Why do women set up online dating accounts, check you out, and never r…

Why do women set up online dating accounts, check you out, and never respond? Are they just window shopping?

Hazel Roberson: So where do guys get it wrong? Ive seen many messages my friends share, and the screen shots… I would be in total WTF mode if I was a woman. Is it 9 out of 10 creepers? Or the dont want a one night, spend the night trying to get you into bed type? Does this attribute to a gun shy mentality?

Leo Gray: Pretty much

Rylan Ortega: I was too lazy to delete my profiles once I got into a relationship. This was three years ago, and I recently remembered Id left them active and logged in to see like a dozen hate messages from people who thought Id ignored them.

Brooklyn Ortiz: Some people dont continue talking or even begin talking to people for periods of time.Some people dont like small talk or your tits are nice or can I see your private album 😉

Brady Moran: Probably because upon closer inspection, youre a twat.

Jayda Sims: Thats exactly what were doing

Emiliano Willis: They checked you out and didnt like what they saw, obviously. Is this really difficult to figure out?

Michaela Stephens: Same reason dudes do. We see something we dont like. Im not that picky but i physically cant be around a smoker, so, if i see that youre a smoker, idc how cute you are, Im out.

Manuel Knight: Am I supposed to date the first guy whos profile I look at whether I like him or not?Thats why you look at someones profile, to figure out whether or not you would like them

Savannah Bailey: Because youre gross?

Lorelai Lawrence: Yeah, they window shopping, sorry yo dollarr store ass wasnt good enough.(I kid I kid)

Haven Owens: Ya i just look at all the cuties in my area and then delet the app

Ashlynn Pearson: I get lazy after a while and dont feel like dragging on a conversation any longer lol

Archer Fox: probably because youre coming off as boring

Steven Bowers: Sounds Like Incel Bullshit But Ok

Caden Cook: Theres about a 97% chance in this case that its because your profile says, “ask me to find out” and has 3 pictures taken from the exact same below the chin angle.

Aliyah Little: We dont want u 🙂 we talk to the people who we do like 🙂 I ignored a bunch of messages on Tinder just because they werent worth my time. But I put lots of energy into messaging the guy who is now my bf because I felt like there was a real connection.

Karter French: I had tinder for like a week or two and only messaged one person. Everyones starters was boring or g r o s s Maybe look at yourself

Hailey Boyd: They have too many messages to respond to

London Spencer: Because… Youre… Not what theyre looking for?? Why bother communicating with someone you arent interested in?

Madilynn Bryan: Im definitely window shopping. or alternatively its because guys send INCREDIBLY dull opening messages (just hey 🙄) and have boring profiles so like why bother trying to pursue something uninteresting?

Makenna Todd: Just basing this on my own experience and what female friends have said, but we got like 300 messages a day, most of them blurry dick pics. A guy really has to stand out in that first text to get a response. The guy I ended up marrying (love his goofy ass) sent me a medium-long, nonsexual message with an exclamation mark after every sentence. It was just weird enough to catch my eye and just silly enough to take down my guard and get a response.

Milani Banks: My personal reasons: 1. the message is creepy af2. You just sent “hey”- I reply “hey whats up?” Or something then you respond without giving me anything to go on. 3. My anxiety gets to me and all the messages I had built up feel like a responsibility so I eventually turn off notifications/delete the app because of reasons 1 & 2.

Zoe Cole: Yes.

Josie Griffin: I dont get whats so hard to understand that when someone chooses not to talk to you that means they simply dont want to.

Blakely Jones: basically. when i was single, if someone sent me a message and i didnt find them attractive, i wouldnt message them back.

Karter Davis: Its your egocentrism

Matilda Gibbs: Yes, yes they are.

Calvin Gray: We get tons of responses daily, most are hi or a comment about attractiveness. No sign whatsoever that they read my profile. Not once has a man commented on my 1st paragraph, and thats a turn off. If your profile says stuff I dislike such as Christian, has kids, loves church, wants an open relationship, loves to hunt, loves to dance, digs country, loves seafood, etc. Any of that and so much more is an automatic deal breaker. if you dont show me that you have read my profile and what I say is what you are looking for, you do not deserve 1 more second of my time you shallow MoFo.

Lucia Porter: Yep.

Melanie Lucas: Because they either saw something in your profile that turned them away, or they saw nothing that reeled them in more.Also, they likely get a lot of messages and dont have the effort to respond to every one of them. Long story short, be more interesting.

Maximus Vega: Usually means theyre not interested

Peter Walters: Yup

Carter Wilkins: Yep

Braelyn Dawson: Because they dont like your profile??

Brian Phillips: Im very picky. I dont respond to a lot of guys i like. Hell, i didnt even respond to my now-husbands first message because it wasnt interesting enough for me.

Fernanda Higgins: Yeah they window shopping, no big deal we dudes do the same

Alani Ortiz: because they arent interested, and they dont have to be

Bryson Russell: Your opening message says a lot about you.

Lilly Mann: Personally I like to go on shit like tinder and match with people I find even vaguely attractive for validation and some faint shadow of self confidence, but dont ever actually talk to/respond to anyone. Might be some women do the same.

Alessandra Valdez: They just want attention

Kenzie Mendoza: Respond to what exactly??The dozens of hi, hello, messages or the dozens of wanna fuck, how bout them titties messages?Or the few that may actually write something a bit more substantial but obviously didnt read your profile, why bother with them if they dont even bother to read it.This is the majority of messages women get.

Collin Bowman: Guys do it as well. Out of people I match with, 90% dont message at all, 2% only reply once, 2% actually message first but then not respond, 2% message first and respond a bit, 2% I get a number off but it fizzles out then the final 2% I actually go on a date with are awful 😂

Kate Russell: The men are at it again

Kensley Frazier: like 733994059595 men a minute message; i reply to maybe 1 in 20 tops – only if theyve said something im interested in replying to at the time i see the message.tbf im not looking for dates tho, just friends

Erick Willis: Youre from Syracuse! Im from Syracuse!

Maddox Schneider: They dont owe you nothin

Henley Blake: When I used OKC I got a ton of messages. I would look at a lot of profiles and completely ignore a lot of them based on whats in the profile, or the content of the message, etc. Id get a ton of messages that I had to wade through if I didnt check it daily, so ultimately it would result in a lot of not responding if I wasnt interested.

Jasmine Richards: Are you saying you message every single profile you click on? no? then why are you complaining?Analyze why youre upset by this and change your mindset accordingly, thanks.

Miguel Pena: theyre lonely