A question Im frequently asked is Why do black stylist over book? Im g…

A question Im frequently asked is Why do black stylist over book? Im going to answer to the best of my knowledge… The same way u count Hours to get paid at ur job, We count clients. So imagine u get ur check & ur short 2 hours & ur boss said.. Oh we decided not to give u those hours. Would that piss u off? Yes Im sure. A stylist feel the same way when we book a client & that client is a No-Show No Call. Or even a last min Cancellation. We appreciate the call but now we have an open spot, no $ & not enuf time to fill that spot. So that stylist book 3 people for that spot that way if u dont show up, that stylist still get paid. It aint right but its real. Happy Hair people 💋

Zoey Norton: Rather than over book maybe we should charge non refundable deposits or like a doctor charge at your next visit for no call no show.

Hudson Cooper: Hmmm🤔 good idea. But how many clients u think u would lose owing you money?

Zoey Norton: Hey if they truly are your client they will respect the rules you have in place because its always for their own good. You may lose a few but most clients are awesome and Ive never have one to leave that God didnt replace.

Layla Reynolds: I had a problem with no show clients and the way I went about fixing this problem was :1) Call/ text the client the night before and confirm their appointment2) I began scheduling my appointments on StyleSeat so that when my clients make appointments I have the option to have a credit card on file so I can charge them 5-100% of the cost of their appointment if they are a no show.3) Clients that show the habit of being overly late or not cancelling in a timely manner are double book for their behavior. ( Id rather not penalize clients that show respect to my schedule)

Kenneth Pratt: But dont punish the ones that DO show up on time. Why should I have to wait 1-2 hours because of over booking. What do WE get for our time? Layla Reynolds:, love your thought our plan!!

Hudson Cooper: I double book the ones that are frequent no shows or late myself. We dont punish the ones that are on time we take care of them first.