Can anyone supply a list of the asx oil stocks valued below say $0.25?…

Can anyone supply a list of the asx oil stocks valued below say $0.25?

Eric Cohen: BAS?

Willa Brady: FAR Limited @ 0.097 is my fav pick of the oil juniors.

Mateo Neal: FDM is just above that at 30c, has work under way for 4 new wells. Could rally on good results.

Jayce Moore: Cvn

Henry Bowen: What is your reason for investing in oil?

Esmeralda Perry: because crude prices are trending up

Henry Bowen: But higher petrol price means less demand and hence less oil sell

Kinley Powers: Petrol prices have never been the main driver of demand.

Jessica Cannon: ^^

Esmeralda Perry: Its ceryainly helping SEA share price …

Henry Bowen: ok thank you

Luis Schneider: FAR

Henry Bowen: Why is FAR a buy considering its inregular sp

Luis Schneider: Far has been a buy for 4 years and keeps going backwards Theyve had SNE discovery of Senegal which is the largest over the last 10 years with Cairn and Conocco Phillips-Now Woodside And are issuing Feasability for development to Senegal Gov soon…See more

Luis Schneider: Mind u Far Share price is only 9.7c but has a market cap of $530m So I dont know why Share price is relevant as a question

Henry Bowen: well share price is what u r betting on to go up to profit. why wouldnt it be relevent?

Luis Schneider: Henry Bowen: youll figure it out mate Its all about Market Cap For example For FAR to be 20c the value of the company will increase over $500m …See more

Joel Nunez: CvnOex

Henry Bowen: Asia Spotlight: Oil Surge Takes a Bite Out of Indias Refiners
Asia Spotlight: Oil Surge Takes a Bite Out of Indias Refiners

Lyla Mann: BUL has massive gas reserves in QLD but no pipeline infrastructure. Currently in discussions with APA Energy to build a new pipeline but no agreement or time frame as yet.

Avery Harper: Been holding blue since 2009 when I found out how much they are sitting on, will be a good pay day when they get it out.

Lyla Mann: Avery Harper: . Nice. Hope you/we clean up big time.

Grace Blake: Any chance you could supply me with a list of Li stocks under .25 🤜🏾

Kira Hale: 4ce. avz.

Imani Mcdonald: Lpd , sya

Logan Lewis: Hardrock or brine? Do you have a preferred country?

Rhett Walker: Kta

Madilynn Mcbride: These are my Oil/Gas holding # EMPEROR ENERGY LTD-EMPEmpire Energy Group (ASX: EEG)Icon Energy (ASX: ICN)Lakes Oil (ASX: LKO)Metgasco (ASX: MEL)Real Energy Corporation (ASX: RLE), LKO , SXY, BUL, STX, ASL, GLL, BPT,

Madilynn Mcbride: * Central Petroleum (CTP) one to watch

Madilynn Mcbride: (CTP) subsidiary of Macquarie Group Limited (ASX: MQG)

Bailey Parks: RLE Real Energy

Rhett Walker: BRK

Christina Bell: btc

Esmeralda Perry: SEA

Esmeralda Perry: 88E

Lyla Mann: 88E just dropped 1 cent on the back off capital raising. Hopefully come back up again soon

Kehlani Doyle: Lyla Mann: It has held above the Capital Raise price of 3.7c which is a good sign. This stock will be a make or break in the next month with the open of IW2, If theres no sign of Oil when they re-open then it will see another very large fall. But then again, The other way around: if they find oil it will be pay day💸💸

Avery Harper: Was watching 88 today got just over 23 million on volume up from 5 mil..

Jeremy Robertson: BRK

Jeremy Robertson:
Oil and gas stocks on the ASX: The Ultimate Guide

Gia Erickson: OEL worth a wager….just started producing and dont think the market has noticed. JV with BYE which has run hard + strong leverage to higher oil price

Gia Erickson: +14%…good day at the office 👍

Alani Miller: Bru


Kinley Powers: FOMO starting to kick in for SEA.. Now predictions of a possible $150 wti and a probable $100 oil by 2019.Prices could double: Trumps oil gamble comes at just the wrong timeIt is the confluence of simmering political crises in so many places that has driven Brent crude to $US77 a barrel, up 60 per cent since last June.We believe an oil price shock is looming as early as 2019 as several elements combine to form a perfect storm, said Westbeck Capital. It predicts $US100 crude in short order, with $US150 coming into sight as the world faces a crunch all too reminiscent of July 2008.The Maduro regime in Venezuela is entering its last agonies, and the countrys oil industry is imploding. North America has run into an infrastructure crunch. There are not yet enough pipelines to keep pace with shale oil output from the Permian Basin of west Texas, and it is much the same story in the Alberta tar sands.

Miguel Hunter: SEA mate 😂

Jordan Miles: Theres a full list of asx oil juniors in this story – sortable by share price:
Trumps Iran pull-out is very good news for these ASX oil juniors -…

Zariah Glover: F

Caroline Arnold: far

Esmeralda Perry: well well well look what just came in ….
Were back baby, say oil juniors as prices underpin strong April…

Alani Miller: Buru will hit 50 cents within a month