What are the best fairly safe etfs that have a average percent increas…

What are the best fairly safe etfs that have a average percent increase around 9 or 10% or better if possible, im looking for a good core etf that Ill put most of my money in, I just dont want something that I might lose everything in, Ive heard about S&P 500 n was thinking about that, is there any better ones

Julianna Peterson: I have a good chunk in AOM..it is a good 5% growth on average and 2% dividend with sortino ratio of 1.19..probably one of the safest decent growth funds to invest and forget

Riley Nichols: ETFs are mostly junk,

Maria Patrick: I beg to disagree, but its a matter of opinion

Eloise Schmidt: What does Troy like, if he would only say?

Eloise Schmidt: I will take ITOT or IVV

Maria Patrick: VIG, NOBL, SDY Historically average 12% return

Willow Holland: DIA outperforms SPY

Eloise Schmidt: over what time frame? It is easier to manipulate the DIA 30 by taking out the losers and adding winners ala AAPL.

Willow Holland: And the SPY does the same thing …took out First Solar and added back in AMD

Eloise Schmidt: Based on market cap, big difference Frank

Willow Holland: DIA beats SPY I have posted the results several times

Willow Holland: Doesnt matter$1 in DIAWill make you more than…See more

Eloise Schmidt: add back Sears, Goodyear, Chevron and Union Carbide. Take out MSFT, INTEL and AAPL and see where you are.

Willow Holland: SPY is markets cap weightedDIA is dollar weighted

Eloise Schmidt: The DIA is a index that is highly manipulated for a reason

Willow Holland: The Dow Jones is the oldest and most recognized indexFact

Eloise Schmidt: If you suck they take you out and add a winner. Yes manipulated for a reason

Willow Holland: The S&P 500 is like 40 years oldThe DJIA 150 years old

Eloise Schmidt: The DOW is selected

Eloise Schmidt: Last five years Finance.yahoo.com

SPY Interactive Stock Chart | SPDR S&P 500 ETF Stock – Yahoo Finance

Willow Holland: The Dow has companies which say AmericaDISNKE…See more

Eloise Schmidt: There you go, I think you got it

Willow Holland: The S&P has junk like TWTR and F

Eloise Schmidt: If F was doing great they might at it to the DOW, Nothing says good ole America like F

Eloise Schmidt: I actually like the Russel 2000 the best.

Willow Holland: First GM is a larger car company and ex Dow componentF hasnt moved in 6 years = junk

Eloise Schmidt: Maybe they add TSLA some day F is shit

Willow Holland: Corvette = GM

Willow Holland: If AAPL , MSFT, or GOOG doesnt buy them first

Eloise Schmidt: No way Musk has too big of an ego to be bought

Willow Holland: Russel IWM Good index …theoretically should outperform the other indexs …but I prefer big blue chippers

Eloise Schmidt: Right, but I can take the risk for the growth

Willow Holland: For the chance to run AAPL he would

Eloise Schmidt: Running is not the same thing

Willow Holland: And its not up to him …it is any company with deep cash pocketsImagine waking up and hearing MSFT is offering 600 per share for TSLA,Shareholders will sell out instantly

Eloise Schmidt: well yeah that makes a difference

Willow Holland: Again companies with deep cash pockets1) AAPL2) GOOG…See more

Maria Patrick: Twitter isnt in the S&P500

Willow Holland: Thank God Okay XRX

Willow Holland: Best ETF mixture50% DIA25% QQQ25% SVXYNo other mix can beat this regarding growth and safety

Maria Patrick: No love for SDY or VIG? Imo VIG is the best ETF on the market

Willow Holland: Better then SVXY???

Maria Patrick: With the market so high, yeah i think VIG is better. SVXY would be destroyed in a market crash

Willow Holland: Cmon SVXY beats it by 100s of percentage pointCheck any time period

Willow Holland: But the quickest to recover

Maria Patrick: Problem with that is SVXY hasnt been around during a crash. So we dont know how its going to act, but i agree it will recover, but no guarantee it gets back to where it was before

Willow Holland: Again 100s of % higher

Maria Patrick: If the VIX goes to 50 like it did in the crash, SVXY will lose 99.36%

Willow Holland: No one is expecting a crash And the last crash was 8 years ago.A correction or a slight bear market wont have that effect…See more

Maria Patrick: The FED just warned of a bubble. Stock market crash doesnt mean a great recession type of event, but more like a .Com style burst

Maria Patrick: Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. If a crash did happen and SVXY lost 99.36%, the dividends from VIG or SDY would buy you the same amount of shares that you could buy now with the money you would have bought SVXY with. …See more

Willow Holland: And if you hold , during the recovery SVXY will increase like 4% daily

Maria Patrick: But think about itSVXY loses 99%. Its now 1.40 cents a share, it would need to increase 100,000% to get back to 140 a share. …See more

Willow Holland: As long as the market goes higher, it goes higher

Maria Patrick: Theres no guaranteeing that it will get back to 140 after a crash. It could, it also might not.Do you think UVXY will get back to 40,000k again in a crash?

Willow Holland: And I can dollar cost average in

Maria Patrick: Yeah thats what i would do. I want to buy it after the next drop. But i wouldnt consider it the safest long term buy. VIG is my go to. During a correction or even better a crash when the VIX hits 40+, ill go 100% in SVXY

Alexia Holloway: look into triples, like TQQQ and others. Market timing will be important

Willow Holland: SVXY beats all 3X leverage ETF ….and its not leverageCompare I am right