Jerk chicken thats actually worth eating here? I need my fix asap

Jerk chicken thats actually worth eating here? I need my fix asap

Adriana Powell: 2jerks

Cody Wagner: Can confirm

Ariel Mathis: Yessss

Summer Morrison: The jerk and I is delicious!

Rylee Reed: Flex

Alejandro Hale: Do you need reservations for any of these places?

Summer Morrison: She delivers 🙂

Ezekiel Adams: I Second Flex. Bamboo Cafe is pretty nice too, but I think its a little mild. And no reservations needed for either. Bar Flex is near araha beach, and Bamboo cafe is on 329 in Awase.

Ezekiel Adams: My husband just said Bar Flex jerked chicken is better too! They open at 1700 most days I think, enjoy! 😊

Miles Wise: Matt Cancilla, whats the place out gate two you go to?

Alessandra Cox: Bamboo cafe.

Miles Wise: Alessandra Cox: thanks Nee. 😘

Ezekiel Adams: Ooh theres another bamboo cafe? Bet

Miles Wise: Ezekiel Adams: I guess. I went with his shop once. Its kinda by the market thats across from Koza Music Town, if you know where I mean. Intersection of 20 and 330.

Ezekiel Adams: Miles Wise: I do! Thanks!

Alessandra Cox: There are two on island that have seen so far but yeah we go to the one in Koza. Free parking if you park in the paid parking area on the corner and just ask for the parking pass inside once you are done eating.

Cameron Davis: 2 Jerks 😋

Miracle Morrison: Blue cafe outside gate 2

Madilynn Blake: Donald Gardner where did you get that jerk chicken from😍

Connor Burns: The Jerk & I

Ezekiel Adams: *writes down all these other places to try* 😏

Alejandro Hale: Right!

Ezekiel Adams: Thanks for the post 😍

Ava Patterson: Anytime we are on gate 2 street we eat at Blue Cafe Gate2. We enjoy the Blue Cafe by white beach more though. Food is delicious at both locations though! We just enjoy the jerk chicken bowls at the original location.

Molly Bennett: Blue Cafe on Gate 2 street is my favorite spot. I love their brown stew and oxtails when they have them too.

Sloane Bowers: Blue Cafe

Calvin Barton: The one on gate 2

Maeve Leonard: Out gate two!Darcy do you remember where we went?

Giuliana Clayton: Saving this delicious post

Chloe Nelson: Flex Bar Flex〒904-0116 Okinawa-ken, Nakagami-gun, Chatan-chō, Chatan, 2 Chome−2−20-5098-926-0470
Bar Flex

Charlie Austin: Come to my island and Ill make it for you! Same recipe my dad and grandma use

Jayden Curtis: 2 jerks in Uruma is the best Ive ever had!

Miles Wise: This is the one out gate two. BAMBOO CAFE〒904-0004 Okinawa-ken, Okinawa-shi, Chūō, 3 Chome−1−9098-934-5471

Miles Wise: Ezekiel Adams:, found it

Ezekiel Adams: Thank you! Theres another one in Awase, Ill have to check this one out too 🤤

Marley Banks: I was not a fan of 2 jerks. The best jerk chicken is @Bluecafe. My favorite location is the original one by white beach.

Antonio Collins: Bamboo cafe and blue cafe

Grant Chambers: Nothing beats 2 jerks.

Brielle Soto: Two jerks!

Jolene Wright: Flex is my favorite and their pina colada is also delicious!!!

Julian Robinson: Mario Parke we going to have to go try these and let you be the judge of the best ones lol

Jessica Snyder: 2Jerks near Camp Courtney

Oscar Cunningham: Theres a Jamacian lady here that makes it. Its good.

Ezekiel Adams: Does she have a FB page?

Oscar Cunningham: Let me ask

Oscar Cunningham: Ezekiel Adams: sent u a DM

Willow Park: If you are looking for the stuff from deep in Kingstown….. you not gonna find dat here. No where, no how…. me sorry to say dat…… not here

Elliot Turner: Rachel Johnson ??

Oscar Cunningham: Elliot Turner: yes thats her

Madeline Nunez: Willow Park: I dunno if you have Jamaican accent but I read your comment with one in my head. 😁

Alejandro Hale: Madeline Nunez: me too!

Madeline Nunez: #zahga

Elizabeth Powers: Lacy, we need to check these other ones out to see how they compare to Dat Jerk.

Penelope Howard: Im so excited to go back and eat at 2 jerks!

Vivienne Perez: 2 Jerks!

Demi Farmer: Blue Cafe Okinawa on Gate 2

Elizabeth Powers: Is there just the single 2 Jerks location? Or did they open up a second one?

Camden Murray: Bamboo

Keira Silva: Havent tried all but #Flex is pretty damn good. Havent tried their #OxTail but heard it was good too but the jerk chicken is good