Qbl delayed another 7 days Very significant acquisition Must be very v…

Qbl delayed another 7 days Very significant acquisition Must be very very very significant

Lydia Miller: Geez I hope so. What is your crystal ball saying Russell?

Axel Foster: Well I have 500,000 shares so it better be good. They have good management who are pretty switched on Reckon its something to do with Canada or Israel but could be way off the mark.

Lydia Miller: Sounds like we have a similar interest in the news then. Hopefully our patience is rewarded

Isaac Esposito:

Willow Gordon: Sam Parkinson

Killian Clayton: Marcus NardoneJaxon Mccoy:

Jaxon Mccoy: Gone broke mate😂

Killian Clayton: too many dicks on the dance floor

Gloria Mccormick: They are checking under all the couches for change to fund it.

Itzel Snyder: Yup, really seem to be struggling for cash hey

Gloria Mccormick: Itzel Snyder: depends on how much their proposed purchase is… but good to see they have something in the bank vs a lot of the other pot stocks.

Benjamin Meyer: Same drama!!

Lexi Boyd: I think after almost two weeks of lack of trading a lot of people will move on. It wont get the jump it should get coming out of the blocks. A bit disappointing to me to be honest. Im not holding a balls deep position though.

Benjamin Meyer: incompetent management!

Sophia Chapman: Why announce a 3 day halt to make the release and have to take not one but 2 extensions? Hoping not but it starts to feel like a bit of a cock up, maybe got ahead of themselves with the initial halt.

Gloria Mccormick: Checking neighbours couches now for change.

Itzel Snyder: Because by the sounds of it were not waiting on them to submit all the stuff to the asx, theyve already submitted it but asx are questioning some of the details – which they seen to be doing after the like of GSW and BUD.Management dont have any control over what level of detail and what questions the asx want before they release the ann

Sophia Chapman: Itzel Snyder: then the stuff handed to the ASX is obviously not complete and thorough enough. Management of listed companies did not start dealing with the ASX yesterday, many including QBLs have been doing the rounds for years and it continues to amaz…See more

Itzel Snyder: Ive seen a lot more companies having the asx question details before releasing announcement recently – I know its not their first rodeo but it really does seem asx are on the front foot requiring a lot more clarification before letting the anns go through.To me sounds like there could be a few moving parts, certainly doesnt seem like its just a simple wham-bam-thankyou-maam type transaction

Amir Martinez: FFG called pulled up yesterday for previous announcement. ASX getting tough nowadays

Sophia Chapman: Amir Martinez: it seems all areas of finance are on their toes with the RC into the banks and financial instos opening some very poorly hidden sores. I think the ASX like many other watchdogs have been asleep on watch or blase about their duties for some time.

Gloria Mccormick: Sophia Chapman: good point. Couple of class actions around some recent stocks too probably adds to the ASX not wanting a Royal Commissions attention 🙂

Gloria Mccormick: I hold a small amount that are down 7.5% so based on it being good news the price will promptly drop around 8-10% which will well and truly trigger my stops and knock me out where of course it will then rally tempting me to buy again and rinse and repeat. QBL reminds me every day that Im really not that bright and that a sucker is born every day trade.

Lexi Boyd: Just tell us what trades youre doing. In the words of the wise GK. “If every instinct I have is wrong…. I should do the opposite”

Mariah Elliott: GC

Lexi Boyd: Sorry yes. Cantstandya 😂

Mariah Elliott: My contribution to the trading discussion lol

Winter Ball: Ffs

Makayla Garrett: Not worried. Not planning on selling anytime soon either.

Alexia Swanson: Going bankrupt

Sophia Chapman: This article highlights why the ASX is finally doing its job and why they are going over QBLs acquisition news with a fine tooth comb, if their ducks are all in a row they will be fine. No idea what the acquisition is and what affect it will have on the SP but loving all the speculation! 🙂 ://stockhead.com.au/…/tikforce-admits-jobseeker…/

Tikforce admits: JobSeeker contract failed to fly – Stockhead

Austin Owens: too late for TKF shareholders, perhaps ASX should do their job better

April Ruiz: Good chance the acquisition may have fallen through ???

Gloria Mccormick: Imagine the reaction if it did.

Amir Martinez: If there is no deal, then there is no need for this suspension. It would be back to trading like it was last week. The issue is that ASX is making sure that the big claims that MCL/QBL are making in this announcement are fair dinkum and if and when the…See more

Arabella Hicks: I dropped my holding of 450k if Units last week. And, Im so glad too

Lydia Miller: You are glad you sold out last week? So at 4.9c – 5.1c

Arabella Hicks: Yep. Put my Capital else where. When you sit on something because you “love” the stock and not see anything from them for months you tend to loose interest. More money to be made quicker than constantly waiting and not being able to utilise the capital on other plays

Lydia Miller: Matt – Im curious. Do you think the TH is going to be bad news ?

Arabella Hicks: Joshua Ill be honest, and dont take it rudely. But, Im not interested on what it is. If I see the volume tip in and the fib looks good Ill enter and exit, Ive learnt that my trading style is not to hold and fall in love with a play. That is my style. Not everyones cup of tea though.

Lydia Miller: Sure I get your strategy and respect that you stick to it.I just would have thought youd like to have stayed in to capitalise on the “significant acquisition” before jumping out….See more