Just going to throw this out there most of us have our favourite place…

Just going to throw this out there most of us have our favourite places so how about a top 5 each in no particular order i will start but need to explain we dont do pubgrub indian or chinese a roast isnt a holiday meal imho So mine are El Golfo Restaurante La Chalana Bar playa on playa chica La bamba And suppose favourite is Marios Lanzarote for everything pizzas gorgoeus lamb shoulder amazing specials all great fish with 40 cloves of garlic was still repeating day as after lol May all time favourite in my27 years of visiting was a place called el caracol in the costa luz centre brilliant food but its been gone a good few years Oh also for us they have to be kid friendly and cater for rhem but not the normally crappy kids meals nuggets etc

Aniyah Freeman: 1/ La Cabana Macher2/ Los Aljibes Tahiche3/ Los gallegos Orzola4/ Las Maretas Costa Teguise 5/Divinia Italian Arrecife Charco De San GinesAnd of course Dolmen Sardinian

Layla Chapman: Sally you forgot us?

Aniyah Freeman: I knew there was another and I couldnt think of last one. Of course you sorry 🙏

Cali Jensen: If we are going to do our favourite places, surely that includes everything we like, no matter what type of food they sell? You have included Pizzas and Lamb shoulder? anyway, here goesLittle ElmCasa Roja (for fresh Lobster) La Ola (only for suckling pig)Mardelava El Toro (try the Ox burger)

Mya Gonzales: Oh yeah i was just saying why i havent put pubgrub etc on

Cali Jensen: No problem, like your choice

Mya Gonzales: When sans kids we did el toro and la cabana we are lucky they all love fresh fish and would rather have that thvan nuggets etc but they love marios pizzas where they do half of any on the menu for them

Aidan Sanders: My favourites are:Lomo AltoDa Vinci (on the strip)La Portena (Calero)Azure (Calero)La Casa del Parmigiano😎

Max Cox: Kristians 😍Little ElmEverest Nepal IndianBozenasAsia Delicious

Max Cox: Subject to revision after next visit as some well recommended places we missedLa Lanterna…See more

Cali Jensen: Maritonis is very nice, not on the Kristians level but nice cafe type food

Mya Gonzales: It is the t bone is great but i have a thing about eating on the avenida stupid but people staring at my food does my head in maritonis gets very busy

Cali Jensen: You can always ask to be seated inside near the bar

Mya Gonzales: It was always busy inside but have buggy now and its soon to double so small places are sort of out

Cali Jensen: I suppose its just as well to eat where you feel comfortable

Mya Gonzales: Yeah difficult with kids they get tired easily and dont lije the walk unless a beach ir ice cream is at the end and as theres 5 of us getting a big enough cab is a pain so we stay local which is old town

Cali Jensen: Have you tried taberna de Nino?

Mya Gonzales: Yep few times been la camencita del puerto off the avenida a few times small only does nights full every night best tapas i have ever had sensational food its number one on trip advisor definitely pdc nut sure its for whole island really recommend and they are amazing with kids and also explain all dishes and pair with wine should of put in ky first list but they are the regulars we use a lot

Cali Jensen: Must try that, thanks Steve, where about is it please?

Isla Barber: Im sure la carmencita is san antonio end. Near las Vegas restaurant. Its on my list 😀

Nash Arnold: Pinocchios in PDCShangai Restaurant in costa TeguiseLa Opera in Playa HondaLa Ola in PDCEl Toronto in PDC

Nicholas Stewart: Vegan family here…Amanecer (brothers) Arrieta Divina Italian Arrecife CharcoNew Royal Indian Costa Teguise Wifes Home Cooking 🙂

Mya Gonzales: Luckily for you times have changed for vegansand vegetarians much easier i was in france beginning of century and my veggy workmate got veg for meals that was it

Nicholas Stewart: Just imagination needed. Salads, pastas, curries, Chinese, spanish tapas . So much choice for none meat eaters. Always has been. Ive lived here 30 years now.

Blair Sharp: Camencita where is that please

Roman Garrett: Sociadad GuatizaLa ErmitaBei jingMariosGalieths

Adelynn Welch: Maretas CT..7 Islas Playa Quemada..Los Aljibes Tahiche..Casa Felix CT..Sociadad Guatiza