian and never dreamt of a place like this in PDC.

Chloe Strickland: Really!!?? There is another one in PdC – Blooming Cactus – but lets just say Im not sure how it survives.Meanwhile, heres your homework 😉 :…See more
No Meat Nomad in Lanzarote

Sierra Burns: That was a good read Adam. Thanks. This is our 3rd vist to PDC. Are other areas worth visting whilst on the island. Is Aricife worth a visit for a night out and meal?

Chloe Strickland: I dont like the place tbh, but Im sure others will have a different view 🙂

Remi Mann: Sierra Burns: we love Arrecife, especially around San Gines , just beautiful and relaxing especially at sunset when the tides high

Maximus Graham: Charco San Gines is a lovely setting for a meal

Carmen Riley: To be fair – the Indian curry the uk bears very little resemblance to an Indian curry! Balti was born in Birmingham, tikka Marsala is a Glaswegian dish. Vindaloo is not an Indian dish.

Hallie Rowe: I was wondering the same thing. We passed it walking down from the Diamond Calypso over Christmas and there was hardly anyone eating in there. It makes a joke of reviews on TripAdvisor for Restaurants when the likes of this happens.

Chloe Strickland: Meanwhile, the Ayuntamiento is working hard to remove the boats from the Charco. You couldnt make it up 🙁

Ariah Gonzales: Hallie Rowe: every night the same 1 or 2 tables TripAdvisor is a joke same as the electrical Indian shops they only no one way of working its call cheating

Miracle Graves: a guy who runs a Indian where I live and he is authentic says that many are not, and as he said most people have never been to India and have no idea what real India food tastes like so basicly they can serve you any thing with a bit of curry powder and thay thats is what they eat in India and they go away happy

Ariah Gonzales: The point I am trying to make is they have Fabricated their reviews to push themUp the rankings its so obvious I have just walked Past at 8-00 pm and they had 3 tables

Amanda Cobb: Ita pretty nan bread or poppadons.

Ariah Gonzales: Just dropped from number 1 to 44th over night might have something to do with amount of 1st time reviewers they have received in last 2 months mostly from non brits that never eat Indian meals ummm

Chloe Strickland: I doubt that Chutney Mary actually serves proper Indian food – none of the Indian restaurants on the island do.

Marlee Fields: Makes you wonder Steve

Gianna Ingram: I know for a fact places tout for five stars on fb and also in person and some dont take to good if you tell them its crap and to f off Certain place recently proved that but another place is as bad

Damian Alexander: Thats why I cancelled my Trip Advisor..its a computer not a person you are talking to on Trip Advisor..their rating are not impirtant..if it was Mitchelin or other good associations then that would be important..not trip advisor..lots of hotels and restaurants taking them to court for ruining unfairly their business

Gianna Ingram: Agree what gets me is the owners who give you abuse after your review happens a lot but on fb reviews as well you should see the remarks on my review of Puerto Bahia

Damian Alexander: Gianna Ingram: I did see it..

Gianna Ingram: Damian Alexander: was pretty nasty still not sure if a employee or manager

Thomas Hansen: Slightly off subject…… I have always found Bollywood very consistent. Good friendly service, good portions and and some really tasty specials. Because I have found the food there so consistent over the 4 years I have been going there it is one I would recommend. They also do take away. 👍