This is actually a pic I found on a Hairstylist FB Page. Im just confu…

This is actually a pic I found on a Hairstylist FB Page. Im just confused….

Chance Klein: This is ridiculous!

Benjamin Frank: Oooooh whos the stylist?

Jordan Barnett: I aint confused, her *ss cant do hair!!

Benjamin Frank: LOL

Luke Hines: Do be confused, thats an L shape part. Ha!!!

Kyla Hughes: Yall she has a whole page of foolishness…. its crazy!!! Hold on I will tell u her name….

Felicity Lee::

Christopher Howard: Da Fuq?

Kyla Hughes: Ok. Yall this is her name & a post she posted of sum girl she claims that took up for her. I really need yall to check her page out. This is not the worse one!!! If u think Im exaggerating… please look her up.

Olive Santiago: Shan why you have me looking at this clowns 🤡 work over here in 😭

Kyla Hughes::


Olive Santiago::

Benjamin Frank: Jail braids

Olive Santiago::

Benjamin Frank: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kyla Hughes: Nooooooo!!!! 😱

Olive Santiago::

Olive Santiago::

Kyla Hughes: I told u!!

Kyla Hughes: Its all a mess!!!!!!

Olive Santiago: Why why and the goes to her I seen another one that is just as bad I will find her name cause we can all use done laughs from time to time

Kyla Hughes: Cant wait!!!

Declan Harrington::

Olive Santiago: 👀😂😂🤡

Adelina Hale: Damn I missed this one!#

Declan Harrington: lmao

Kyla Hughes: 😱😱😱😱😱

Benjamin Frank: If you think thats bad check out this page: everyone has is damaged.

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Kyla Hughes: She not good either!! I noticed she does a lot of kids… we know why. But I will say I can see her improving if she keeps practicing.

Benjamin Frank: Damagedhair is a no no

Kyla Hughes: Definitely a NoNo!!

Olive Santiago: Thats the one I was looking for Chan ha ha the one Diane posted

Benjamin Frank: Please dont think Im being mean, but I think Kenya is a he

Titus Bailey: Wtf

Titus Bailey: I looked they all her pics

Kyla Hughes: Oh damn!

Titus Bailey: Wtf is this

Kyla Hughes: She cant even part straight!!!

Titus Bailey::


Kyla Hughes: All bad!!

Felicity Lee: Savvy Stilettos Chromemc, will you PLEASE stop! I can not deal with this at my desk. The laughter from my office is disrupting my staff!

Kyla Hughes: 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 I cant help it!!

Benjamin Frank: $60??????

Kyla Hughes: For what?

Kyla Hughes: Oh I see. Her sew ins start @$60 🤣😂🤣😂 thats too much!!! But u get what u pay for!!

Benjamin Frank: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Angela Salazar: Im mad people are paying her to butcher their heads.

Kyla Hughes: Me too.

Felicity Lee: You what the problem is? Our young ladies that feel that long, silkyhair is the ONLY way to go. They dont take care of their ownhair and the cheaper the weave, the better. Its sad as hell! Why do they feel that long, fakehair is the ONLY option?

Kyla Hughes: I agree. Ive always had an issue with young girls getting weaves or even getting theirhair straightened. I feel like girls need to learn to love themselves AS THEY ARE b4 altering their looks. Its sad cus they get addicted to the weaves & as u said cant afford it so have to go to sum1 like her. Its sad.

Mckinley Chapman: Johvonna Gilmore come over here, look at this right here

Kyla Hughes: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Benjamin Frank: Im thinking about doing he big chop again. I love my stylist Dior Boston.

Kyla Hughes: It looks like its pretty. Can really see it.

Benjamin Frank: Myhair has grown since then, but thinking about cutting it

Kyla Hughes: Ok. Im all for the cut!! Please post pics when u do. 😬

Benjamin Frank: Ok. People tend to think myhair is a wig because its so thick. Something I hated as a kid, but love as an adult.

Kyla Hughes: Girl u better love it!! So many women wish they had thickhair. Its a Blessing. 😬