Any marijuana companies on Robinhood?

Any marijuana companies on Robinhood?

Lucia Richardson: #ZYNE#IGC#INSY#GWPH but they really arent marijuana companies.

Andres Hunt: I wouldnt buy them right now bud

Delilah Park: There are a lot of MJ companies listed. Now is the time to buy while they are bouncing along the bottom. Jeff Sessions is backing off his crack down on these companies and in a few months California will be fully legal. 10 more states are expected to go legal in 2018. This could cause a big bump in these stocks. When it does I would sell them and wait for the slump to buy them again.

Fiona Franklin: GWPH

Alexa Hill: SMG

Giovanni Jennings: Yeah they suck most of em

Hailey Brewer: Pot head!

Giovanni Jennings: Time to buy into defense stocks i think

Elijah Jones: Buy Canadian

Easton Cobb: I just doubled down. Just a matter of time.