Wanted to go out for Friday fish fry tonight but with it being Lent it…

Wanted to go out for Friday fish fry tonight but with it being Lent it will probably be difficult getting into a good fish place since I work until 5:30. Question is where is your go to place for the best fish fry? Lately my two favorites are the VFW and Cimmeron. Flagstone is very good as well.

Lexi Palmer: Hungry Bull

Nevaeh Gilbert: I had perch last Friday at Holidays off CB. Was the best perch I ever had. Seriously….they have haddock also. Hubby loves their burgers.

Izabella Murphy: I found out VFW takes reservations for groups of 5 or more so made reservations there tonight. Plan on doing a get together with classmates at Holidays one of these days Kim. Thanks for the info.

Madilyn Miles: Waverly has real good fish

Sienna Murray: And… all of the VFWs profits go to help local veterans….

Devin Manning: stone toad

Elliana Valdez: Waverly BEach.

Adriel Hamilton: ICU NEENAH

Sienna Murray: Vfw

Blake Carpenter: Van Abels of Hollandtown

Colin Keller: I like Cimmerians

Colette Welch: Granary in Sherwood. Always good.

Abraham Joseph: Lake Park!

Rachel Schultz: St Marys in Menasha is having a fish fry tonight.

Madeline Reynolds: Cimmeron, but we decided to stay home, because of Lent & a lot more people go out to eat on Friday during this time.

Arya Harper: Went to Menasha Grill…food was awesome and waiter Kim is really sweet!

Daphne Dennis: Per you suggestion Larry and I ate at Flagstone. The food was excellent😊

Faith Henderson: I still love Cimmeron 🙂

Nyla Hopkins: Countryside has great fish too!

Chelsea Collier: Van Abels or Cimmarron

Izabella Murphy: VFW was very good and our waitress rocked.

Ellie Vasquez: The Skyview Club or Out-O-Town club in Kaukauna

Lilah Vega: Great haddock at Blind Pig. Great perch at Grog. Great salad bar at Michaels. Can you tell I dont get out of Menasha much? LOL

Haven Carlson: When you are surrounded by good food why on earth would you leave the area…. then home for a little nap … lol