Already searched on here but doesnt look like this question has been a…

Already searched on here but doesnt look like this question has been asked – What do you guys write off on your taxes? Ive heard people say they do movie tickets, lunches, concert tickets, etc. Just wondering what most people do. Thanks!

Fred Beahm: Everything.

Salman Syed: Turns out I work with someone you know haha small world Peter Joslin

Fred Beahm: I have written drinks off that Ive had with Peter. πŸ˜€

Sebastian Angulo: Write off any receipts youve saved up, especially work related receipts. . .If its not, than just make it work related!

Alex Oppenheimer: streaming video services, office supplies like blank DVDs or Blu-Rays, movie tickets, hard drives, basically anything computer related that I use for work.

Salman Syed: So you can write off Netflix and Hulu, etc?

Alex Oppenheimer: yeah I consider it research the same way someone in the sciences would consider an academic journal research.

Scott Naurath: Salman Syed all of that, websites, if you pay for imdb pro etc

LisA Brzostek: Anything you use to view media. Hulu, Netflix, cable, Internet, magazines, etc. How can you work in media if you dont know whats going on in media?! Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€°

LisA Brzostek: Also movie tickets!

Noah Diamond-Stolzman: Ive heard that you can only write off movie tickets and the like if youre using them to research something specific.

Jeff Hirbour: Depending on what you make, its probably worth your while to get a tax guy.

Sarah VanillaBear Williams: or tax lady

Stephen Mylo: Sarah VanillaBear Williams or neutral

Scott Draper: All of the above. Cable, netflix, apple music, iTunes, home office, mileage, clothes, artwork, supplies…Get an accountant. $2-300 bucks a year and theyll find write-offs where you didnt even know you had them. Bonus, you can write off whatever they charge on your taxes as well.

Salman Syed: Thanks Scott Draper, but Clothes?? How so?

Scott Draper: Attending a premiere and need a new jacket? Or just need new work clothes? Boom.Also: meals (I do a couple of business lunches a month and write those off), union dues, softwarez, cell phone bill, pretty much anything related to your business. I do h…See more

LisA Brzostek: If you decide to get an accountant, Chris and I go to Tate and associates in burbank. They do a few other entertainment friends too. 818-768-5207 we see Julie and shes really helpful!

Ricardo Martinez: Hey Salman,dude. Yeah the comments are all good

Kim Segel: Get an entertainment tax person or accountant. Remember, the most important thing is NOT to get audited. Getting the most deductions is a strong second…

Jeff Richter: I write off the time it took me to type this. . .

Mat Pennell: Anything research based

Joshua Lipkin: Not just entertainment related purchases. You can write off percentages of rent, utilities, cell phone, ect… if you do any work at home for your job. Rent and utilities is based on the % in sq ft you use in your place for working.

Hillary Burgess Hanson: I would get an entertainment tax guy once and then ask a lot of questions so you can do it yourself the next time.

Ryan Charlie Charles: I had an entertainment tax woman handle mine last year and YES could write off everything these folks have said and more! I do have a specific question though if I could piggy back. I work from home but my name isnt on the lease (I simply write a check to my cousin who is the official name on the lease). Does anyone know if I can still write off the appropriate amount dependent on sq footage ect.? OR would I have to legally be listed on the lease in order to get away with this?

Salman Syed: Thats a great question and hopefully someone here has the answer. Id like to know as well.

Salman Syed: Thanks for all the great responses. I love this website!

Fred Beahm: See post #1. πŸ˜€

Ryan Charlie Charles: is that a yes Fred Beam EVEN if Im not the one listed on the lease? I know its a super specific question, just making sure you were referring to it.

Fred Beahm: I would make sure you have receipts or the carbon copy of the check, it should still work regardless of name on lease if payment was made. I can ask my tax guy today if you want. I think I did exactly this when I was living with my brother ten years ago. I was his house but I rented out the second story. Wrote off square footage as office space.

Ryan Charlie Charles: Thanks for the helping hand Fred Beahm!

Tom Gould: Anything car related, too. My guy told me just about anything except groceries or clothes. Nothing kid related.

Michael Nguyen: as others said, everyhing movie or tech related including tickets itunes downloads netflix rentals etc. so much research!

Shawn Swetsky: Mary Tonden at Tonden and Associates is great with finding my deductions. Been going to her for a decade this year. Shes great with entertainment biz freelance people. www.tondentax.comWho ever you choose will probably be worth it. I used to do it myself online and then not send it in and go to her to see the difference. It more then made up for the fee. Every time she was able to make it over a grand difference. Many times multiple thousands. Also they know right where things go as to not raise any IRS red flags.

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