I am in the market for a new local bank for my business. Currently wit…

I am in the market for a new local bank for my business. Currently with WF and have had way too many issues with them. Recommendations from the group would be appreciated. Thanks. And Happy New Year!

Ashley Young: Amazing timing. I just opened a personal account with First Interstate this morning. They are a family-owned bank out of Montana that recently purchased a branch here in Ashland. Their online tools are good, especially for a small bank, and they are very investing in our community, doing a lot of work through SOREDI and other local entrepreneur programs.

Alan Ellis: Thanks Ingrid. A recommendation from you is a good thing. 🙂

Scarlet Mason: I guess it would depend what your options are locally. Not sure those of us not local to you would be able to help????

Alan Ellis: What I am looking for is a reliable, local bank. One that does not continually add fees that need to be reversed – over and over again. And ideally, where the banker turnover isnt so frequent, so I can actually build a relationship. And, a friendly, helpful attitude is a plus.

Rylie Kelley: For those requirements, Id suggest a credit union…. 😉

Ashley Young: Alas, our local credit unions dont have great customer service, and their online tools make them pretty much useless for business purposes.

Rylie Kelley: wow…. we have the exact opposite here!

Piper Hart: Ingrid Edstrom I hate that for you guys. Our credit unions are amazing. They make all the banks look like chumps out to steal from you.

Mia Berry: The answer to this question is very subjective. I have an amazing relationship with my local branch of US Bank. I never have issues with them. They have some teller turnover, but management has been the same for a long time.