Hi everybody! We have some members who are asking about marketing thei…

Hi everybody! We have some members who are asking about marketing their business. Its been a little bit since weve had a thread about marketing so what advice or resoruces do you have for our friends for marketing their businesses? Thanks for dropping your advice and clarifying questions in the comments! And thanks for your question, Bradien, Ronald, Gregory, Melissa, Sylvia & Kamm!

Knox Sherman: Network network network If people dont know about you they cant know to ask you for help.

Skyla Martin: Join a networking group that gives referrals. You will have referrals to give as well. Gold star is the group I belong to. It does me good. I spent about $1400 in dues and lunches that so far has produced about $10,750 This year and about $40,000 for 2018. Craigslist listings will help. Learn to market on Facebook. And every clue t you satisfy, ask for referrals before they leave your office. I have a finders fee that I give to get clients as well. I am trying to hit 250 returns before April 16, with another 100 after that.

Edward Wolfe: Sounds great

Jake Ward: My clients are my #1 marketing tool and I use Upwork to find new clients. I do not waste time or money looking for bookkeeping clients on FaceBook ads. My ideal client does not look for professional services via Social Media.😎

Edward Wolfe: Thanks, very helpful

Bristol Burns: what is you idea client if you dont mind me asking?

Kingston Marshall: Networking and client referrals. I dont join networking groups that charge annual membership fees or require me to be there every week. Contact CPAs and EAs letting them know what services you offer. I dont pay for Facebook ads, but I do have a business page and will post helpful information there.

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Katherine Fernandez: Best marketing: word of mouth/recommendation (not because its free, but that is a secondary benefit); second best depends on your target market: definitely social media for anyone 45 and under, but over it depends. And the kind of social media also changes with demographics…

Katherine Fernandez: I see networking as helping others the and development of my personal brand…

Edward Wolfe: Thanks,this is very helpful

Amari Cunningham: All of my clients have been referrals from existing clients or CPAs. I was fortunate to take on an IT client who has referred me to her clients which really kick started my business.

Lincoln Leonard: For 2018 I will be using, Fb ads, messenger bots, magnet business cards for fridge.

Aubree Pearson: If you specialize in Construction, place flyers on trucks at your local Home Depot during the week. Dont do this on weekends because its mainly homeowners. Be sure to put a catchy benefit of working with you, on the flyer. drowning in paperwork? Worried about whether you are making money on your jobs? We can help! Call us for a free consultation

Bristol Burns: I really liked your advice. As such I created a postcard to place on windows at Home Depot and Lowes. Thank you.

Layla Webb: Geri Conley, welcome to Ask A Bookkeeper and congratulations on starting your own virtual bookkeeping business! Thats exciting! Lots of our members have questions and recommendations when it comes to marketing. Check out the most recent thread in this website.

Layla Webb: Welcome, Harper Clark:, you were asking about how to get more clients. Check out this discussion of marketing your firm.

Harper Clark: Thanks for joining me to everyone.