A friend of mine and I recently went to Town Council in Neenah for the…

A friend of mine and I recently went to Town Council in Neenah for the first time. A few points you may want to take in mind before visiting. They dont have a website. Their menu is French inspired and the menu changes occasionally based what is fresh, what the chef wants to do or whatever. Regardless, you have to go to their facebook page and scroll facebook page images to find their latest menu and kinda hope it is what it is. Not too hard to regularly update a website in 2017. They just choose not to. We arrived as a part of two. This place is like a typical avenue hallway bar in size. Think Home Burger Bar sized. They seated us at the bar. My friend was initially concerned about sitting at the bar because, they prep their food right behind the bar and didnt want herhair to smell like the kitchen. I dont have longhair. So, I dont know these things. Ill go with her on this. #longhairedpeopleproblems. She is 51 and an able bodied distance runner. Regardless of that, she had quite the trouble in the irregularly high bar stools. The chef explained how to ladder up the barstool using the other barstool to ratchet up. But still, a problem. So we ask to sit at a table, we get seated at one of the three high-top tables in the back because they seat people in 2s in the back or at the bar in favor of the front in case they can fill the four seater tables. Be advised #shortpeopleproblems. And you have to be able bodied. The chef and the waitstaff did a top notch job going over the menu and explaining not just what the items were but why they were and how people would order them and made suggestions. They have some really good drinks on the drink menu. Almost everything is gin based but many are flavored so the juniper is not overpowering. I had a tequila drink to start with the foie gras. Clean and fresh drink. And a nice, taste of foie gras. I ordered the rabbit leg confit and she had the NY strip. They make the steak med rare unless you tell them otherwise. The rabbit leg went well with the bacon and beans. The strip apparently was fattier than expect and some pieces could not be chewed. She had a separate drink but I cant find the name of it because I cant find their menu online. But it was not a drink you take lightly. It let you know to sip it slowly. Food is served on all thrift store find curated plates. For dessert, we had an ice cream sandwich. All prepared by their pastry chef and made by hand, in house. That was a definite treat. Plan ahead in your stomachs real estate to have dessert. There are also digestives, we had one oddly named stolen from jeff. At least thats what I remember the name was. Bit of an odd name but regardless a nice dessert drink. Frothy and tasty. There are some definite inconveniences going here but they definitely have some unique offerings for the Valley. You may have to research to find out what they are or just go in blind and hope they have something on their menu that fits your fancy. And be prepared to handle the seating. The food is luxurious and the restaurant is like ones you find in the urban centers of the world, small, not too decorated, not whipping around fancy decor but offering you a chance to eat what you wont find everywhere else.

Cash Alvarado: Being a short person as well, I find the high stools and high seating arrangements very uncomfortable and with bad knees fear falling when I try to get off the chair/stool and being embarrassed. I also cannot tolerate garlic so obviously my choices of places is very very limited…. eat out rarely!

Giuliana Robinson: Interesting because as a 51 Ive never been bothered by the seating.

Grant Sharp: I also am short and have never had an issue sitting at the bar.

Gunner James: Same here & I went there twice while pregnant…

Ashton Webster: how boring life would be if everything was same everywhere. Havent ate here yet,But Ive heard a lot of good things.

Allyson Rice: Excellent review Patrick!

Bennett Freeman: Our favorite is eating at the bar. We can ask questions and watch the preparation of the food.

Saylor Potter: As for me sitting at the Bar is my First request. Youre in a small restaurant, its tight. Sitting at the bar is great because you can appreciate the work and preparation that goes into your dinner. Sorry you didnt like it, Ill take your spot

Alicia Robbins: I am sorry you got the impression I didnt like it. I dont feel like I gave that impression in my review. Generally, I like sitting at the bar too, I accommodate my guest.

Saylor Potter: my mistake….

Alicia Robbins: Saylor Potter: no worries. Ill sit by you at the bar.

Saylor Potter: we can have a Whiskey, just not the clear…

Alicia Robbins: Saylor Potter: part of the reason I like to sit by the bar is to actually see what whiskeys they have at a bar. Seemed to have a limited selection but hey, they all cant be copperstill.

Abby Drake: Great review!

Jordan Pearson: Really enjoyed the review. Good writing. Thanks.

Harlow Schneider: Their menus is always updated on Facebook and easy to find. I prefer it over having to go to a website. They always have the steak and pork chop on the menu. Keep in mind the steak is grass fed.- this delivers a tougher steak in general. We order it rare for this reason and it is excellent. TC is a cut above everywhere else in the valley. No one prepares food the way they do and it is always excellent. We are so lucky to have a place like this here! But if your not a foodie and you like your chain restaurants your probably not going to like it.

Giuliana Robinson: Theyre smart to use a free Facebook instead of paying for a website!

Alicia Robbins: scrolling through latest pics you will see one a month ago that does not have the foie gras I ordered. Facebook.com

Giuliana Robinson: By all means if you need to complain about something complain about a lack of actual website in 2017 when most businesses utilize Facebook.

Alicia Robbins: Giuliana Robinson: not necessarily a complaint. or me complaining. i felt I was letting people know Jaime. If you can please post a current menu I would appreciate it. Because I couldnt find it. My point in writing a review is to inform people of an experience they may not have had. I find often in writing reviews that people get educated about a restaurant they may not be familiar with.

Harlow Schneider: Alicia Robbins:

Alicia Robbins: Guess I had the menu a few days before they posted it or else the one online was a month old for a few days.

Marilyn Austin: I stole it from Jeff is the name and its one of my favorites. The gimlet is by far the best drink ever!!!

Alicia Robbins: they really do well on their drinks and if I remember right the prices were right for a craft cocktail with premium liquor. I could go just for the drinks but I might feel bad for hogging up the space.

Daisy Barnes: Excellent review. The short girl struggle is real.

Sawyer Vaughn: Staff was great. However $17.00 for cauliflower was a bit much for me. Also, seating and noise was a problem when I visited.

Saylor Potter: I agree, some of the sides are a little steep but overall still better than lumbardies.

Genevieve Harvey: This is a great review, thank you.

Braelynn Higgins: I agree with all of the positive and non of the negative of this review. Cheers.

Kaiden Nunez: This sounds like my kind of place and I cant wait to experience them!

Aaron Russell: I actually have plans to go on Sept 12 with another couple. Sounds like a great place.

Kaiden Nunez: I cant wait to try it!! Didnt know about it

Kaiden Nunez: Went there…………..LOVED IT!

Aaron Russell: Yeah? We ended up going to Parker Johns

Kaiden Nunez: Aaron Russell: it was so exotic I cant wait to go back. Savored every bite and loved the eclectic vibe!

Aaron Russell: Ill still check it out

Kaiden Nunez: OMG you will love it. Let me know okay??

Aaron Russell: For sure!