Question: Best DCP exporter for 4K flat & scope? Long story somewhat s…

Question: Best DCP exporter for 4K flat & scope? Long story somewhat short, I started on Avid and migrated it to Pr after uprez to see if it was possible (what a headache, but yes, doable incase anyone wants to know)… Ive read questionable stuff on Wraptor but it seems to be dated (2014/5). Is renting a month of Wraptor pro worth it, or does anyone have any better solutions that are as simple?

Jeanna French: I dont have an answer to your question but very curious to hear your workflow of transferring your project to Prpro from Avid!!

Brian Dors: I did a standard R3D 35/1 decompose relink to uprez back to 4K. Transcoded, and the consolidated the material to a separate media drive. Exported an AAF with copied media back to the main media drive (incase I fucked it up). Then imported the AAF into …See more

Brian Dors: My buddy told me I should make a tutorial on YouTube because I cant find a good one anywhere

Craig Parkes: There is a Facebook group I NEED A DCP that pro DCP people belong to who will have more up to date answers.

Brian Dors: Thanks Craig, looking at it now.

Jason Bowdach: Wraptor is pretty iffy and they have been very lax is support. Highly recommend EasyDCP or FinalDCP if you are looking to purchase a package. CuteDCP works but is extremely slow. EasyDCP is the go to in my opinion.

Brian Dors: Looking into all of these. The prices vary.

Jason G Smith: In my humble opinion…Unless you know what youre doing with these programs, you may not get the colors youre looking for. While various programs can create DCPs, results vary based on the operators skill set. DCPs creation is not plug & play. Consequently, depending on your needs & budget, this is something you may want to turn over to a pro.

Brian Dors: I completely agree, and that is the path that will be taken, needless to say.. Im going to do it anyway and compare outputs. Not that I want to be a engineer in the line of such work. But knowledge is power and if I have the time to kill, Ill learn it.. ya know?

Vladimir Pavlovski: You can try Free Fnord j2k plugin for Premiere Pro. It will export j2k sequence and you can make DCP with freeware OpenDCP or DCP O Matic. Or you can export Tiff sequence from Avid and encode to j2k and finish in both free programs.I never had problems with server compatibility or color space, gamma issues. You just have to know what color space are your input files and let the program do all transform.