Anyone still holding JAT. Hold, Buy or Sell?

Anyone still holding JAT. Hold, Buy or Sell?

Lena Hunter: What do you think?

Savannah Meyer: Buy for me

Leila Gonzalez: Doubled my holding scale back today

Haven Herrera: Its good time to buy now cuz cheap

Lucia Hayes: Fundamentally buy , technically sell.

Leila Gonzalez: Agree hence scale back buy. .

Mariah Page: So sell then?

Caden Henderson: There is no way JAT is a fundamental buy.

Lucia Hayes: Mariah Page: of you want to hold long term its a buy. If you looking for quick trade then Im afraid its not offering quickie at this stage.

Lucia Hayes: Caden Henderson: in true terms none of the penny stock is.

Leila Gonzalez: I personally on my own view on reasearch would be building a position. Not aggressively as I like the business model and forward sale strategy. Hence I am happy to buy scale back.

Caden Henderson: Disclosure: we co-IPOd BUBs amongst others, and in the broking industry. Just checking out such forums. Mine not investment advice here

Lucia Hayes: Caden Henderson: true JAT needs to build its reputation. Its in infancy stage hope it gets out of it and find some legs.

Mariah Page: My point is fundamentals dont make the SP rise. I like JAT personally. I think its got a lot of potential.

Lyla Porter: Buy now if you have the patience to wait, and want it while cheap.

Molly Ryan: Based on its latest quarterly its looking to build a brand base so dont expect sales until next year, some will sell as being impatient, only way this will move forward is the cfda otherwise people have become more cautious then ever and will only jump on based strictly on sales growth which is a while off…. overall the entire market has seen volume buying drop off dramatically

Milo Reynolds: Hold n accumulate, in for the long term

Gloria Wolfe: Holding, wont sell at a loss so Ill wait.

Joel Robinson: BXN is similar to all above mentioned

Knox Bowman: Holding, but will sell on CFDA and take the profit and find my next share to bet on.So looking at holding to July to September.

Jameson Coleman: Graham could be accumulation or impatience, or someone could know something, I havent looked at the volumes but even with CFDA im not expecting to break even on the day of the ANN

Demi Frank: $1 by years end…easy. I bought back in today.

Lucia Hayes: Hope so, just wondering how did you arrive at this valuation? Peer comparison ?

Demi Frank: CFDA approval plus Shanghai Dragon Corporation (SDC) appointed JAT as its sole Australian agent with regard to the China International Import Expo (CIIE), to be held in Shanghai in November 2018. In addition to assisting third party Australian brands, JAT intends to set up a high visibility presence for Golden Koalas range of milk products at the expo.

Lucia Hayes: Market would like to see some numbers pouring in. Good revenue can definitely push SP above $1. Dont think speculation alone will help it touch $1.

Demi Frank: Lol you think being the sole Australian agent at the first ever CIIE is speculation, and what CFDA is not important. No worries mate 👍

Lucia Hayes: I hold JAT and would love SP hitting $1. Maybe Im underestimating CIIE. Good luck to all holders.

Parker Romero: Medium term hold for me

Anaya Swanson: Had a quick browse at the quarterly yesterday to try and understand what all the fuss about.From memory the acquisition for half of koala was around $5m in cash and shares at 2c giving koala value of $10m .Since then the Current value of the Koala brand has exploded to over $150m with no CFDA and no sales.Revenue sits at $200k and A Loss of $2m for the quarter.You guys can decide if its a buy,hold or sell.Dosnt look like those figures are changing any time soon “Sales are likely to remain low during the current quarter and until the abovementioned strategies start to achieve their very substantial potential”Plse correct if wrong Hopefully u guys get some good news soon

Matteo Moran: Sweet FA

Leo Owens: Way overvalued. If there is no substantial increase in revenue over the next 6 months then this will slide south. It could be a buy one day but not now.

Willa Ruiz: Watch for me. I hold BUB, and Im not too keen on being over exposed in that industry.

Demi Frank: Go and buy banks if you want safe revenue producing companies. JAT is just building its base ready to launch. By the end of this year it will be a vastly different company. Instead of reading the lines try read between them and understand what is being built here by one of Chinas richest men. Matt Tattis you touched on it with the last quote re very substantial potential. You can lead a horse to water…

Leo Owens: Just because this isnt a buy right now doesnt mean the only other option is banks. Plenty of growth stocks to choose from and each of them is a buy and a sell at certain stages of their cycle. Jat was a buy under 10c and has had an incerdible run but …See more

Elle Hoffman: Jamie do you have a link to show this guys wealth, ive been told its the family thats wealthy and not the individual.Happy to hear otherwise but im yet to see proof.

Demi Frank: Google Forbes richest China. I think he was 214th richest in 2014 or something like that.

Willa Ruiz: It has a lot of potential, depends if the SP drops back down for me.

Demi Frank: Im tipping CFDA submitted in next 2 weeks. You all know what happens after that! As for approval, well we have Mr Li 😉

Haylee Roberts: Through support on Friday. Im out

Molly Ryan: Even if they see approval, we dont know if it will sell well….and with most stocks these days…. good announcements are short lived and are pumped then dumped….. people are more keen on sales and revenue growth these days

Demi Frank: I couldnt give a stuff about sales and revenue growth for a business like JAT. Its all about contracts, approvals and sp appreciation ATM. Revenue will come…and in a BIG way once all the ducks are lined up. They have literally just acquired GK …See more

Lilah Greene: sell

Knox Bowman: Penny shares are high risk and always will be high risk.JAT is the same, if they get CFDA in July/August they will rocket, if JAT fail CFDA they will be worthless….See more

Cameron Frazier: Will the share price go up though? And if so by how much? Ive been learning recently about “already in the share price”. Id think most people are holding to dump at the announcement release. I am one of them. I dont think the price will go higher than 27c on CFDA news. The market hasnt been working like that recently. Not from the stocks I hold anyway.

Knox Bowman: Cameron Frazier: Buy AJM or PLS mate as a beginner.You will make money.JAT is a high risk share, bang or bust.

Cameron Frazier: Ummm Im in pls. Ajm not heard of. Let me look it up 😁

Knox Bowman: Cameron Frazier: AJM is the mine next door to PLS

Raelyn Miles: LON … 😀