Has anyone tried using lime under your hives to help control hive beetles?

Gerald Snow: Not Lyme , have u tried swifter pads inserted into old cd cases? The cases require a small notch for the beetles to enter, but get stuck on the non scented swifter pads

Melissa K.: Do you put that in the hive? Does it actually work well for you?

Travis Lee Whitcomb: I laid a sheet on the top and one got stuck on it. I bought cd cases but haven’t made traps yet. From the YouTube video I saw it says a 1/8 hole but no bigger.

Gerald Snow: Travis Lee Whitcomb I cut 1/4 notches, works well

Gerald Snow: Melissa K. Yes place it right in the hive, or place one in each super, depending on the severity of the problem. Works great and low cost. If not covered bees will get trapped too!

Susanne Spell McCormick: What about Red Bull ants?

Travis Lee Whitcomb: Gerald Snow will do that. Thanks.

Gerald Snow: Susanne Spell McCormick cinnamon works ok, and natural, gotta stay on top of it

Susanne Spell McCormick: Gerald Snow Thank you!

Travis Lee Whitcomb: I also used 4-6 drops of winter green oil. I can’t really say the effectiveness of either one. First year I treated for hive beetles. I saw more than I was comfortable with and larvae on pollen patties one day next day i picked stuff up to help with them. Applied the sheet and the oil. And two days later the only beetle I could find was stuck on a dryer sheet. ??‍♂️ idk if it was me or the bees

James Brannick: I put pickling lime in those interior beetle traps. I also use “swiffer” sheets.

Brent Worls: Somebody reads Jamie Ellis’s articles…

L M Orchard Bees: Years ago I did that. Don’t remember it working very well. Maybe I should try it again. Kinda remember it being a mess.

Chelle Fluri: Victor Fluri

Joseph Snipes: I lime mine heavy to keep the weeds down. No clue if it helps with hive beetles. I still have them.

Nick Prescott: Heard lime works for ticks…not hive beatles.

Eliazara Campbell: lol I was thinking of the fruit when I first read this…

Ron Tucker: Lol. Well my dad said that a person that can spell a word only one way has a limited education. I guess that showed up here. Spell check was not helpful.

Ron Tucker: Thanks everyone for the input.

Richard Klingler: Buy fine salt in 50-pound bags at the feed store and put it under the hives like it snowed. The larvae dry up in the salt quickly and die as they drop out of the hive

Eliazara Campbell: It should probably be said, that no plants will ever grow there again either. :/

Richard Klingler: Eliazara Campbell that is so not true. After the rains leach the salt out the grass will grow fine but why do you want grass under a beehive again. Let me know

Richard Klingler: Funny how the road Department’s Salt the roads like crazy all winter long and in the spring the grass grows on the sides of the road where all of the salt washes off to. Some people like to talk about what they have no clue about

Eliazara Campbell: Lots of people have hives in their yards and don’t want a big bare spot in the lawn

Richard Klingler: Most people don’t like to have to spin trim around their hives especially since it is very hot in a bee suit and bees don’t like it much at all

Richard Klingler: And it’s true, if you don’t want a bare spot then you don’t use salt. That is also obvious

Richard Klingler: And if you read the post again you will realize it asks what do you use under a hive to control hive beetle. Salt is what you use under a hive to control a hive beetle that’s why I said that. Are you a millennial?

Brent Worls: I but a salt block on a stump once, got rid of it over time too…

Ted Futterer: I can clean out a hive infested with beetles in a matter of a couple weeks

Ron Tucker: Okay. Care to share?

Ted Futterer: 24 hrs… No oil…..just add bait

Ted Futterer:

Bryan Kimbro: I use the same stuff! Don’t waste time with oil, just the bait.

Ted Futterer: Bryan Kimbro it definitely works

Rob Schwartz: nematodes