Best sushi in the area??

Best sushi in the area??

Madelyn Wilkins: Island sushi in Darboy

Leonardo Henderson: katsu-ya!

Manuel Conner: Kokos in GB, never disappointed at Nakashima/KatsuYa Appleton. Also enjoyed TJs

Allison Hicks: Rachel: I agree 100%! Wanted to make sure I wasnt missing a good one 🙂

Manuel Conner: Scott & I ate at Osaka by the mall the other night & it was really good. Its not always great, but this time I really liked it. Ate off the happy hour menu.

Allison Hicks: Every time Ive ever went there its been pretty awful 🙁

Manuel Conner: We swung by nakashima first & it was beyond packed. Weirdly busy. I didnt have high hopes, but it was good. Ill still go to Nakashima first.

Allison Hicks: Thats were im thinking of going

Manuel Conner: We always eat at a table in the bar. Margie is awesome.

Connor Conner: What time do they have happy hour?

Manuel Conner: Osaka? I think 4:30-6:30

Victoria Moran: Far East is also very good!

Sawyer Griffin: Far EastTJsBambooIn that order for me!

Beatrice Hernandez: Koreana (take out only) or Dong Po

Leonardo Henderson: I sadly think koreana is closing? Not sure when though.

Megan Becker: Yes Koreana is closed😞

Grant Gray: BEST sushi? Katsuya in Appleton or Phin in Green Bay. Most for your money? Island sushi.

Bristol Mckinney: Festival! Jk – I dont know.

Allison Hicks: Thats for Wednesdays! Not special occasions lol.

Camryn Lewis: Far East is really good, but katsu ya and nakashimas is great too

Lena Tate: Katsu-Ya

Kaylee Stanley: Nakashimas….. no question

Talia Sanders: Far East is the best around here that I have had.

Kevin Wong: Far East

Francisco Brady: Far East – was just there. Delicious!

Evelyn Thornton: TJs Steakhouse

Virginia Mcgee: Lake Winnebago

Amina Jennings: Bamboo

Avianna Doyle: Island Sushi!

Israel Boone: Katsu Ya or Nakashima, same businesses who brought quality sushi here. Dont take a risk with sushi, they are the best for top quality, variety and service. And try the authentic Ramen they now serve yummm❤️

Leonardo Henderson: Ramen is not served in summer I guess. I only know this because we went to katsuya last night and before we were seated somebody came in and was asking about it.

Julie Obrien: Manila Resto!

Dakota Brock: I think TJs is actually very good. Plus there fries rice I legit