What’s the impact of a sprinkler hitting the hive once a week or 2 in the summer going to do ?

Marci Sterkel Fouts: Wear out your wood faster?

Shauna MacDonald: My hive is right by my veggie garden, and gets watered in the early morning most of the summer. The bees don’t seem to mind.

Darren Bulmer: Make the outside of the hive wet.

Paul Militello: The other side of the spectrum it could cause stress to the bees sometimes the bees blame the queen 4 things she has no control of and will kill her.Or the water will have no effect at all on them.

W Lyn George: Cool it down a little. It has never bothered mine.

Sean Marvin: Thanks for the tips everyone

Rod Smith: What happens when it rains?

Chet Calhoun: I wouldn’t want that

Juanita Osowski: bees are crippled in rain. watch the bees come home en mass before inclement weather. they don’t like wet, get cold and die. the metal reducers should be saved for warm dry weather or they crowd at the wet, cold reducer and die; wood reducers are better.

Jim Perdew: I water at night when the bees are at home , better for the garden anyway because the water soaks in .

Katharina Davitt: Not ideal. Can you built some kind of shield next to it?

Sporkin Theeye: I just moved the sprinkler heads out of the area.

Daria Graham: You don’t want a lot of water directly shooting into the hive but remember, they do fine when it rains both in natural or man made hives.