This is sort of a DIT / IT specific question. I have a gig coming up w…

This is sort of a DIT / IT specific question. I have a gig coming up where Ill be data wrangling and AE prep/sync. I think I will be running 2 computers connected via 10Gb ethernet directly. Im guessing that if I set up the ethernet ips and file sharing up properly, shotput pro SHOULD be able to dump onto drive(s) on the computer connected via ethernet. Pretty sure it will work fine but just wondering if anyone has done this? One computer will be taking card dumps all day, and the other computer will be transcoding, and ill be sync/prepping, and ANY assembly thats possible (probably very little lol) Ill be doing. Im mostly talking out loud to myself and seeing if i get an echo back from anyone of you thats gone down this path. Thanks in advance for any input

Craig Parkes: Hi Bryan, Id definitely test that – transfer speeds should have plenty of overhead but if I was doing Checksums Id also want to make sure that the speed checksums doesnt bite it going across a network.

Bryan Colvin: good point. Im renting 1 extra machine so the moment I have it in hand Ill be testing that! Even if it doesnt work, I still need the machine for separate transcode. It will just mean overnight copy/transcode tasks to prep the 2nd computer for the next day. Hopefully the ethernet will be a champion 🙂 BACK UP ETHERNET CABLES for sure! Back up everything. Back ups for back ups.

Zeb Chadfield: We do the same setup but running Hedge and have been happy with it. I’d imagine ShotPut pro to have similar results.

Bryan Colvin: Awesome, that gives me some confidence my test will work out fine. Thanks for sharing!

Alex Gans: What Zeb said. I’ve seen people running Hedge.

Edward Hannigan: As long as SPP can see the volume, should not be in a issue. Refresh SPP every several ingests – seems to bloat on memory lately. I will say this – last time we used SPP in a 10gig environment, it was a bit unhappy and we switched to Silverstack…

Bryan Colvin: gotcha… well i just purchased it lol… sooo… i will probably just restart every few ingests to stop the bloat. Were you on OS X or PC?

Edward Hannigan: Bryan Colvin OS X to client drives and a huge G raid – 60tb? maybe..It was a live show for AirBNB going to the RAID and to AEs for just about live edits for the web. Lots of ingests. Keep SS downloaded just in case, as well as Hedge.

Bryan Colvin: Edward Hannigan good tips, thanks! Yeah this is a feature film, 18TBs expected, on 3 cloned drives

Edward Hannigan: What drives might I ask…i prefer Glyph and OWC over anything I have used lately.

Bryan Colvin: Edward Hannigan Not purchased yet, Ill be suggesting what to buy. I had great results with OWC enclosures in the past. Good to hear theyre still solid. 3 RAID enclosures, 3 editorial drives, and like 4-5 shuttles. So ill be figuring out WHAT drives this weekend

Edward Hannigan: OWC sounds like your best bet then but to be extra safe I would have at least one of those three set setups be GLYPH. Its like buying all the same drives from one store – they all arrived in the same pallet, the same drop from the truck on the loading…See more

Bryan Colvin: Edward Hannigan yup! one of them is staying OFF set with editor and i have 2 during the shoot. Good idea on one other brand to differentiate failure points

Bryan Colvin: Thanks a lot for the tips Edward!

Edward Hannigan: Bryan Colvin Anytime…