Why is pharmacy importantly??

Why is pharmacy importantly??

Taenio Du Boeuf: What do you think Mr Thomas Kayombo ?Is it important at all ?

Thomas Kayombo: Thank you mr. I want to know more too about the importance of it and what are the chances of getting a job when you are done the course??

Thomas Kayombo: Is it on or at demand on both private industries and governvemrnt

Thomas Kayombo: And beneficial! But i want to all more about it.

Abdul Khadar: Medicine available only in pharmacy

Diom Benis: pharmacy in important in that it helps people to easily get their medicines and it reduced the distance of those who dont have money to go to the hospital and they will decide and buy in the pharmacy

Thomas Kayombo: So does it have chances of getting a job

Thomas Kayombo: For example you study pharmacy and youre now a pharmacist ,is it easy to get a job??

Diom Benis: i think so because you may go further studies and and know more and you may apply to work some where to assist doctors in the hospitals or nurses

Thomas Kayombo: I got it! And interms of studying,pharmacy is all about what? Chemistry,physics ,maths or biology.which one is the main subject of pharmacy???

Eugene Uzer: Chemistry Is D Main Subject

Diom Benis: biology

Thomas Kayombo: So its chemistry first and biology secodly??

Thomas Kayombo: And chemistry is mainly or all about organic chemistry or what???

Diom Benis: Chemistry

Thomas Kayombo: Okay! I see.

Thomas Kayombo: Sorry to be asking all sorts of questions! Its just that i want to study pharmacy??

Diom Benis: no problem we all live to learn from each other

Thomas Kayombo: Thank you btother

Thomas Kayombo: Thank uou very much bro

Diom Benis: your welcome

Afeez Adegboye: You need biology that focus on human being part of body, while you need pure chemistry that deal with chemical that are not harmful nd the that are harmful to the body of an organism. These are subject that you need most.

Thomas Kayombo: Thank u very much brother

Thomas Kayombo: Wow! Thankvuou very much!

Thomas Kayombo: I see! Now,and is this course on demand???

Balogun Boluwatife: BIOLOGY

Thomas Kayombo: Exactly

Sai Pavan Pasupuleti: Pharmacy is an branch of science which is deals the life of drugs and medicine which acting on body

Thomas Kayombo: Tell me more about it

Thomas Kayombo: So you need to starting making medecine on your own after studying it

Sai Pavan Pasupuleti: Yeah

Eugene Uzer: vrey demanding Thomas ,because of the rapid increase in health abnormalit to which other victims may not have the money to attend hospital,and so easily get help through phamacy

Sai Pavan Pasupuleti: Pharmacy is included many subjects like chemistry ,human anatomy and pharmacology

Sai Pavan Pasupuleti: And most demanding course in future