Hello All- we lived in Oki 2009-2012 (without kids) and looks like we …

Hello All- we lived in Oki 2009-2012 (without kids) and looks like we will likely be going back next summer 2019 (with 3 kids). Where do people send their children to preschool these days on island? Age 1 & 4

Arianna Moore: There are several international preschools off base. Some other people take their kids to the CDC, but the CDC is more expensive than all the preschools off base (atleast for us). The elementary school has a sure start program for 4 years old (free), but its based on eligibility. There are several factors that they look into, but e-5 and below get priority.

Silas Gonzales: What are some options for off base preschool?

Arianna Moore: Rajah Johnson whats the closest base to you?

Silas Gonzales: Betsy husband will be working on Hansen so Im guessing our housing will be Courtney. I arrive in October

Arianna Moore: Rajah Johnson same here 😊 the closest to us our Kids Haven, Creative minds, and Golden Mind Achievers. There is another one but I cant remember the name. If you dont mind the drive to kadena you have More ove there, but personally the drive was not worth it for me.

Silas Gonzales: Betsy whats the age limit to start I know most in Japan are age 4 😑?

Arianna Moore: Rajah Johnson all these preschools take younger children too. They separated the kids based on age and they teach according to their age 😊

Silas Gonzales: You are awesome. Is there a way to look them up online or have someone send me more information. I really want her close just in case something happens

Arianna Moore: Rajah Johnson all those 3 are right by Courtney. Kids haven is by the commisary, creative minds infront of Courtney, and golden mind achievers by Mct. Ill send you their Facebook page 😊

Silas Gonzales: Arianna Moore: thank you so much ♡♡♡♡

Arianna Moore: Rajah Johnson creative minds Facebook.com

Nursery·Opens in 25 minutes
Uruma-shi Okinawa

Arianna Moore: Rajah Johnson golden mind achievers Facebook.com

Golden Mind Achievers International School-Uruma
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Arianna Moore: Rajah Johnson kids haven Facebook.com

KHIS Okinawa
Uruma-shi Okinawa

Sage Rowe: My son goes to East West Montessori and we are more than happy with his progress.

Silas Gonzales: They take children in that age group? I was told they start at age 5. My daughter will be 2 and it sucks leaving the states because of this reason

Remi Fowler: Im not opposed to Montessoris but I dont want my kids in the same class

Justice Doyle: My husband and I are dual military and had our son in both CDCs on Kadena. Niko Niko lost my son- long story short, he was on the playground on the first week of a new classroom, and the playground was at the back corner of the school. The only thing stopping the kids from making it around to the front (where only a carabiner and a gate stood in their way of escape) was the employees. Somehow my kid made it past them and was alone in the front for 4 minutes before another parent saw him and alerted the staff. All they could do was apologize and fix nothing. Moved him to Wakaba and all was well until the EXTREME lack of routine set in and he didnt deal with that in a positive way. We finally moved him to Santa Monica and really loved it. There were some minor issues, but working together we were able to get through them and he truly excelled. On top of that, he learned – something you cannot expect from the CDCs.Due to the dual military status, we paid roughly $550/mo at the CDC. At Santa Monica it was Â¥64,000/mo which paid for enrollment from 0600-1800 with lunch provided plus weekly swimming and zumba class. It wouldve been less for shorter hours, us providing lunch, and no classes.

Remi Fowler: Thankfully the yen rate appears to be MUCH better than when we left! It was like 78 to the dollar 😳

Regina Ramsey: Maggie OQuin currently 107

Remi Fowler: Regina Ramsey: awesome!!! Hopefully will stay that way!

Chelsea Erickson: Santa Monica I moved my 3 yo there from cdc on Kadena which I didnt like. I love Santa Monica much better structure and they actually have a curriculumSanta Monica is $500 a month for full time 6-6 you can pay extra for lunch but I just packed his lunch and snacks. I was only paying an extra $20 a month for Santa Monica

Remi Fowler: Do they have M-F 8a-3p? For pre-K

Kyla Hunt: Maggie OQuin my daughter goes to Santa Monica M-F 9-3. I LOOOVE it. She started at 20 months. She has learned so much, its amazing!!!Please go check it out. Its only ¥40,000 per month and ¥7000 for lunches (optional). The price is very comparable to other schools, but the curriculum is so much more. The teachers are VERY professional. I want to take the whole school and staff with me when we PCS.

Rhett Perez: All souls episcopal is between Kadena and Foster. Their program is 2, 3, or 5 days a week for 2-4 year olds 9:30-1:30. Most of the “Montessori” schools take the littles (2 year) and bigger kids and offer 9-3. All seem reasonably priced.

Remi Fowler: I have a very dear friend (we were neighbors when I was in Oki before) and she loved All Souls and recommended it- i wasnt sure the hours etc

Rhett Perez: We love All Souls and I know they still have availability for fall! We are accustomed to a shorter preschool day, this is the reason we initially chose it. I didnt want her first school experience to be all day. We are moving to another school next year that has a longer day mostly because AS is pretty far from our house.

Remi Fowler: Rhett Perez: where are you moving to? We used to live on Lester…no clue where well be next time. Still are a year out- so next fall

Rhett Perez: Were off base in Yomitan. It takes so long to get to school in the mornings, and with the shorter day sometimes Im only home for an hour or two before I have to do it all again 😕 As much as I love the school I cant do this every day. If youre on Lester, Kadena, or Foster its so close! Literally right behind Lester.

Remi Fowler: Rhett Perez: yes i think i rode with her once to bring her daughterIsnt it up a hill?

Silas Gonzales: Jenni 9:30-1:30 is that for 2 year old class? I arrive in October and goodness that seems like a long time to be away from my daughter 🤔. What is their curriculum like

Amari Alvarez: Hi Rhett Perez:, we are still in California but moving to Oki on the last week of July. We need to call them to secure a spot? Do you have their number? Sorry for my English (second language) TIA

Evan Fletcher: We are at All Souls now and LOVE LOVE it. They have openings in all classes for next year. 🙂

Amari Alvarez: Evan Fletcher:, hi!!! I have a 4 year old boy, turning 5 on September, how are the hours and price at All Souls? TIA

Evan Fletcher: Amari Alvarez: Ill PM you!

Rhett Perez: Rajah Johnson it is! The preschool we did in the states was 9-12, so this is just an hour more. They have lunch at school so I figure that makes up that extra hour. Many of the preschools here are 8-3 or 9-3.

Rhett Perez: Amari Alvarez: Im not sure if you would need to register or just get on a wait list. They have room in all classes currently, but two years ago when I was trying to register her for the two year old class there was a wait. Facebook.com

All Souls Preschool Okinawa Japan
Primary School
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Paige Burton: My son goes to All Souls and we love it also! Definitely recommend . Also, Rhett Perez: I was being a creeper and clicked on your profile and saw youre a Gamecock fan! Im from Columbia! 😆

Rhett Perez: Hey! Goooooooo Cocks! We lived in Irmo forever and my guy is a USC alum!

Rhett Perez: Paige Burton: are yall civilian? I creeped a little too 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Paige Burton: Rhett Perez: 🤣 Im going to message you

Silas Gonzales: Jenni 9-1 whoo that still seems like a long time hahaha I like 9-12 better. Do you know what their curriculum is like

Adalynn Graham: Wakaba CDC. Theyve been amazing with my 1 and now 4 year old.My son had speech issues and got kicked out of an off base preschool because they didnt want to take any extra time for him. They can kick your kid out for any reason so I just gave up on off base and went with on


Kira Grant: I second All Souls! We love it! ☺️

Remi Fowler: Does all souls have all day- 9am-3pm?M-F? For 4 y/o Will turn 5 October 9th

Remi Fowler: What she does it start?

Remi Fowler: Sorry- just looked it up – was supposed to say what age does it start

Jaxon Wallace: They do have full time M-F. They really are all amazing. And are so personal and kind. You wont regret it if you go here. Not at all

Remi Fowler: Jaxon Wallace: is it just 9:30-1:30?Ive heard good things!! Thanks for reinforcing!

Kira Grant: I agree with Dawn! You wont regret it. They are all so nice!

Jaxon Wallace: im not positive? My child is part time. Message them on FB, they will get back to you pretty promptly with their hours.

Remi Fowler: Jaxon Wallace: ok! Thank you!!

Jaxon Wallace: Maggie OQuin you are so welcome!

Cayden Clark: All Souls is just 9:30-1:30, but they are amazing! My son loves it there!

Adalynn Graham: Just not for kids with speech issues. Maggie OQuin

Jaxon Wallace: Matteo Robertson: didnt you put your child in bc of speech issues?

Kira Grant: Adalynn Graham: why not Melissa? Just wondering because my youngest son is having trouble talking. I was told the speech therapist goes there also. That came directly from speech therapy.

Matteo Robertson: Yes! My child at the age of three could not speak a sentence or even words that anyone could comprehend. We put him in All Souls and attend speech therapy lessons through the DODEA Schools twice a week. Since being at All Souls and attending Speech The…See more

Adalynn Graham: Kira Grant: my son was in there for age 2 and it was fine. When he reached age 3 they said they didnt have the speech services for him and he required too much extra attention due to his speech. No warning no notice no anything. Just leave our school

Adalynn Graham: Kira Grant: They had zero consideration for him or us. It was only one month in the school year. Worst preschool Ive ever seen as far as dealing with kids who have special needs like slowing down and listening to him. He had no other real needs besides speech. It broke my heart

Matteo Robertson: Adalynn Graham: thats so odd. My boys teachers were so helpful and understanding. We did seek speech therapy at the DODEA schools and it wasnt an issue at all. Im sorry you went through all of that. I dont understand why theyd make you leave. I hope you were able to get help for your son. 💕

Adalynn Graham: Matteo Robertson: I did. He got accepted to the PSCD program through dodea and goes to the CDC half day. He he has progressed so much that they actually did me a favor. Im so glad they kicked us out of all souls because it was the worst place in the world for him to have people that didnt want to help him and didnt have time for him

Matteo Robertson: Adalynn Graham: Im so glad hes doing well! Thats so great to hear! Its hard to see our children suffer from something they just need a little extra help on. We have had nothing but positive experiences with All Souls Preschool and their staff. Im glad your boy is doing well though! At the end of the day, thats all that matters! ❤️

Malia Stewart: Im super impressed with East West Montessori!

Weston Alvarez: Im sad to see that people are unhappy with Niko Niko. The teachers there are very nice. It is on base and convenient and they go off of income for your monthly dues. I like that there is accountability because it is a NAF entity so I can go up the chain if there is something I dont like. I hate traffic off base and so far the Niko Niko has treated my kids well. So it works out for me and my husband. With as many times as Kadena closes the gates- I am glad they are on base. But you have to do what works for you and your family. Good luck .

Arianna Moore: Honestly there is always atleast one person unhappy with a school. I always tell parents that they should go and try the school regardless of what others say 😊 its good to know other reviews from parents, but we cannot judge one school based in a bad …See more

Weston Alvarez: Arianna Moore: agreed- what I like is that they extend hours for exercises and if you have a GS job and the govt has a shutdown- they work with your payments. Always pros and cons. Its also easy for my husband to come to events while they are on base. It is really what is best for each family- you are right.

Justice Doyle: Going up the chain didnt work for me when they lost my child for four minutes – who knows how long it wouldve been had another parent not spotted him alone and alerted the staff.

Justice Doyle: Ill add that Im not completely against CDCs. My son went to the CDC at Moody from 12 weeks up until we pcsd at nearly 3 yrs old. They were fantastic, other than certain things that didnt jive with my parenting style but when it comes to daycare you…See more

Arianna Moore: Justice Doyle: oh yes I dislike that! I remember I went to the CDC in Courtney because I was interested in their preschool program, and she told me they are not allow to teach. Nor they will they force my daughter to sit down and learn, “its up to them if they want to learn “ mmm nop lol Im not paying $600 a month for my daughter to come and play😂 but other parents dont mind that 🤷🏼‍♀️

Weston Alvarez: I guess, I dont pay for teaching- I pay for day care. I pay for someone to watch my kids while I work or go to school. They have plenty of time to go to school- K-12. I want my kids to play- to be toddlers and to have fun- to interact with other child…See more

Justice Doyle: Weston Alvarez: I get what youre saying, but kids learn through playing. Thats what Im getting at. Moody had a schedule and guided playtime. The kids enjoyed it and it kept them engaged so they didnt get bored and start going crazy. Kids need routine and consistency, neither of which my son managed to get at the Kadena CDCs. It sounds like maybe things have changed for the better.

Jaiden Lambert: Deziree Roberts

Aurora Kelley: My kids go to Sunshine Montessorri. If youd like their email and phone number I can give it to you. You can schedule a trial and a visit as soon as you get here or when youre ready. Ill send you a PM. They have a program twice a year (Christmas and end of the year) where they sing and dance. The teachers work really hard to create a nice production! Ill send you more information via PM.

Silas Gonzales: Where is this located?

Aurora Kelley: Near araha beach. Somewhat behind coco curry on 58

Silas Gonzales: Heidi would you mind sending me more information

Aurora Kelley: Sure! PM me please

Aurora Kelley: Rajah Johnson

Silas Gonzales: So this might seem out there but why do the 2 year olds stay so long in school? Can you pick them up early?

April Adkins: True preschool is 3ish hours.

Silas Gonzales: I know that its the same in the states I was saying 6-6 9-3

Eliza Haynes: My son goes to OMSI and he absolutely loves it! The youngest they will take is 2.5 years old though and they have to be potty trained.

Abby Carter: I love Santa Monica

Amari Alvarez: Hi !! Abby Carter: , can you send me more information about the school? TIA

Abby Carter: Amari Alvarez: sending you a pm

April Adkins: Really depends on what you want them to do- some are very play based while others are full on curriculum all day and then lots in between. I was really hopeful for a Waldorf style preschool- (my ideal pre-Okinawa reality). My kids went/ go to Kids Kampus- they enjoy it- a lot of play but still structured. Every kid will need a different type of structure- check them all out and see what you think fits your kid best. Good friends loved Montessori- not my style. I also didnt want full structured curriculum all day. Do what is best for your kiddo.

Max Wilson: I LOVE Santa Monica!!!!