Qbl- request for extension- 25 may

Qbl- request for extension- 25 may

Charlee Harrison: seeeeriously?

Harper Fields: They may as well not come back

Daniela Lewis: Yep- this has to be big when finally released or management has lost all credibility

Melissa Brewer: Bahahahhaa. Damn the law of diminishing rockets?

Sara Powell: The longer it takes, the bigger the announcement market will expect..

Iker Lyons: Or the complete opposite of that. Everyone will start whinging soon 😝

Esther Mendez: Zyb pulled this stunt a few months back and after 2 weeks of extensions the deal fell through

Finn Ward: If they didnt keep testing their own product, this probably would have been nailed in a day or two.

Sara Powell: But by the sounds of it, looks like MCL acquiring QBL and probably sell of the bauxite arm off and be listed as just a pot stock.

Antonio Poole: Speculation 👌

Sara Powell: The finest 😂

Melissa Brewer: Whats worrying is that they cant seems to comply to listing rules seems like a legal team thats out of their depth.

Daniela Lewis: Listing rules have changed significantly last month or so

Alexis Miles: Asx really clamping down hard after the debacles that were BUD and GSW

Claire Perry: Itll be one of those goddamn Friday announcements. Could go either way. RTO by MCL and spin off the bauxite side as Arjun postulates would be a winner imo.

Daniela Lewis: Their initial announcement said a major acquisition by MCL

Claire Perry: Could mean anything Russ

Daniela Lewis: Martin Fisher true

Camille Fuller: Allie Abbott:

Allie Abbott: This is gonna be so big Im gonna shit my daks with profit!!!!

Alana Rhodes: Reminds me of WHA. What a fiasco. Why call a trading halt if your not prepared. Idiots in both camps.

Alexis Miles: Asx clearly has plenty of questions over the deal – weve seen the asx hold back announcements seeking more detail since the likes of BUD and GSW in recent times.

Allie Abbott: Camille Fuller: – do you know where there is a picture of ramp going up that I can use?

Valerie Snyder: I hope people bashing QBL understand that the ASX is the one who decides when it can release them from suspension. QBL has made some acquisition which by the sound of it looks either too big or something out of the left field. Hence, the newly awakened ASX is trying to make sure that they have a full understanding of this remember that MM /hemp is still in its infancy and there could be a lot of gaps in ASXs understanding of this business too. After the debacle with GSW, BIG etc they are being super cautious and these delays are just the PROPER crossing of Ts and dotting of Is. QBL must be providing the explanation and ASX must not yet be convinced. So this is something not standard. Something that ASX hasnt been across. Without seeing the announcement it is impossible to say that QBL are cooked. They have been doing BAU but sometimes you come across a deal that you cant refuse. A few weeks of suspension in such a case is not something to lose your cool.*** END OF RANT **

Alexis Miles: Thank you!

Magnolia Kelly: Elizabeth Price:

Elizabeth Price: Theyve done a runner man 😂

Magnolia Kelly: Doesnt mention which year either.

Ryan Lewis:


Finn Ward::