Looking for suggestions for Chinese buffet, family friendly with a tou…

Looking for suggestions for Chinese buffet, family friendly with a touch of american food. Thank you!

Bradley Adkins: Hong Kong buffet downtown Neenah.

Blair Boone: Ill look it up, thank you

Micah Mcdaniel: ^^^^^ agreed. And its clean.

Nicolas Carter: Good question seems like they have all been closing down or the one in Kimberly was the person charged with human trafficking.

Ian Rodgers: Hong Kong, Neenah. We go there once a week.The Zucchini is simple and delicious.

Francesca Harrison: Our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Ezra Simmons: New dynasty, commercial St Neenah. Gooood eggrolls and general tsao. Nothing bad we have ordered

Addilyn Burgess: thats not a buffet!!!^^^^

Lena Barber: Asian garden on mall drive. They have been very busy the last few times we were there, they kept everything full, fresh and delicious!

Margot Larson: There bathrooms were disgusting the time I visited so I didnt eat there. When the bathrooms are that bad. Guaranteed the kitchen is way way worse

Lena Barber: True they are old and in need of updating, but we have been eating there for 14 years and have never been sick or saw anything upsetting about or in the food.

Margot Larson: It wasnt that they were old they were very dirty. I am glad you havent gotten sick and that you enjoy it. I didnt want to risk it. Having worked in the food industry its just a rule I try to follow.

Nicolas Carter: I actually like this place. Never had issues with it when I have gone. 🙂

Averie Simon: I love the little hibachi part!

Elsie Harvey: Last time I was there my little grandson was playing on the floor after he was finished eating . He stood up and hid hands and khakis were BLACK! Filthy !

Heaven Pena: Hong Kong in Neenah is the best!!

Benjamin Huff: New Dynasty in Neenah doesnt have a buffet tho, does it? Ive ordered from them & had it delivered ~ always good.

Kinley Elliott: Chopsticks

Addilyn Burgess: Dont go to HONG KONG BUFFET in Neenah!!Been busted for many health code regs. Cant keep there hot food hot or the cold food cold!Walked out 2 years ago because all there cold food was room temp…

William Ellis: True of almost every Chinese restaurant in the area.

Bradley Adkins: Some body got kicked out of the buffet. Lol just kidding.

Ian Rodgers: I love Hong Kong Buffet!

Mira Payne: Please refrain from posting gross stickers. Not appropriate for this website. Message me if you have any questions.

Francisco Murphy: If youre willing to go to Oshkosh, there is China King right on the frontage road by Steins Lawn and Garden – (the people are from Menasha!) They have 3 Buffets and a Mongolian grill like Hu Hot. They even have a back room for parties which on some nights is full with just normal customers