Okinawa World, would you recommend it?

Okinawa World, would you recommend it?

Addyson Herrera: I thought it was fun. The cave was the best park to me. But they also have glass blowing and stuff that we didnt do when we went.

Gabriela Mann: Definitely go at least once. And pay for the whole experience, including cave and the snake museum.

Celeste Ray: Yeah, we loved the dancing as well.

Alanna Quinn: Just dont try to take pictures or record the Eisa performance. They will come and stop you as it isnt allowed at that one part.

Jada Holmes: Yes

Stella Francis: Also yes! Weve been a couple times! My mom also really enjoyed Okinawa World 🙂

Amina Manning: Yes

Gage Simpson: Yes it was a lot of fun.

Jasper Harrison: Yes!! Definitely recommend a week day when its not crowded.

Clayton Clark: It is worth the price of admission.

Mira Nichols: Yes!

Elliana James: How much is admission? Ive never been but my family is coming for a visit and I would love to take them there

Alanna Quinn: At Tours+ on the Marine bases it is $13 for adults and $6.50 for ages 4-14 and it includes the habu show. Without the habu show it is $10 for adults and $5 for ages 4-14.

Elliana James: Alanna Quinn: wow that is cheap! Thank you so much

Alanna Quinn: Tickets at the gate there cost:

Carlos Thompson: YES! We love going there!

Cora Fox: I would bring a decent amount of yen. Admission is yen only too.

Patrick Mcbride: Yes!! And dont miss the cave cafe nearby!

Genesis Webb: What is okinawa world

Alanna Quinn:

Genesis Webb: Thanks Emily I have never been and this is our second time here lol

Alanna Quinn: This is our second time as well, but we have visited it both times. I only went back this time to take family who was visiting. Nice one stop place to show them some of the Okinawa culture.

Genesis Webb: Thats great may have to check it out lol

Chelsea Beck: Yup!!

Alanna Craig: Yup

David Chavez: Yes

Destiny Austin: Yep.

Titus Ellis: Kyle Waldron

Brooke Jensen: Yes I would

Maisie Ball: Absolutely!

Blake Reyes: Been twice enjoyed both times.

Elianna Johnston: Yup

Kylie Swanson: Take in as much as you can while you have the opportunity.

Bryce West: One time only

Sawyer Saunders: I love it❤️

Maria Dunn: Definitely!

Mateo Singleton: I wouldnt go back until the weather is cooler again. Even then, IMO, its only worth it if you like shopping and spending more money on top of the ticket price. But the cave is pretty neat!