A review and a question for the group: As I have noticed there are a f…

A review and a question for the group: As I have noticed there are a fair amount of F&B (food and beverage) people in this website I figured I would throw this out for your input. My wife and I went to Bazils last night, after she picked me up from work (I am a bartender) for a sandwich and a couple of drinks. I had the perch sandwich and she had the patty melt, both were fantastic as was the service. This ends my review…now for the question. Beyond Perkins, Little Diner Express, Taco Bell, and Erberts & Gerberts whats available (GOOD FOOD) late nights in the area? By late I mean kitchen is open until at least midnight because if you work in the industry you wont order food within a half hour of closing time. (And If you dont understand why we dont do that please ask.)

Oscar Patton: I have to agree 100%. I spend time out east and up in Minneapolis. It is so wonderful to be able to do something at night and go out and get real food at 12. Really wish we had a place or 2 that stayed open later. ..

Itzel Huff: We have always had good eats at Dennys for late nights.

Oscar Patton: This is true! Just would like other options. Get a bite to eat and have a glass of wine

Jake Ward: I believe the Clubhouse in Radisson is still open until midnight?

George Hodges: Kitchen usually closes early i think around 10.

Itzel Huff: Sals 🍕

Kingston Marshall: Lawrence University, Kaplans grill, located in the warch campus center open till 12. Open to the public, awesome house made veggie burgers, gf options, stir fry rice bowls sauce changes weekly, different weekly burgers including gyro burgers, and even chicken burgers.

Jake Ward: Good call!! Completely forgot about Kaplans. The only thing to add is that theyre open during the school year.Great food with hard work behind it! Made from scratch items, homemade sauces, fresh baked bagels, coffee drinks, etc. …See more

Kingston Marshall: Thanks, sorry I forgot the minor detail of the school year. It opens back up on September 5th. I dont have the exact dates of the holiday season closings. They do have a website.

Erin Wade: Following

Luna Flowers: I should have clarified…good food means a meal that includes a vegetable that isnt fries.

Jake Ward: Definitely check out Kaplans Grill in Warch at Lawrence University – the big glass building by the river. Just walk down the path and youll see the cafe through the windows

Itzel Huff: If you are bartending until closing 2-2:30 good luck I dont believe anything is open other than what was previously listed

Luna Flowers: Sad but true.

Erin Wade: Im not sure anymore if the menu options change after a certain time but The Bar on Lynndale serves late

Melissa Hopkins: Bazils and The Wooden Nickel are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Maisie Mcbride: TGI Friday is open till 1am everyday in Appleton.

Thea Stephens: Mr Taco

Sierra Santos: Tanners in Kimberly serves full menu until 11pm Monday through Thursday, limited menu until bar close. Friday through Sunday full menu until midnight and limited menu until bar close.

Luna Flowers: Whats disappointing is that the availability of good food/places to eat is plentiful yet a fair amount of them close early. Some of the smaller kitchens, Josefs, Hunan, Antojitos to name just a few could really make a decent amount if they could offer a small (take out only) menu a few times a month. Possibly even coordinate with fellow restaurants to rotate who is open on a given night.

Katelyn Mccarthy: I dont think there is a lot of money in staying open late for a large portion of restaurants in the valley.

Rachel Chambers: Agree with Jonathan. The labor market is very tough right now too. You see restaurants closing because they dont have the staff for normal business hours. Ground Round serves its full menu until 10pm Sunday-Thursday and 11pm Friday-Saturday. There are Bar Bite options and pizza available until close every night. Also there is late night Happy Hour from 9pm-12am ($1 off all drinks along with $1.99 Long Islands/Margaritas and half price Bar Bites)

Melissa Hopkins: Even national chains (like the one I work for) have dialled back the late- night hours. It just doesnt pay to be serving food after 11 or 12.

Luna Flowers: Understandably, hence the small kitchens comment. Smaller kitchen, smaller (take out only) menu, smaller staff, less overhead.

Madelyn Robinson: I think crapplebees is also open until midnight.

Alexandra Gross: For downtown, Mr. Taco! They serve until 3am Fridays and Saturdays. Sadly, they close at 9 the rest of the week. But their al pastor street tacos are the BEST!

Christian Stokes: I sure do miss La Bambas…nothing better than a burrito the size of your head after a long shift or a night of drinking.

Alison Cummings: Their chorizo was so good. Mr. Taco isnt bad but its no La Bambas.

Michael Cortez: Omg i miss La Bambas and Sergios salsa like crazy! Ive considered taking a road trip to La Bambas!

Alexandra Gross: Theres always Little Diner Express (formerly George Webbs). Honestly, their patty melts are pretty good.

Alexandra Gross: Oh, i just realized you already said besides Little Diner Express! Lol!

Michaela Morrison: I think glass nickel is open later.

Athena Erickson: Yep, I think til 11 or midnight

Abraham Gibson: Is Golden Basket still open late?

Alison Cummings: Nah they close at like 9

Brianna Payne: Imo, there is no good for you food places open past 11. Sad, but to be expected in this sized city.

Athena Erickson: I think OP means along the lines of good for you re: not fast food

Brianna Payne: Bar food is pretty much the same as fast food tho.

Athena Erickson: Nahh, a burger at Bazils is not McDonalds or Taco Bell vs Mr Taco

Luna Flowers: A sandwich at Bazils, along with some bourbon, is what was available. I believe that we all would appreciate, more often than not, a decent meal when we got off of work.

Brianna Payne: I agree that bazils /= mcdonalds, but a greasy fried burger and all fried bar food is not something I would consider a decent meal, or a healthy meal, regardless of where its from.

Jacob Newton: Riverside bar and grill olde Oneida st.

Malia Blair: Rookies kitchen was open late during MoM but not sure this is the norm. Food is excellent.

Holden Stokes: Home Burger Bar serves til bar close I believe.

Christian Stokes: 10pm 😉

Ariel Lucas: Why not in last half hour?

Melissa Hopkins: Thank you for asking! Every surface, dish, glass and piece of equipment needs to be cleaned, sanitized, dried and put back in its place before staff can go home. As business starts to slow, staff starts attempting to accomplish those tasks. People who have worked in restaurants know this and wouldnt go in.

Melissa Hopkins: My husband works in retail and has the same rule for shopping. You dont browse, ask questions or get anything non-essential . 😁

Ariel Lucas: Thank you for informing me.

Melissa Hopkins: Again- thank you for asking!

Luna Flowers: To nutshell what Beth said… imagine your boss giving you a 90+ minute task 30 minutes before your day was supposed to end with the instructions that it has to be done before you go home, and you have plans with your family.Yes, youre getting paid but it doesnt make it any less bothersome.

Brianna Payne: I completely disagree. As a restaurant manager and former server/bartender, why would I want to stay open and not make money. I feel this only applies to back of house, and guess what, they can get over it! Dont like cleaning dishes, etc after the real closing time? Then get a different job that doesnt require it. Closing early or refusing service or good service is detrimental to a businesses customer base.

Luna Flowers: I totally agree with you Shanna. An establishment should provide the exact same service to all patrons regardless of who they are or when they come in. If your hours of service are listed you honour all service requests within that timeframe. This bei…See more

Brianna Payne: I read and understood both of your comments. Implying that people who work in the industry wouldnt go into a place within 30 mins of closing because theres work to be done… Or that when guests do that its as if they are making more/ longer work fo…See more

Madelyn Robinson: Every restaurant Ive managed had plenty of time built into the schedule after close for the closers to accomplish those tasks. They pride themselves in closing in a record time and then bitch about their paycheck because they didnt get all their hour…See more

Luna Flowers: Excuse me, Dan, why are you shouting? No part of the original post or the series of replies, which you have chosen to become a part of, does it mention complaining about patrons (or paychecks) but rather it points out what I, and Beth, know of our expe…See more

Melissa Hopkins: I guess some of the group are missing out on the WHY behind the 30 minutes. Posted hours of operation are 11am to 11pm. I wouldnt go in and order after 10:30 because I would be there past their posted closing hours. Its just a nod of appreciation to those hardworking people in the industry. Not really anything worth freaking out about. My personal code of conduct.

Brianna Payne: Dean, I am not implying that at all, simply stating my opinion on this topic. I dont know you personally and am not suggesting you do anything with your career choice! I personally would order an entree within a half hour of posted closing time, bec…See more

Madelyn Robinson: Caps can also be used for emphasis. You know, thats how this language works. I suppose that you speak in a monotone voice and never emphasize a thing in your normal speech patterns unless you are yelling?

Madelyn Robinson: Luna Flowers: – please inform me as to the establishments that you are employed with so that I remember to not spend my hard earned money where it will not be appreciated.. would hate to see you get out of work after yoiy think you shohld.5

Reagan Castillo: As a bartender in a restaurant I can say that I, and any other employee that is there until close, would absolutely be happy to take an order even just a few minutes before closing time. I think what we are trying to establish here is that as service i…See more

Luna Flowers: Well said Reagan Castillo:.

Lia Alvarado: We need a George Webb in the valley again! I miss that place!