Who is the most accessible healthcare practitioner? a. Nurse b. Doctor…

Who is the most accessible healthcare practitioner? a. Nurse b. Doctor C. Pharmacist d. Med.laboratory scientist e. Dentist After selecting an option, please explain your reasons

Beatrice Sebastian: B

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Reason Beatrice

Erim Agbor: C

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Reason Erim

Meazi Bereket: A

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: What are your reasons

Seth Rahul: A

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: What are your reasons

Seth Rahul: U should know

Emilia Etuk: B

Shinny Shinny: Write a comment…a

Shinny Shinny: Write a comment…a

Mahamoud Mahamed: C

Itz Mhiz Cassidy: A

Raza Zulqurnain: nutritionist

Danladi Wilfred Joseph: B

Bapi Let: A

Nafiu Kanam Abubakar: Pharmacist

Mhiz Rebecca Olayinka Odu: A

Amira Mehamed: nurse

Simran Kaur: A

Rukmani Burman: B

Blessing Adesida: b

Washington Washy: A

Bleesingemmeunelqueen Emmeunel: all

Adijat Oyebola Akanmu: A

Hawanatu Bangalie: A

Rahima Kassim: D

Tsega Bizu Birhanie: midwife

Abdul Abdul Dtm: Were D

Bakkabulindi Joseph: All

Stella Amos: medical laboratory scientist because without them, u cant know a perticular sickness that is disturbing the patient, believe it or no they are the best.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: But a pharmacist produced drugs without Med lab scientist… So what can you say about that?

Daniel Ngetich: All are important in a health care set up

Shilpi Maddheshiya: A

Aysher Yusouf: Nurse

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: What are your reasons Aysher

Aysher Yusouf: Cos after doctor prescribe,pharmacist provide the rest of d work depends upon d nurse who will then administer d drug nd if care is not taken 4rm d prescription d panalty x on d nurse

Habibu A Kalasu: Community health practitioner

Lukman Ahmad Mainiyo: Nurse,he is the one that his taking care of the…………,.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Hmm, think more deeper

Tamrat Bekele: D

Abdul-bashiru Abdul Samad: C

Nafiu Dadi: C

Tembo Jr Patrick: A

Doosuur Negba: Point of correction: Nurse is not a medical practitioner, is a medical assistant.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: You are smart

Mhiz Caty Perry: She is a medical practitioner

Dami King: B

Abdulsalam Ruqayyat: D

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: What are your reasons?

Musa Iliyasu Sambo: Physiotherapist

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why?… What are your reasons?

Musa Iliyasu Sambo: Yes, Because i deal with all of them.

Xahid Makhdoomi: Nurse

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why?


Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: But can your care to patient heal him/her without drugs for a certain ailments?

Dinesh Jakhar: DRUG are esential but psychological sport are helffull with drug so the nurse are more play role in this then other health worker

Mhiz Caty Perry: Nurse

Salim Sibhai: Of course its pharmacist….

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: U are making point but why?

Salim Sibhai: Bcoz pharmacist always give medicine with their pharmacokinetic effect as well drug interactions with humball guidance provide patients to early cure….. Patients cure is necessary in medical field

Ezekiel Mwaigaga: D,cause I think he or she has done many medical tests practically so I think he or she is most accessible health care practitioner.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Reason not clear actually

Victoria Sule: D

Solomon Bwalya: docter

Sulaiman Yusuf: D

Towela CK Mwale: All are important no wander we work as a term

Princess Emmyluv: d

Towela CK Mwale: All can not do the work without the other, coz others you think you are more important than your friends without realising that their somethings you cant do

Towela CK Mwale: You are all important

Unique Mary: It the nurses oo we rule

Shruti Yadav: Doctor

Salim Sibhai: Without pharmacist all r helpless….

Adania Chrisitine: A

Laxmi Kumari: Nurse

Chebet Kereen Mwanga: Off course a nurse because we can do without all other health workers,we also study pharmacology,we can manage our patients using signs and symptoms so we dont need a lab tech there and we are the ones who spent much time with patients to know their prognosis

Oluwatosin Olasanoye Olatunde: No profession is tindispensable, for effective and efficient treatment all have a major roles to play.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: A nurse study basic pharmacology but not deep pharmacology and it is mainly for you to have some related ideas governing proper used of medicines…. But remember you are not entitled for prescription neither production of drugs… You are recognised as medical assistants mostly

Dhanushka Pradeep: Nurse

Kidane Weldesenbet: All of them

Abudari Furyam Dutse: A.

Rafa Rifu: Nurse

Samuel Blessing: doctor and nure bcos both work together

Hoppe Hoppe: allllll

Nurudeen Haleemah: B

Rahat Khan: B

Mohammad Al Mustafa Al Fadhel: Doctor n nurse because their visit patients every day every time

S Niamat: A

Dool Jadhav: B Dolly v j

Ilona S Ilona: C

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why?

Ilona S Ilona: Always at place

John Abok: a

Amrah Ammar: a & b

Preeti Shivaji: Medical and laboratory scientist qki vo hi pta kr skte infection or disease konsa organism faila rha or vo drug bnayege tbhi to doctor denge n

Oluwatosin Olasanoye Olatunde: No profession is dispensable, for effective and efficient treatment, they all have a major roles to play in complementing each other effort

Jymmoz Wyllys Jymmo: Anurse Becoz Doctors Just Prescribe And Goes Away

Ibrahim Nakaka: Environmental health, because preventive is better than cure.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: It is not mention above

Ibrahim Nakaka: why? but supposed to mention with it.

Nura Shambo: B.doctor

Sunusi Usman Adam: D

Unique Lizzy: A

Pretty Rauf: Med lbortry scintist..wdout labs no diagnose

Bashir Umar Adamu: A

Junaidu Na Broker: Community Health Extenssion Wokers Is The Best Practitioner Becouse ( Chew )Is A Senior Cader In Health Team.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Sorry but it wasnt made mention above

Ibrahim Abdullahi Illela: community health because we play a major role in health care system. currative, promoting preventive and rehabilitative.

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Sorry but it wasnt made mention above

Margret Phiri: Nurse

Ris Lema: Gynecology

Peter Apuge: All in d group

Blama Kamara: A, ( Nurse )

Mabel Yemi: laboratory health scientist cos without general check up no treatment

Safiyanu Madaki: d

Najmu Kabir: All of them are usefull.in the system

Andrew Chishimba: The one you access first before the rest.

Kelvin Kemz Zulu: Nurse because he o she ll attend the patient b4 a doctor

Aminullah Jingi: MLT

Deenavimalan: A

Oyesola Glory Hoyindarmorlah: Nurse

Tochukwu Festus Nweke: C

Snr Antwi Richmond: All the above

Roshan Monita: A

Adekunle-Samson Babalola: C.Everyone buy drugs.Doctors prescribe drugs.

Honest Man: A

Joycee Samson: C

Turyatunga Nicholas: Med. Laboratory Scientist, Discovers Unknown Lab

Madelyn M Bangay: D

Star Boy Solomon: (A) Nurses take care of patients in the hospital.

Ola Peter: A

Precious Debby: NURSE. They are larger in number compared to others. So they are always there.

Awa Ibrahim: B

Habtsha Mogese Mogese: A

Olayiwola Olayinka: A

Hormolarah Babalola: All

Wol Kiir Maden Kiir Maden: A

Uwamahoro Marie: Nurse

Talented Humaid: Medical laboratory coz no checkup no treatment

Ohajianya Chiamaka: A

Josephine Effiong: A

Madhu Cor: b

Nashikurullah Khan Mohammed: nurse b/c in our country the first aid is nurse

Tajudeen Harbiodun Adebimpe: A.

Luka Dooshima Asema: b

Dafur Yakubu: The backbone of modern medicine ( Med.Lab.)

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: When you check will the patient get healed or he must take medicines as prescribed by the physician?

Nazeedu Safiyan: You forgot to mention community Health practitioner in your list.

M Ramzan M Ramzan: B

Abubakar Muhammad: prosthetist

Denis Rwechungura: Aaah the answer is open,,laboratory scientist is the one who can process different routine and non routine specimen,so as to come out with the abnormalities,found in bloood such as lymphocytosis the rise in lymphocyte level,,also culture and sensitivity of different specimen,,so when he/she found abnormalities,,other health practioners can prescribe medicine from the finds given out from lab..

Andre Greeff: Not easily accessable!You investigate pathology…you do not diagnose or treat.

Friday Godday: B

Murtala Abubakar: D

Aniekan Akpan: medical lab scientist-reason=no card fee,diagnosis before treatment which wil save cost,time and quick recovery.less expensive compare to blind treatment which wil delay recovery time,expensive,damage to internal organs.after wasting of time wit no respond at d end u wil be told to go for lab test.

Chinenye Amicable Chinenye: Nurses because they are caring nd patients also put their confident in them

Alamin T Umar: Dentist cos many people died due to category of oral disease.

Zekarias Daniel: C w/o pharmacist all is nothing

ድቫንጃ ሊሊታ: a nursr

Dufera Tujuba: B

Blessing Ediku: d

Aminu Temitope: D

Dilibe Chinwe: Radiographer /sonographer coz they are d eyes of medicine

Syeda Laiba: B & d

Auwal Garba Muhammad: D

Jemipitan Victoria Toluwalase: A

Andre Greeff: Obviously this goes to the nursing fraternity as most clinics are nurse driven and clinical nurses can prescribe meds and can attend to children and adults.Medical practitioners in private practice are expensive ,and definitely do not treat patients well that are on chronic medication as blood tests are expensive and follow up visits are being charged for.Lab technologists or lab scientist?? You are not trained to diagnose or treat patients…you investigate!!

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: If a nurse is in front of a patient… Will that nurse heal the patient by magic? If no, tell me the measures okay?

Andre Greeff: There is no magic in medical science….you diagnose and you treat whether you await pathology results or not…this is how medical doctors and nurses are trained.As a pharmacist…you issue what the doctor or nurse prescribe…because you cannot treat!

Richard Amules: non of the above.its community health

Bilqees Darmylorler: Correct n gud of u….. grt Comm health

Samuel Barnabas: You forget to mentioned health or medical record personnel in your list,so for my own observation is doctor because the are the one to consult the patients in the hospital sector or facility+s

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: If they consult a patient then what will the doctor need for the patient therapy? You mean he will not need drugs?

ቀብራራው ጎንደሬ: b

Anabela Bridget: nurse ,doctors can not work without them ,they are always available

Nafisat Bolatito Yaqub: D because with out laboratory scient what will doctor work on

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Remember that a pharmacist can work without lab scientist… Remember?

Nafisat Bolatito Yaqub: That is what we called self medication and is nt gud

Davis O Daniel: Med lab

Etz Sammy Pearl: Pharmacist coz we can find them almost everywhere

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: You are making point

Etz Sammy Pearl: Thanks

Owolabi Adelani: Nurse

Adeyemo Bunmi: medical lab,without them doctor,nurse and any other cannot work

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Including a pharmacist?

Emmanuel Sylvester: B

Kubrah Hassan: community health, are d most accessible ND affordable

Mia Rafeeq Chemist: c

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: You are making point, but why?

Jameelah Suleiman: Nurses

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why?

Jameelah Suleiman: Cos they are more close to the patients

Elie Kasongo: Pharmacist,the One Make Medicine And Knows To Treat It

Salim Sibhai: O.k.ok.stop this we all anjel in hospital …..we all r participete with our best job work for humqn being…..

Elie Kasongo: Pharmacist,the One Make Medicine And Knows To Treat It

Deborah Ishaya: Community Health

Geoffrey Mutisya: Nurses

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why?

Geoffrey Mutisya: Coz they are many in number and they do good job of preventing and treating diseases and promoting health and wellness as well as alleviating suffering,

Owolabi Abdulsalam Mohammed: Pharm Tech

Mohammad Ummi: A

Aisami Kawami Ashami: Non of the above accessible is community health

Nnenna Elendu: Nurse

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why?

Nafisat Abdulkareem Giwa: Nurse

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why? Enumerate your reasons

Nafisat Abdulkareem Giwa: Bc nurses are d heart of d hospital and pt have good relationship with d nurses

Teklay Fissha: c

Haddamx Uthmanix Zureini: Pharmacist and Med.laboratory

Mabel Eyo: Nurses

Kes Eyale Nega: GOD only

Glory Egwu: A

Onipede Kayode IV: B-Doctor

Sunday Kemka: Nurse

Shaikmoinjanu Shaik: A

Mbinkar Marie: Pharm Tech and Med Lab .

Ahmad Barmoo: Dont refer it to as practitioner call him a slave or a maid to the hospital

Conteh S Ibrahim: c

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Reason please

Conteh S Ibrahim: because you can go to the pharmacy and buy medicine with paying consultation fee

Dumba Modu Bashir: NURSES are the glue that hold the Hospital together. Patients see nurses in friendly face and Doctors also depend on nurses.Nurses has frequent interaction with patients than any other health workers in the Hospital.

Ahmad Barmoo: Hhh yadda kace b

Ahmad Barmoo:

Adegelu Soj: U look fine

Dan Sadauna Gulu: c

Isaac Anthony Pallam: Nurses

Muhammad Usman: A

Milagros Reyes: A

Ramadan Ibin Aliyyii: Nurse b/c nsg & pt is always connected.day to day care of pt

Olugbenga Emmanuel: Medical laboratory Scienctist

Nick Travis: c

Nyasha Chiteka: Pharmacist

Habu Safiyan Ibrahim: Me

Hailu Nigusie: a

Maryam Mohammed: CHEW because the work 24hrs in community, they the doctor, nurses, pharmacies and everything, unless if the case above their power, then they refer

Hardeyemo Dollar Po: Community health

Aisha Sambo: CHEW s carry d work along even if its above their levels bcoz they re not surppose to work up to 24 hrs, & also not all work they re. responsible 4 it to conduct it on likes they have their on levels, even a Nurse cannot work 4 24hrs alone without of some mixe carders it can be only as 3 hrs or less than

Merkebu Chane: A

Masih Khan: Dr

Hiwot Tariku: A

Tasiu Ahmed: Dr.

Bitrus Hosea: Nurse

Obsa Mohamed: A

Bitrus Ishaya: A

Regina Ngoma: A

Nuriyat Musa: Y not including community Health

Goodness Udoma: A

Shqmsu Hqbibu Bkr: e

Omolola Obanla: A

Idris Musa: A

Amina Jaafar Alkali: DR

Clara Ekunke: Nurse and doctor before others

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why?

Furo Amara: D

Aasif Ali: Nursr

Furo Amara: D,because d result they give out is what others will work on

Hiwot Odissea Aslanidis: A

Tijjani Musa: Nurse

Dereje Matewos: Nures

Dorcas Ibrahim: D

Nazeedu Safiyan: Community health practitioner

Dauda Azi: Nurse, because the are form most of our clining.

Munkail Muhammad: A

Faith Ibeh: c

Inuwa S Abdullahi: D

Nana Fatima Adamu: Non of the above

Nana Fatima Adamu: Community health is the most

Peace Jude: Lets Nt Be Sentimental Everyone Is Important Cus We All Have Roles We Play,without All Listed Above There Is No Hospital.

Muhammad Alwan: both of then bcx no one that can do his work with out another that is why call team

Samarata Yahya: except dentist

Muhammad Alwan: why

Muhammad Alwan: both of then bcx no one that can do his work with out another that is why call team

Fabiyi Hellen: A

Abdullahi Haliru Tambawal: Med lab.

Joel Boboy Bulus: ALL

Joel Boboy Bulus: ALL

Gudeta Gelalcha: A

Pada Musa Atakpezashiyen: ALL

ማቲ አባይነህ: A b/c the nurse has give any type of care for the pts so, caring orhelping the pt& client is most important. the other profesionals are give chemotherapy

Ataulhaq Majroh: All

Patience Sunday: (A) bcos is the first person u see b4 other.

Quadri Anuoluwapo Kafayat: Med lab

Kenubish Demem: A


Samarata Yahya: except dentist


Dare Mayowa: All

Ikechukwu Peter: B

Ejor Peniel: A B C

Divine Ozah: B

Adamu Muhammed Oko: Environmental health, because prevention is better & cheaper than cure

Godsaint Ozovehe Nathan: B

Samarata Yahya: dentist and doctor


Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: How… Can a doctor prepare or produced drugs?

Abba Muhammad Usaini Maitsidau: community health practitioners is most accessible then any cadre,But its not included

Sujab Ali: C

Micheal Idoko: B

Nayab Mohammed: C

Tafam Clinton Kolan: Is A bcos de first person a client can contact in de hospital is the nurse n is de nurse who is with de patient 24/7

Regina Peter: B

Adamu Mustapha Zawiyya Gumel: a

Edith Idornigie: Nurse

Muhammad Rahim: nurse

Comr Aminu Lawal Rchp: You forgot the most accessible health practitioner i.e Community Health Worker who provide health care services at the grassroot level in the society

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: You cannot deliver without drugs , arent it? So medicines are accessed by patients daily. But we are determining who is most accessible.. You can be one Brother.

Comr Aminu Lawal Rchp: Of course we can deliver services with out drugs.

Maimunatu Attahir: D

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Reason

El Imam Aliyu: A

Blessingbeuty Ihezie: A

Comr Aminu Lawal Rchp: If you are talking about accessible health services you are referring to primary health care services and CHEWs/JCHEWs are there

Azra Qazi: Pharmacist are the easily available and accessible

Azra Qazi: Because they selling the medicine or drugs with or without prescription of the doctor 👨‍⚕️

Saminu Kani: I went be come a doctor but my father he tell me to become a business man,, is better or not

Malik Babar: AoaNot. Bcoz medical profession is honorable and serving humanity profession. Although it is less profitable. It is my view, and it may differ from man to man

Fatima Mohammed: A Nurse always be by the patient

Adeel Raees: doctor

Jesse Gambo: A

Suleiman Ahmad: Chew and Jchew

Junaid Ahmad: Med lab scientists

Zainab Yusuf: D

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Reason

Zainab Yusuf: Med lab scientists are d heart of the hospital

George Sylvanus: Physiologist

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Why

George Sylvanus: Because they understand how Ur body systems function..And can help with ways to ameliorate the ailmentThank you

Oni Favour: Pharmacist produce d drup d doctor prescribe

Nurudeen Haleemah: B

Yakson Abubakar: B

Munirul Islam: A

Abdul Hanan Bhatti: Pharmasist

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: You make a point, but why pharmacist?

Abdul Hanan Bhatti: Your question is wrong prectice is broad world doctoe can dignose the diseases and pharmasist can prescibe the medicine pharmasist has most responsibilty in socity because due to carelessness of

Abdulhameed Muhammad Louqman: c. pharmacist

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: C. Why?

Abdulhameed Muhammad Louqman: becouse A pharmacist is the one capable of manufacturing drugs and drug is mostly in killing the disease than doing surgical operation

Barbara Elem: B

Oyim Richard: The nurse

Mani M K: Nurse b/c they have ability to bear everything ang they work all day its mean having good stamina

Bhat Bhat: B

Saifullah Tahir: nurse

Fakhruddeen Auwal: A

Simon Kipkoech: A

Solomon Dhangar: C

Abdulhameed Muhammad Louqman: thats correct man

Fathimath Najdha: B

Abdulhameed Muhammad Louqman: as how..?

Abdul Majeed: A.nurse is most healthcare he was together from petient in all timeAnd he has suply the drugs from petient

Prem Neupane: D

Malik Babar: Aoa Lab scientists

Hillary Jones: Nurse

Angel Mayvis: D

Afsar Khan: Dr diagnose,pharmacist will check the prescription for any interaction of the drugs, nurse will provide the medicine,lab scientist will do investigations so all r important figures,dentist will check dental problems

Robert Chelanga: Both, because they collaborate in patient/client service delivery

Rose Kujur: A

Tabasum Khatun: I think nurse

Anish Pagyal: All of them are important

Malik Babar: AoaVery right

Anish Pagyal: Thnxxxx bro

Ñèjæť Hãssêň Hæjï: c

Inderjeet Brar: C

Bijay Singh: B

Õmpärkæsh Yógî: A…

Rad Bilya Mohd Yusuf: What of Medical radiographers are we not health personnel? Or is because you dont know anything about us?.

Anu Patidar: nurse

Telile Abdisa: a nurse BC doc.is dzs treater but but not health care practitioners as nurse

Sandeep Sahu: Doctor nd nurse

Iqbal Hingorjo: 2

Agotre Robert: A

Owais Din Karni: Pharmacist (cross trainer)

Anum Azeem: B

Tabasum Fajar Tabasum Rashid: A

Abdihakim Abdikadir: A

Kibet Koros: C

Owonifari Tope: A

Nasib Khan: B

Mih Mishah Tembo: nurse

Guranna Biradar: B

Chioma Nzeadi: A

Om Narayan Pandey: A

Pranab Ranjan Rout: Doctor

Kudava Purushotham: A andB

Gethzemane C. Garcia: Doctor- practitioner means it have their own responsible for and the rest is an allied,

Bersheer Serleesou Berwer: Is pharmacy an allied and are they not independent?

Sonu Kumar: A

Usman Adamu: D

Sakeena J Lawal: Doctor, nurse

Emmanuel Rikbiel Yahwey: A

Punam Chaudhary: A

Teshome Siyoum Mani: A

Albusari Basiru Musa: None of the above

Pion Antonither Jottah: A

Wendy Sella: Nurse…she or he is with the pt fulltime

Yochi Priya: C

Sweta Panday: Nurse

Subrat Pradhan: Doctor, & Med. Laboratory scientists

Urmila Sigdel: c

Rajni Bisen: Its contraversy because every one has play own work.

Montey Jak: Youtu.be motivetive video must watch all students

agar ap fail hogaye ho to en heroins ko jarur dakho jo fail hoker b missworld he

Princez Eve: Nurse


Bahijja Ibrahim: Doctor and nurse

Meskele Geda: C

Mohammad Qaseem Nabi: C.

Aliours Lawal: A

Vaishali Vengurlekar: A

Pharmacist Sitaram Gandule: C

Mustapha Shehu: B