Canon XF Utility Question! I am about to cut a 5 camera show with c300…

Canon XF Utility Question! I am about to cut a 5 camera show with c300s all around. They are shooting 1080i Last time I did this (same show) they shot 1080P 29.97 (which network complained about having to convert!) Anyway I last time to avoid the multie-file-stitch weirdness with LONG takes I used Canon XF Utility MERGE. Which worked great. But I have NOT used merge with interlaced footage. Im doing my homework today on making sure upper/lower field dominance is correct (I havent touched interlaced since I was 16 lol) I assume that the XF utility can merge these long takes and NOT mess up the field order, but if someone could confirm this is true that would be great. Also does anyone know if theres a good way to TEST if field dominance is set up correctly? thanks!

Желяз Томов: Is there not an option, like for example in MPEG streamclip, where you can just select upper/lower field dominance ?

Bryan Colvin: I want to use canons official utility because its their camera their codec

Bryan Colvin: Im sure its fine but if someone has done it and can confirm thats what im looking for 😀

Желяз Томов: I understand. I was actually asking, if the their utility has this option. I just used it once or twice :), so i can´t remember

Bryan Colvin: Желяз Томов Yeah I just wish I had a clip to test with prior to getting the footage but what can ya do lol

Anthony Monteleone: My Useless Comment: Shoot 1080p, take your final mixdown and drop that into a 1080i timeline, export. Network should be happy and you wont have to deal field order issues.

Bryan Colvin: haha. Well it does basically convert it to PsF right? 2 fields for each frame? Network doesnt want that.

Michael Phillips: And if using Media Composer, none of its conversions actually converts 1080p/59.94 to 1080i/59.94 to what you want to happen, which is 1 frame becomes 1 field. arrrghhhh.

Jordo Eyesman: cut that shit in premiere yo

Bryan Colvin: Fuck no

Lauren Sorofman: Most stations ask for upper field first, though always good to ask network/check the spec book. Metadata display will tell you if the final product is upper or lower field first. Never hurts to send network a small test clip and ask if picture adheres to their spec.

Adrian Smith: Upper first has always been my experience. I cut a lot of news stuff and they always want it that way.

Bryan Colvin: Thansk Adrian! Yes I came to this conclusion, but its great to hear it from someone that deals with the footage on the regular.