Got a question. Are there any restaurants here in the Fox Valley that …

Got a question. Are there any restaurants here in the Fox Valley that have low sodium or no sodium options? Or can modify an existing dish to be low sodium for someone with a heart condition?

Serena Lawrence: Dont some places like Perkins have a low sodium menu on back of menu or starred?

Emerson Jimenez: They might. Im thinking a few of the supper clubs here in Kaukauna might be able to do something with baked haddock and/or salmon. Mom does like both. We arent going to go out nearly as much as we did but once in the while to get her out.

Kaia Diaz: Green Gecko on Richmond St. Makes everything from scratch and can accommodate her needs. We have fresh haddock and sockeye salmon today and dont deep fry. 831-8311

Emerson Jimenez::

Emerson Jimenez: Kaia Diaz: Thank you and your husband and staff for the wonderful experience today. You had no problem finding things Mom could have. My sandwich was excellent as well. We shall be back.

Emerson Jimenez: Thank you once again for the Moms sandwich and my pizza.

Kaia Diaz: Emerson Jimenez: , glad to see you and your mom again! Sorry things were a little hectic with Mile of Music!

Emerson Jimenez: It ok. The food was worth it!!

Paxton Coleman: This one is wonderful-have same problem and they are super working around it-they have a heart healthy diet menu-many with items locally grown across the street at Riverview Gardens-most rest. have a few flagged for heart healty/low sodium-Red ox is another one that will, but this is the best-
Stone Arch Brewpub

Ivan Watson: I would think just about any restaurant could accommodate a low sodium request depending on what you order. Just tell your server when you place the order.

Bryan Clayton: This.

Paxton Coleman: no, they dont because MANY are sauteed or fried in butter (MAJOR SODIUM)-and deep frying is tanks of salt-so, no-they dont go out of their way unless you really push-

Lilly Young: So dont order fried food! Most real restaurants can accommodate to this as long as you arent ordering fried food and they make real cooked to order food vs premade micd n processed food

Paxton Coleman: Lilly Young: baked foods ie: Friday nite fish fry-baked haddock is BAKED in a pool of butter…so its not just deep fry vs. pan fry vs. baked—its hard out here sometimes-

Lilly Young: I understand that, but unless youre going to a restaurant that doesnt cook to order, the chef can leave all of those elements out. Most restaurants including chains cook to order. Fast food restaurants dont.

Logan Erickson: if you have a few in mind, PLEASE do not hesitate to give them a call and explain. if given a little heads up, most places are more then willing to acomodate or make suggestions.

Eli Sparks: Any quality restaurant should be not only able but willing to accommodate most dietary restrictions. When speaking with your server indicate your concerns/restrictions politely and it shouldnt be a problem. If, and this is a big if, the establishment isnt too busy you could also ask to speak with the chef directly. Most places worth their, pun intended, salt like making their sous or executive chef available to speak with their guests.

Serena Lawrence: Sounds silly but check out Noodles and Company. They actually have a healthy section on their menu, even a gluten free menu. I learned about them from Strong Chiropractic doctors.

Gabriella Sanchez: Gingerootz is recommended by hospitals for people who have extreme dietary issues, its part of some heart program something something, i cant remember what its called

Gabriella Sanchez: You can call AMC, and ask about health conscious restaurants in the area from a nurse direct line, too. Its a certain menu style that businesses offer!

Allie Morton: Wolf Isle Bar & Grill in Winneconne is great at accomodating those with special diet needs or restrictions. All their food is chef prepared fresh.

Alana Rhodes: MarksEastSide

Emerson Jimenez: Dicks drive-in in Kaukauna doesnt salt their burgers. JDs will do the same thing if you ask. Also they will make sure their fries dont have salt if you ask.

Emerson Jimenez: The Skyview Club in Kaukauna was very good about accommodating my mother tonight. She had the shrimp skewer with seasoning but no salt, a bowl of broccoli, and some cole slaw. She was very satisfied with that.

Dallas Paul: Any thoughts on this Niclaus Schuberticus?