Best deep dish pizza in the valley? I know the question has been asked…

Best deep dish pizza in the valley? I know the question has been asked before just curious to see who gets the most votes.

Everleigh Reid: Why didnt you add Harmony Pizza Cafe? In my opinion they are the best in town.

Leila Page: Because I have never heard of them but I can add them.

Everleigh Reid: Oh wow check them out! They have only been open since late November.

Leila Page: Do they have deep dish pizza?

Everleigh Reid: Not so far…dont know if they plan to add it in future. Pizza and Salad right now.

Leila Page: Oh was just curious about deep dish pizza on this post but will have to check out their pizza.

Bianca Saunders: Christine, you can add your own answers to poll questions. In this case, he requested deep dish recommendations. So if you have a deep dish favorite thats not on the list, go ahead and add it.

Arianna Ruiz: Harmony does not offer any deep dish pizzaoptions at this time…

Everleigh Reid: Cole Plamann oops my bad for not reading the whole thing.

Everleigh Reid: Leila Page: my bad sorry about that!

Bianca Saunders: No worries. My intention is to educate how to use the page so that you all get the best info possible. Great recommendation on Harmony, they are great!

Sawyer Gray: Franks

Leila Page: Is there a go-to between the 2 Stuc s locations?

Karter Shaw: Either is fine in my opinion. The manager hops between both to maintain the integrity of the menu and facility.

Tyler Ballard: the Appleton one is better, they have a superior oven for the pizza and they also have cake. Dont forget that they sell bread again grab a loaf you wont be sorry

George White: Thanks for doing a poll !

Ruby Ruiz: Love deep dish pizza. We are new to the area, so this is a very appreciated poll. 😊🍕🍕

Cole Cobb: ang and eddies in fond du lac

Leila Page: I did end up going to Stucs and it was good and very filing but I do like Unos a tad bit more.

Autumn Ball: Gallagers in Greenbay will not be disappointed

Martin Grant: I think prime steer in kaukauna is the best.