Any suggestions for ETFs Thnx

Any suggestions for ETFs Thnx

Bailey Hernandez: AOA..peace out 🙂

Malachi Harrison: VGT, VTVSPXX is interesting VYM and VIG are solid dividend ETFs

Stella Padilla: Love VIG

Ximena Stephens: SPY, DIA, QQQ, IWM, TLT, EAD, PFF and done

Stella Padilla: Long term im still very bullish on COPX. But it could go down from here.

Tobias Sharp: But nothing beats SVXY

Ximena Stephens: Ill look for that in the next bear market. Should work out well

Tobias Sharp: Look at 1 YR return and Max

Ximena Stephens: I see. Looks scary. Especially when the market is confused. Its scary but sexy.

Patrick Drake: I believe TD has a whole slew of ETFs on a list somewhere..

Veronica Hayes: Thank you so much guys I will analyze each one of those and see where to put my cash! I really want to make a good choice this time Im going Warren Buffet style this time 🙂

Stella Padilla: Best of luck

Ximena Stephens: Best way to go

Bailey Hernandez: Warren buffet does not invest in ETFS 😉

Veronica Hayes: I took a course yesterday and they were showing that in the last 30 years only 6 times the market had a negative return for the year so you basically have an 80% chance of growing your money IF you invest for the long term!

Stella Padilla: Bailey Hernandez: sometimes he creates his own. Like how he just bought up every airline stock. Almost like a proxy etf for airlines

Ximena Stephens: He always touts index funds. 90/10 not that its all he does but its actually the smart way for the little guy

Stella Padilla: Especially if you invest in something with dividends Maybelline. Dollar average down in those 6 down years, and compound dividends, grows huge when the market returns

Stella Padilla: Exactly Ximena Stephens:

Bailey Hernandez: Yes always long term..if you have multiple years ahead..ETFs are great place to start though

Tobias Sharp: If you look at most of great companies in the the Dow you will understand most of my stock picks and why I love the DIA so muchOut of their 30 stocksAAPL…See more

Jayleen Moran: Here are some that are low cost and no commish on Fidelity ITOT, FTEC, IJH, IJR, IVV, IEMG FNCL.