A TV commerical prompted me to ask this question. Is there any place i…

A TV commerical prompted me to ask this question. Is there any place in the area that has wood fired pizza?

Emily Marsh: Broken tree

Caleb Morris: Broken tree is amazing!

Griffin Rodgers: Pizzeria Wildflower just opened in Appleton too

Evelyn Hamilton: Havent been here yet, but my fiends love it. Rustiquegb.com

Green Bay Pizza || Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge || Located in Howard -…

Avery Padilla: Rustique is heavenly! Worth the drive from the valley!!

Aleena Snyder: Yes! Rustique is incredible!

Bradley Knight: I believe Harmony Pizza is as well

Sylvia Paul: New restaurant wildflower in gr chute

Regina Hammond: Brokentreepizza.com

Broken Tree Pizza

Mira Bush: Harmony Pizza definitely. Local, organic ingredients, handmade dough. Unique recipes (Beetza!?). Vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, and GF choices. Not just farm to table, the *farmers* are in the cafe too~ making pizzas from the food they grew 🙂

Isla Klein: Wildflowers Pizzeria just opened in Appleton by the mall!

Emmanuel Singleton: Village Hearthstone in Hilbert.

Annie Dixon: the granary in oshkosh

Eli Ramirez: Cristianos I believe.

Hanna Farmer: Cristianos in Oshkosh has great pizza but I dont believe its wood fired. I could be wrong on that one but I enjoy their pizza. Wish we had one in the valley

Kyleigh Nunez: Brick oven?

Eli Ramirez: Yes

Karla Walsh: Broken Tree Pizza is fantastic!

Eli Ramirez: Oh, Cristianos is a brick oven.

Adriel Day: Broken Tree Pizza in Neenah

Camden Ross: Broken Tree Pizza in Neenah.

Kensley Brock: Wildflower Pizzeria

Ivan Pena: Broken Tree Pizza in Neenah is THE BEST!!

Eloise Greene: Copper State Brewing Co. in Green Bay!!

Angel Bradley: Ok, am I the only one who gets soft in the middle pizza from broken tree? My pizza experience there has been unsatisfactory. Limp near greasy pizza. I did have some quality pizza last night at the wood shed bar.