It..Does..Not…Get..Any..Better..Than…This AVZ -Returns Monster Ass…

It..Does..Not…Get..Any..Better..Than…This AVZ -Returns Monster Assays from first 4 hoes.. Pegmatite appears to dip shallower than anticipated and is closer to surface

Lana Stephens: 1.75% – decent concentration too!

Delilah Brewer: Miriam Brooks:

Miriam Brooks: Did you buy in on Friday??

Delilah Brewer: Got in at .21😁😁

Miriam Brooks: Well done!!

Delilah Brewer: Followed your advice and waited till it was bellow my last buy in 👌🤙

Mckenna Thornton: Hopefully 4ce goes on a run as well with this result!!!

Stephen Mcdonald: hoes haha

Nicolas Wallace: Still saying JORC by end of June 🤞 lets make this monster official

Gunner Thomas: Noob question what is JORC?

Nicolas Wallace: Stands for Joint ore reserves committee code. A quick google will give you a summary

Taylor Welch::


Hunter Lambert: $PLS @PilbaraMinerals best hit was 79m @ 1.2%$KDR Kidman was 83m @1.4% Look how the Roche Dure pegmatite stacks up $AVZ is a monsterAVZ average = 285m @ 1.66% At RD

Cash Pratt: Scott CouttsLorcan BrennanJack Varian

Stephanie Newton: Christopher Saunders

Rachel Stephens: 300m intercepts again & again…

Destiny Garrett: Glen Davis

Maryam Osborne: Market is desensitised it seems

Rowan Henry: Wow, didnt expect zero movement on the last ann… :/

Kayleigh Schultz: so why hasnt the price gone for a run????

Destiny Pope: The results are great but are did they really surprise any of us? I think most people have no doubt avz have plenty of lithium in the ground but the thing we really need to know is how quickly can they get it out of the ground and to a port. How much will all the infrastructure cost and how soon can it be built. Feel free to disagree with me but that is just my thoughts

Taylor Welch: JORC

Maximus Gomez: Frank Watkins I think the market (atm) is both cautious and a bit over the ‘lithium hype. BGS the other day doubled its confirmed resource, small rise. We need a bit more visual concern on supply like global automakers scrambling to lock in contracts and confirmed lack of supply. We seem to get too many conflicting reports for the market to decipher what appears to be true.

Hunter Lambert: Run ?It did It went from 1.8c to 35c or x20 …See more

Malaysia Mann: Exactly right Matt Tattis and Destiny Pope:. How big this is is old news now. Put it in the bottom draw until the Chinese come knocking

Cameron Valdez: Matt Tattis back to 20c support now though and perhaps wont do much for a little while. I know you probably loaded early and favourable market conditions helped get things going however it hurts my soul when newbies buy this stock ATM

Rachel Stephens: Brendan China works very very very fast when putting infrastructure in – months not years.

Destiny Pope: I agree and they are already doing it in other parts of Africa. We just need an official commitment about them starting to give AVZ a further kick along in SP. i am a big believer in them and its one of my biggest holds long term.

Piper Pierce: Sellers sprinted better than the ann. Lol

Elaina Love: Like i said fellas the market knows its huge… Drill results wont move this half a billion stock. Need development news. Wont happen for a while so good chance to top up or get in maybe in the teens. The more established players are killing it today.

Hunter Lambert: No movement cause the Ninja is in the sin bin.Need him Bak on the field 😂

Maisie Nelson: Needs more than the ninja 😏

Emmanuel Salazar: These hoes aint loyal

Haley Clark: Too deep.

Rachel Stephens: Manonos shallow to deep Aaron – big intercepts at both Manono and Kitotolo consistently around 300m wide

Haley Clark: Oh shit. I was reading it as 300m deep, not Wide!

Gracelyn Craig: Hehehehehe he said hoes

Ryan Simpson: